Brand New Report Limited to the First 50 Buyers!

Introduce Senior Citizens to the World of Online Marketing and the Options They Have Available to Them!

Note: Once 50 Are Sold, Product Will Show as Unavailable at Checkout!

Normally, I launch products that have unlimited buyer ability. But I decided to launch a special PLR report called Senior Online Business Ideas and limit it to only 50 buyers.

One of the best things about PLR is that it's done for you. But some people hate having to much competition when hundreds or thousands of people buy the same content.

The fact that only 49 other people besides yourself will own this narrows down the competition significantly, and you can put your name on this report, brand it as your own and serve your audience just minutes from now!

This particular report is perfect for introducing men and women over the age of 50 to the world of online marketing. The report explains what it is and helps them see the potential for getting involved in affiliate marketing, info product creation and self publishing, freelancing and low content or creative projects.

Now more than ever seniors need assistance in making ends meet after retirement, but it's not only about finances. This business model gives many people a purpose in life and they can do something that they love, which may not have been the case in their pre-retirement career.

Read on to see more details...

Introducing a Brand New Report with Lots of Profit & List Building Potential

Details of the Report:

Senior Online Business Ideas

This 5-page, 2133-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

  • What Is Online Marketing?
  • Use Your Years of Experience to Guide Others
  • Now’s the Time to Write That Book
  • Accept and Serve Clients on Your Terms
  • Tap Into Your Creativity and Profit from It

** This report comes in both Word and TXT formats

Free Graphics

I've included the JPG, and PNG files for a flat cover (shown above). 

Here's a Short Excerpt of the Report:

How Can You Use This Content?

  • Put your name on it and use it as a lead magnet to build a list...
  • Break it up into individual blog posts...
  • Use it as a series of autoresponder emails to educate and inform your audience...
  • Add your affiliate links to it to earn commissions on things like blog tools, traffic and list building courses and more...
  • Expand on it and turn it into an info product of your own...
  • Use it as a transcript for an Internet marketing podcast...
  • Use it as a transcript for a video or series...
  • Put it into a PowerPoint presentation and record a class or webinar about it...
  • and more!

First Come First Served!

Normally, people charge a lot more for ghostwritten or limited content. While limited PLR is more valuable than PLR with no limits, I didn't want to price anyone out of ownership.

So what I did is simply increase it to $2 per page and threw in the graphics for free. You'll get all 5+ pages and 2,133 words of content with graphics for just $10 and be one of only 50 marketers who own the rights to it!

Tiff 😉

P.S. Unfortunately, once the product is sold out, I can't sell one more copy to anyone else.  

P.P.S. But you CAN shoot me an email and request a specific topic. That way I can try to deliver something you need next time I do one of these limited PLR sales.