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Learn How to Think Strategically When It Comes to Developing a Competitive Niche Site

Hi Everyone!

There's something I've seen a lot of in my 20+ years as an online marketer. People will want desperately to start and succeed in a niche, but once they've chosen it, they're lost on a lot of details that have to do with being able to brainstorm and customize their efforts.

I'm not talking about boring technical stuff like installing WordPress - I'm talking about the thought process, the strategic elements of setting yourself apart, providing what consumers need from you, and easily pulling in more traffic without having to pay for it or try to go up against billion dollar companies. 

I often help my own subscribers with this task and each and every time, I hear things like, "I would NEVER have thought of that! I had NO idea how to do that."

My own experience comes from my past conducting research and working for seven-figure marketers during my early days.

It's a process that I love, and to be honest, it's a skill you're going to HAVE to learn if you want to be able to compete in ANY niche on the 'net. 

The 7-Part Newbie Niche Overview

I have a specific 7-part process I often go through whenever I'm considering a niche, or digging into one for my subscribers. Let's go over what you'll learn in each one:

How to Brainstorm a Domain for This Niche

This is something that comes SO easily to me, but many people struggle with it. I have a couple of ways you can target the right niche, depending on your goals (and I talk about that with you). Oh and if you see a domain I brainstorm in the video, feel free to grab it if it's still available. 

This video is 17:29 minutes long.

How to Set Up Categories for This Niche

Categories are an important part of your site visitors being able to navigate to what they need. Whether you have a broad site or a narrow, targeted topic, you'll want to understand the right way to categorize and sub-categorize your posts. 

This video is 6:29 minutes long.

Where to Find Good PLR for This Niche

There is SO much trash in the PLR niche, and I want you to avoid buying diet PLR from the wrong sellers. I'll share with you my top 6 diet PLR providers where you can rely on quality and value and I'll even show you the best way to find the content you're looking for on their site.

This video is 7:48 minutes long.

Tangible Items to Promote for This Niche

One of the great things about this niche is that it has dual profit potential - meaning you not only get to promote info products, but tangible items as well! I'll share with you my thought process for how I research which products to promote on a variety of sites. 

This video is 10:36 minutes long.

Digital Items to Promote for This Niche

Digital items for this niche can be found in many places, so in this video, we cover some common ones and I also show you how to find others you may not have found in the usual places.

This video is 5:11 minutes long.

Info Products You Could Create for This Niche

One of the coolest things about tapping into a niche like dieting is that you can profit from affiliate sales, but also from creating info products of your own. One place many people get stuck is in thinking, "But someone already did that topic." In this video, I show you how to find good info product ideas people are waiting for someone to create!

This video is 9:31 minutes long.

Related Niche Topics You Could Pair Up with This Niche

I love this part of the process. Combining niche topics just expands your profit potential enormously. But so many people have no idea how to do it! So in this video, I show you my brainstorming process and talk about a couple of different ways you can present the combined info to your audience. 

This video is 6:04 minutes long.

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