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The Intersection of Creativity and Well-Being One Time Offer Upgrade

This is a pack of upgrade PLR that's designed to complement your original articles, giving you more ways to generate traffic to your blog, build a list, nurture your subscribers and convert them into buyers. 

It includes:

20 Page eBook: 52 Weeks of Purpose-Driven Activities That Improve Your Mind and Mood

This 20-page, 8,305 word report includes the following:

Week 1: Map Out Your Goals with a Week of Vision Board Creation
Week 2: Start a Gratitude Journal That Focuses on What's Right in Your World
Week 3: Allow Yourself to Engage in Abstract Art Where Imperfections Are Okay
Week 4: Improve Your Brain Function with Basic Guitar Chords
Week 5: Combine Your Love of Nature with Photography for a Daily Dose of Mindfulness
Week 6: Take a Week to Indulge in the Therapeutic Benefits of Bread Making
Week 7: Create a Home Organizer That Will Keep Your Space Primed for Creativity and Well Being
Week 8: Work on a Unique Choreographed Dance Routine You Can Summon for Strength
Week 9: Write a Short Story for an Emotionally Cathartic Cleanse
Week 10: Use Your Tactile Abilities to Mold a Piece of Inspiring Pottery
Week 11: Start a Simple Herb Garden to Enhance Your Palate and Good Health
Week 12: Find Serenity Using Watercolor Art for Mindfulness
Week 13: Start a Podcast to Engage in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Week 14: Do Something Good in the World By Upcycling Old Garments
Week 15: Parlay Your Love of the Stars Into an Intellectual Endeavor
Week 16: Combine Science and Art to Create Organic Home Cleaning Products
Week 17: Use Your Problem-Solving Skills to Master Geocaching Hunts
Week 18: Film a 60-Second Narrative on a Topic You Feel Strongly About
Week 19: Take Your Mind Off Your Troubles By Preserving Memories for Military Veterans
Week 20: Usher Some Good Will Into Your Life By Crafting Handmade Cards
Week 21: Improve Your Memory By Creating a Cultural Syllabus to Learn From
Week 22: Learn a New Language to Rewire Your Brain for Better Recall
Week 23: Spend a Week Sketching the Changes in Landscape for Mindful Focus
Week 24: Begin Using Rhythmic Drumming to Gain Clarity
Week 25: Spend Time Creating Patterns to Stimulate Cognitive Function
Week 26: Interview People with Different Perspectives to Hone Your Intuitive Skills
Week 27: Take a Page from Popular Cooking Shows and Force Yourself to Be Creative in the Kitchen
Week 28: Download a Scavenger Hunt and Spend a Week in Discovery
Week 29: Improve Your Creative Process By Writing Haikus About Your Experiences
Week 30: Create a Floral Scrapbook with Identifying Information to Clear Your Head
Week 31: Plan a Virtual Vacation and Unlock the Possibilities to Happiness
Week 32: Design and Build Wind Chimes You Can Gift to Those Who Need a Lift
Week 33: Put Together Blessing Bags and Hand Them Out to the Homeless
Week 34: Learn How to Make Animation Videos to Bring Your Stories to Life
Week 35: Don't Just Play Board Games - Design One from Scratch to Boost Your Brain Activity
Week 36: Hone Your Quiet Observational Skills By Becoming a Bird Watcher
Week 37: Find Recyclable Material and Create an Art Project Out of It
Week 38: Revisit Your Childhood with a Mindless Paint By Numbers Project
Week 39: Break the Monotony of Life By Learning How to Use Scented Oils
Week 40: Schedule a Letter to Your Future Self About Your Goals for the Year
Week 41: Build a Wooden Shadow Box to House Tangible Keepsakes for Times of Reflection
Week 42: Create a Cozy Seasonal Space to Help Improve Your Mood
Week 43: Start a Memoir That Helps You Carve a Path Forward in Life
Week 44: Create a Happiness Jar with Positive Affirmations and Experiences
Week 45: Indulge in Mental Relaxation By Making Unique Scented Bath Bombs
Week 46: Find a Sense of Purpose Creating Toys for Shelter Animals
Week 47: Start a Dream Interpretation Journal to Tap Into Your Subconscious Thoughts
Week 48: Learn Patience and Focus By Building a Tiny Terrarium
Week 49: Stitch Together a Quilt You Can Donate to Those in Need of Comfort
Week 50: Assemble a Cookbook of Beloved Family Recipes That Bring a Sense of Nostalgia
Week 51: Host a Virtual Charity Event for a Good Cause
Week 52: Create a Bucket List for Yourself to Carry Out in the Near Future

5-Page Lead Magnet: Write Your Own Prescription for a Happier, Healthier Life

This 5-page, 2,115-word report covers:

- Take 1 Dose of Creative Writing
- Supplement It with Some Mindful Photography
- Integrate Musical Harmony Into Your Treatment Plan
- Make Creative Problem-Solving a Part of Your Prescription
- If You're Deficient in Social Connection, Try Collaborative Art Projects
- Prescribe Yourself a Dash of Dance
- Administer a Course of Digital Design for Cognitive Health
- Apply Color Therapy to Your Daily Regimen
- Prescribe Regular Culinary Arts for Creative Nourishment
- Include Daily Nature Walks in Your Recovery Plan

5-Day Email Series: The Holistic Benefits of Creativity for Your Well-Being

- Day 1: The Science Behind Creative Endeavors and Your Health - 443 words
- Day 2: How Creativity Lends to a Resilient Mindset - 429 words
- Day 3: Proof That Music Puts Your Life in Harmony - 428 words
- Day 4: Artistic Rituals Activate Your Brain and Spark a Sense of Relaxation - 427 words
- Day 5: Turn Your To Do List Into Activities That Serve You Well - 450 words

10 Product Reviews:

1. 365 Questions, One Page Per Day: A One Year Self-Discovery Journal - 405 words
2. Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy Activities: Creative Techniques to Stay Present, Manage Difficult Feelings, and Find Balance - 405 words
3. Unlost: A Journey of Self-Discovery and the Healing Power of the Wild Outdoors - 423 words
4. Conscious Creativity: Look, Connect, Create - 433 words
5. The Art of Noticing: 131 Ways to Spark Creativity, Find Inspiration, and Discover Joy in the Everyday - 423 words
6. A Creative Journal Year: 52 Colouring, Writing & Collage Prompts to Get You Questioning, Discovering & Reflecting - 428 words
7. SoulCollage® Evolving: An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery and Community - 439 words
8. Creative Mindfulness: 20+ Strategies for Wellness & Recovery - 425 words
9. The Creative Cure: How Finding and Freeing Your Inner Artist Can Heal Your Life - 433 words
10. Paper Collage Workshop: A Fine Artist's Guide to Creative Collage - 409 words

15 articles

1. How to Be More Creative When Brainstorming Business Ideas - 432 words
2. Therapeutic Journaling to Help You Achieve Your Goals - 421 words
3. Learning to Play an Instrument Can Improve Your Cognitive Function - 421 words
4. Find Joy in Painting to Improve Your Mental State - 406 words
5. Let Your Imagination Run Wild with AI Artistic Endeavors - 442 words
6. Practice a Mindful Approach to Living By Capturing Life Through Pictures - 468 words
7. Pour Your Heart into Culinary Creativity as a Way to Balance Your Emotions - 482 words
8. Immerse Yourself in DIY Crafts to Improve Your Focus - 417 words
9. Podcasting Can Be a Creative Way to Express Your Thoughts - 413 words
10. Learn How to Live in a Hygge Home for the Ultimate in Comfort and Happiness - 404 words
11. Volunteer Your Creative Knitting Talents to the Community for a Feel-Good Boost - 407 words
12. Gain Satisfaction Making an Impact with Original Print Designs - 407 words
13. Take the Focus Off of Stress By Building Miniature Replicas of Peaceful Places - 409 words
14. Upcycle Your Surroundings and Renew Your Spirit - 419 words
15. Immerse Yourself in the Learning Process for a Boost of Brain Health - 433 words

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