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These are 1st come, first served. I've saved you a lot of time trying to brainstorm a good plant-based or vegetarian domain. I chose these based on some in-depth keyword research I conducted with my paid WordRecon tool!

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I've researched and written an additional ten articles for your blog based on what was in the news and what was trending this week, giving you more content to instantly beef up a site (no pun intended). This cutting edge information will help set your site apart from the usual, repetitive questions and answers people blog about.

10 Hand-Picked Product Reviews for In-Demand Books

I carefully selected 10 top plant based books and reviewed them for you because they were top sellers on Amazon. This gives you ample opportunity to get commissions on add-on items.

A Private, 3-Part Niche Strategy Brainstorming Session

I sat down and recorded an exclusive 3-part series for you (over 40 minutes total) on this niche that helps you learn exactly who to target, how to slant your site and content and what to promote! You're bound to pick up some ideas you hadn't considered that will help set your site apart from the masses.

With So Much Added Value, You'll Be Able to Hit the Ground Running with a Niche Site TODAY!

Huw's PLR bundle is amazing by itself. Packed with value and top quality content - and seriously, it's a steal for under $10 during this launch.

But what I've put together for you here today could stand on its own as a launch that I could easily charge an arm and a leg for.

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Look at These Two News Items That Came Out This Month About This Niche:

Not only is there a constant stream of news making headlines about the health benefits of eating a plant-based diet, but the market is set to EXPLODE in the coming years even more than it has already!

It's all over the TV, too! Fast food chains are getting in on the action BIG time, and the commercials are making people realize that plant-based food can be delicious.

These two fast food chains just made HUGE announcements THIS MONTH and you can be sure many more consumers will be looking into it.

Burger King's "prank" where they served meatless Whoppers to consumers was such a big hit that they had to start selling it across America (and they already had a previous vegetarian burger, but technology has come a LONG way in making it indiscernible from beef.)

Trust me - I've been on both sides of this market - as a consumer (full time vegetarian for 5 years and part time as well) and as a marketer, so I know there's a high demand (and growing).

With Huw's biz-in-a-box bundle and my added content, your site can be highly competitive, faster!

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P.P.S. This is really a 2-for-1 launch if you think about it. But instead of launching my bundle separately, you get to get both packages at once for no extra cost!

Tiff 😉