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Dear Niche Marketer:

If there's one thing that's become highly lucrative in recent years, it's something shockingly simple: printables!

From journal pages to daily or weekly planners, coloring books and more - sheets that consumers can download and print out at home on the fly are easy to create, have low to no overhead, and have the potential to rake in a lot of money. 

This is the type of business model that many newcomers to online marketing flock to. It's also one successful marketers are adding to their business branches in order to integrate yet another profit-pulling idea in their strategy.  

I've created a text-based introductory course, called Selling Printables Online, that guides your readers through the basics of what it takes to start a printables business.

This is a great business model for people who lack technical skills, who don't have the time or talent to write complete courses, or who simply like the idea of tapping into their creativity and providing consumers with pages they need to keep records, track progress, and more!

The course gives them a lot to consider before coming up with their printables strategy. It does not cover the technical aspect of creating printables, but instead guides them on products and niches that will be profitable considerations as well as mistakes to avoid in this business. 

Check out the details below...

What Can You Do With This Brand New Course?

  • You can edit it or leave it as is, and put your name on it as the author.
  • You can use it on your blog. Posting fresh, top quality content helps you attract readers and get engagement and this content will definitely serve that purpose.
  • You can use it in email autoresponders. If you want to cater to your list of subscribers, there's no better way to do it than by sending them a series of well thought out communications.
  • You can use it as a gift for your subscribers to read, or a bonus report for something else you're selling or promoting!
  • You can expand it into 1 even bigger info product if you prefer to sell and use it as the start to your new series.
  • You can engage readers on social media with it. Cut it up or use it in full on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more so you can begin interacting with your followers.
  • Turn it into multi media. Use the content as a transcript to turn it into a podcast series or a YouTube series, depending on whether you want to use audio or video.
  • ...And so much more!

Below, you're going to see details of the full eCourse I've created that makes it even easier for you to guide your audience.

All you'll have to do is download the file, tweak it however you want (if you want), and publish it wherever your business is most in need of content. 

Here's the High Quality Content You'll Get in Your Instant Download File:

I've developed a complete text-based course for you, but I've thrown in some complimentary eCovers, so you get more content for your money. This is perfect for building a list, bringing traffic to your blog, emailing your customers and selling your own product. You can even sprinkle affiliate links into it and profit from the course!

It includes the following:

Selling Printables Online

This 33-page, 14,397-word guide started with an introduction and then covers the following:

Why Create Printables?

What Are Printables?

Choosing a Profitable Printables Niche

What's Needed to Make Printables?

Printable Mistakes to Avoid

Strategic Tips to Help Your Printables Sell Well

Where to Sell Printables Online

How to Get Traffic to Your Printable Offers

Consider Taking Your Printables Into the Digital Realm

Spending Money to Make Money with Printables

8 Final Tips to Successfully Sell Your Printables

That's a total of 33 pages and 14,397 words!

I've been writing professionally for 20 years now, so I know how to research, slant and create unique content from scratch. For the average person, this task is such a struggle, but I've done all the hard work for you.

I used the insight I've gained from knowing what my subscribers ask to learn, combined with my own best practices as a six figure marketer to bring this course to fruition.

And at just over $0.51 per page, it's not just a good deal - it's a steal! There's no way you could get this kind of quality writing on a freelance gig site for this price. 

Plus - You Get a Set of Free eCovers:

I've also created three eCovers you can use right away. The first and last ones in the image below come in jpg and png versions. The middle flat and 3D style covers come in jpg, png and PSD editable files. 

Here's a Short Excerpt from the Course:

Customer Feedback


Tiffany’s content is always well-written and ready to put to use. I have been a customer for many years and her content has saved me lots of time! Just as importantly, Tiffany is honest and ethical. I feel confident doing business with her.

Cathy Stucker

If there's a diamond in the rough in this PLR industry, Tiffany for sure is the one! Her PLR is so good, you wish you had written it yourself... I'm not only a lifetime member, but a lifetime fan.

Paul Ramon

Tiffany's PLR content is always first rate.  I've used her content for several years.  The quality of her products are consistently superior to many other people's PLR.  After about a year of using her content, I chose to be one of her lifetime members and I have never regretted that decision.  If you have the opportunity to purchase and use any of Tiffany's products, you should jump on the chance.  You'll see for yourself that I'm steering you in the right direction.

Diana Fuller

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I only have 2 rules for my PLR:

#1 - Don't use my name on it.

#2 - Don't pass along the rights to others.

Note: I'm sorry, but I don't offer any refunds on my PLR. I've taken extreme care to ensure I've detailed everything you're going to receive and I've also shared an excerpt with you so you can judge for yourself. But don't worry, if you choose to pass up this amazing offer, we'll still be friends - I promise! 

Tiff 😉

P.S. Why not freshen up your blog, offer your subscribers something new and level up with your branding? 

P.P.S. You're going to love how well-written this PLR is - in fact, you might hate the thought of changing a single word, and you don't have to!

Still on the Fence? Here's Why You'll Love My PLR Content:

I'm a hardcore believer in being an ethical seller. While some marketers scrape the Internet and slap up PLR bundles, I take time to thoroughly research my topic and write from scratch. 

I learned many marketing secrets from the top gurus I used to ghostwrite for awhile ago so I have experience with what sells and satisfies readers best.  

I specialize in mostly text-based content, which gives you more words per page rather than free images that you can grab yourself on Pixabay.