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Teach Your Readers How to Systemize Their Online Business to Achieve More, Faster with Their Blog, Emails, Product Development, Affiliate Marketing and More!

I created a special PLR report called Weekly Business Systemization Blueprint

This is a report that is for online entrepreneurs and addresses what they need to do in a systemized manner each week for their blog, email marketing, social marketing, product launches, affiliate marketing and customer service procedures.

You can put your name on this report, brand it as your own and serve your audience just minutes from now! You can also break it up and use it in your blog, in emails, on social networks, and more!

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Introducing a Brand New Report with Lots of Profit & List Building Potential

Details of the Report:

Weekly Business Systemization Blueprint (UNlimited PLR)

Note: If you are a member of my lifetime total PLR membership, you'll find this in your membership under the eBooks and reports section, so don't buy it.

My latest PLR report is called Weekly Business Systemization Blueprint and because my original limited PLR on this topic was so in-demand, I decided to create a different version that's unlimited for those who missed out. This report is for online entrepreneurs and addresses what they need to do in a systemized manner each week for their blog, email marketing, social marketing, product launches, affiliate marketing and customer service procedures.

This 11+ page 4,697-word report covers the following:

Day 1

- Blog Procedure - Examine the Prior Content on Your Blog
- Email Procedure - Make Your Email Marketing Plan
- Social Media Procedure - Grow Your List With Posts and Share Your Incentive
- Product Launch Procedure - Know What the People Need
- Affiliate Marketing Procedure - Research Items for What You Can Tell Your Audience About

Day 2

- Blogging Procedure - Study the Market and Outline Posts
- Email Marketing Procedure - Line Up Your Promos
- Social Marketing Procedure - It’s Time to Connect
- Product Launch Procedure - Think About and Plan a Launch Item
- Affiliate Marketing Procedure - Share What the Product Can Do
- Customer Service Procedure - See If Your Audience Has Contacted You

Day 3

- Blogging Procedure - Making Visually Appealing Posts
- Email Marketing Procedure – Show Your Worth and Highlight Products
- Social Marketing Procedure - Make a Variety of Media Content to Share
- Product Launch Procedure - Buy or Make Your Item Design
- Affiliate Marketing Procedure - Get Acceptance and Direct Links
- Customer Service Procedure - Gather Information to Better Your Business

Day 4

- Blogging Procedure - Prepare the Content for Your Blog
- Email Marketing Procedure - Schedule Your Emails
- Social Marketing Procedure - Find Valuable Content to Share
- Product Launch Procedure - Develop Items for Your Audience
- Affiliate Marketing Procedure - Talk About Your Opinion of an Item and Share That Information
- Customer Service Procedure - Reward Your Audience

Day 5

- Blogging Procedure - Ready Your Blog Posts and Queue Them Up
- Email Marketing Procedure - Look at Your Dashboard and Tighten up the Subscriber Numbers
- Social Marketing Procedure - Provide Information that Earns
- Product Launch Procedure – Create a Sales Letter, Create a Listing and Recruit Affiliates
- Affiliate Marketing Procedure - Spread the Word About Your Opinion on a Product
- Customer Service Procedure - Respond to What Your Audience Mentions or Points Out

** This report comes in both Word and TXT formats

Free Graphics

I've included the JPG, and PNG files for a flat cover as well as a hardback version (shown above) in PNG. 

Here's a Short Excerpt of the Report:

How Can You Use This Content?

  • Put your name on it and use it as a lead magnet to build a list...
  • Break it up into individual blog posts...
  • Use it as a series of autoresponder emails to educate and inform your audience...
  • Add your affiliate links to it to earn commissions on digital and tangible products...
  • Expand on it and turn it into an info product of your own...
  • Use it as a transcript for a podcast...
  • Use it as a transcript for a video or series...
  • Put it into a PowerPoint presentation and record a class or webinar about it...
  • and more!

Put It to Use as a Lead Magnet or as Content for Your Blog and Emails Today!

This report is just $1 per page and I threw in the graphics for free. You'll get all 11+ pages and 4,697 words of content with graphics for just $11 and be able to put your name on it immediately!

Important Note About Rights: In the Warrior Plus system, we are only allowed to choose from 2 options: Personal Use and Extended Use Rights. Neither of these fits with a normal PLR license, because it's not personal use only (you have the right to use it as your content) AND it's not their version of extended, because that gives resell rights. So you will see it say Personal Use rights but I have included a note in the "Additional Terms" AND a license inside of the download file that tells you my PLR license for your product, which is: 1.) Don't use my name on it and 2.) Don't pass along the rights to others. It IS PLR, just so you know.

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