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From time to time, Justin Popovic of Tools for Motivation PLR brainstorms a new topic and we do a collaboration where his team gives me the idea and we come up with a special launch where I turn their idea in a content funnel. 

Today's bundle is a private label rights package called The Intersection of Creativity and Well-Being!

This is a set of 35 PLR articles that you can use for your blog, in email autoresponders, on social media and more. You can edit them and put your name on them, compile them into an eBook or lead magnet if you wish - there are so many opportunities in using this content to serve the needs of your audience.

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PLR Details

Bundle of 35 Articles: The Intersection of Creativity and Well-Being

This package of PLR content is specifically designed to help your readers quiet the chaos in their mind to achieve peace, improve their cognitive function and develop a sense of purpose through the use of creative measures. From writing and art to design and music - plus many more options, your readers are sure to find a method that resonates with them to help them unleash their full potential in life.

1. Tap Into Your Full Potential with Creative Problem-Solving - 456 words
2. Writing Fiction as an Emotional Outlet - 469 words
3. Create Binaural Beats to Unleash Your Inner Harmony - 406 words
4. Improve Your Mental Health with Music Therapy - 460 words
5. Sing Your Way to Stress Relief - 445 words
6. Get an Emotional Release Using Art as Therapy - 448 words
7. Immerse Yourself in Digital Art Design for a Brain Boost - 471 words
8. Start a Vlog to Express Your Feelings and Experience Growth - 448 words
9. Embrace Photography as a Way to Live in the Moment - 431 words
10. Growing and Cooking Your Own Food for Better Health and Mental Peace - 435 words
11. How Carpentry Projects Can Give You a Sense of Purpose in Life - 444 words
12. Playing Games Regularly Can Elevate Your Cognitive Function - 402 words
13. Master the Art of Storytelling to Work Better with Others - 461 words
14. Tapping Into Dance as a Form of Emotional and Physical Therapy - 430 words
15. Design a Space in Your Home for Mindful Reflection and Relaxation - 425 words
16. Using Color to Create the Kind of Mood You Want to Feel - 425 words
17. Learn How to Use Feng Shui for a Fulfilling Day-to-Day Life - 431 words
18. Using a Multi-Sensory Approach to Creative Endeavors - 436 words
19. Fend Off Depression with Creative Vision Boards for Your Future - 442 words
20. Turn Treasured Memories Into a Scrapbook to Reflect on During Down Times - 429 words
21. Sign Up for an Acting or Improv Class to Help You Engage Your Creative Mind - 431 words
22. Use Your Hands and Mind to Sculpt Your Way to Better Mental Health - 425 words
23. Embracing Woodworking as a Route to Improved Well-Being - 441 words
24. Sharpen Your Brain Function with Origami Creations - 446 words
25. Allow the Art of Jewelry Making to Create Beauty and Purpose in Your Life - 415 words
26. Printmaking Delivers a Workout for Your Creative Muscles - 435 words
27. Cosplay Gives You an Outlet for Your Emotions - 511 words
28. Buy a Model to Build If You're in Need of Stress Relief - 425 words
29. Candle and Soap Making Can Usher in a Quiet Mind When You Need It Most - 443 words
30. Candy Crafting Is One Way to Learn How to Improve Brain Function - 462 words
31. Fashion Designing Can Elevate Your Mental Clarity and Serve a Purpose Too - 488 words
32. Concentrating on Glass Blowing Provides Momentary Mindfulness in Chaos - 483 words
33. Leatherworking Can Liberate Your Brain from the Clutches of Stagnation - 430 words
34. Robotic Activities Can Power Up Your Pursuit of Intellectual Growth - 414 words
35. Upcycling Brings Immediate Satisfaction By Turning Trash Into Treasure - 450 words

*These come in both Word and TXT formats.

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Use them as transcripts for a podcast or video series...

Put them into a PowerPoint presentation and record a class or webinar about it...

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