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Hi Everyone!

I don't know about you, but my lawn is already growing fast and in need of a weekly trim. And this year, I'm tilling up my backyard and creating a nice vegetable garden, too!

As a consumer, I've spent a small fortune this season getting ready for my lawn and garden, and everything I order is from Amazon. I like it coming straight to my doorstep - without me having to get out and haul it all to my house myself.

I've ordered everything from books on growing the perfect garden to big and small tools to do the job, plus seeds, accessories and more!

Not only that but I'm now devouring all I can online about strategies for making my lawn and garden both look and grow their best. So this is a great niche for both tangible AND digital sales.

This is why I decided to create a great PLR bundle for this niche. And it's perfectly timed to help you secure an audience and make recommendations for them.

With these niches, you can slant them in a myriad of ways. For example, I chose to invest in a great electric lawn mower that was easy for me to use because lawn services kept no showing on me. They were unreliable!

And I'm choosing to grow my own vegetables for both health and preparedness reasons. So you can choose from a wide array of slants.

Here's What You'll Get When You Pick Up My Top Quality Lawn & Garden PLR:

10 Lawn Articles 

1. The Importance of Testing Your Soil for a Perfect Lawn - 440 words
2. Choosing a Lawn Seed That Works Well in Your Region - 414 words
3. How Low Should You Cut Your Grass - 408 words
4. How to Determine How Much Water Your Lawn Needs - 404 words
5. Pests That Can Ruin the Lawn You Worked Hard to Grow - 423 words
6. Which Weeds Should You Treat More Aggressively? - 420 words
7. Know When to Reseed or Add New Sod to Your Lawn - 429 words
8. Prepare Your Lawn Equipment for the Spring and Summer Work Ahead - 420 words
9. Why You Should Consider Grasscycling Over Bagging Your Clippings - 403 words
10. Tips for Growing the Greenest Lawn on the Block - 413 words

5 Lawn Product Reviews

1. Greenworks Cordless Lawn Mower - 481 words
2. Greenworks Lawn Dethatcher - 461 words
3. Super Juice Lawn Fertilizer - 471 words
4. In Ground Automatic Srpinkler System - 480 words
5. Scotts Turf Broadcast Spreader - 478 words

10 Garden Articles

1. Straw Bale Gardening - 511 words
2. Dwarf Hybrid Gardening - 452 words
3. Vertical Gardening - 443 words
4. Regenerative Gardening - 460 words
5. Gardening for Wildlife - 454 words
6. Gardening Tech Tools - 464 words
7. Rewilding Gardens - 472 words
8. Why Gardening Is a Hot Hobby for 2020 - 485 words
9. Moon Gardening - 454 words
10. Succulent Gardening - 473 words

5 Garden Product Reviews

1. Self Watering Pot - 459 words
2. Miracle Grow Twelve Indoor Growing System - 487 words
3. Sunlite Garden - 455 words
4. Garden Genie Gloves - 509 words
5. Garden Kneeler and Seat - 467 words

That's 30 High Quality Pages of Content PLUS the Opportunity to Upgrade to a Huge Discounted Add-On Bundle!

This will be a nice starter pack or addition for the lawn and gardening niche. You'll have content for your blog, email autoresponders, social networking sites and more!

And for those who do purchase this brand high quality pack, you'll see a single upgrade option to add on an enormous bundle of lawn and garden content from my PLR store at a big discount!

I only have 2 rules with my PLR: Don't use my name on it and don't pass the rights on to others.

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Lawn and Garden PLR

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