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This bundle can be used in a variety of ways by you. For example, the eBooks can be published as list builders or as a product that you sell - or, you can break them up into articles for your blog, emails or social media accounts. Articles can be compiled into reports, etc.  

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It includes the following:

Mindful Living Mega Pack (Value $57)

6 and a Half-Page, 2,628-Word Short Report: Mindful Motivation for Creating Your Best Life

Starts out with a short introduction and then covers:

- What Is Mindfulness?
- Mindfulness Can Help You Make Better Choices
- Being Mindful Is a Natural Therapy for Improved Mental Health
- Common Techniques for Mindful Practices
- Snapping Yourself Out of a Past or Future Focus

Also includes 52 one-page articles covering the following:

1. Mindfulness Helps You Tame and Eliminate Stress - 532 words
2. A Mindful Method to Boost Confidence and Self Esteem - 514 words
3. Find Meaningful Work with a Mindful Approach - 459 words
4. Trusting Your Intuition By Being Mindful About Circumstances - 484 words
5. Accept and Empower Yourself with Mindful Strategies - 455 words
6. Being Mindful About Improving Family Relationships - 477 words
7. Choosing Your Friends Based on a Mindful Approach - 495 words
8. Romantic Partners Should Be Chosen in a Mindful Manner - 452 words
9. How to Use Mindfulness to Better Your Business Relationships - 524 words
10. Increase Productivity Through Mindfulness - 456 words
11. Teaching Your Kids the Act of Mindfulness - 548 words
12. Mindfulness Can Help Those Afflicted with Anger Issues - 518 words
13. Mindful Addiction Therapy - 584 words
14. Chronic Pain Sufferers Can Find Relief in Mindful Meditation - 510 words
15. Being Mindful Can Help You With Your Eating Disorder - 551 words
16. Face Your Fears Using a Mindful Approach - 513 words
17. Overcoming Grief in Your Life Through Mindfulness - 465 words
18. Tackle Persistent Health Problems with Mindful Awareness - 459 words
19. Insomnia Therapy Through the Use of Mindfulness - 454 words
20. Be a Better Parent By Being Mindful with Your Kids - 448 words
21. Mindfulness to Defeat Negative Attitudes - 492 words
22. If You're a Worrier, Mindfulness Can Help - 507 words
23. Mindful Activities You Can Use Throughout Your Day - 486 words
24. Mindful Birthing for Parents to Be - 444 words
25. Mindful Communication Tips for Couples - 495 words
26. For Weight Loss and Management, Engage in Mindful Eating Exercises - 539 words
27. Mindful Fitness Tips for a Better Workout - 452 words
28. Get the Most Out of Your Journaling Through Mindful Writing - 612 words
29. Executives Are Embracing Mindful Leadership Techniques - 472 words
30. Learn How to Be a Mindful Listener - 534 words
31. Mindful Self Compassion Helps You Live a Better Life - 460 words
32. Embark on a Mindful Walk or Run for Fitness and Stress Relief - 501 words
33. Mindfulness Clues You in to Emotions You May Not Be Conscious of Right Now - 492 words
34. Why You Should Replace Multitasking with Mindfulness - 487 words
35. Be Mindful About Technology for Increased Happiness - 582 words
36. Stop Trying to Escape Emotions - Use Mindfulness to Accept and Address Them - 495 words
37. Instead of Scolding Yourself for Reactions, Be Kind to Yourself and Analyze Them Instead - 440 words
38. Clearing Out the Clutter in Your Life for Improved Mindfulness - 516 words
39. How Mindful Are You with Your Money? - 534 words
40. Mindfulness Can Teach You How to Have More Compassion - 439 words
41. Time Management Tips Using a Mindful Method - 671 words
42. Mindfulness Through Mantra Meditation - 446 words
43. Visualization Meditation for Better Mindfulness Throughout Your Day - 485 words
44. Mindful Living Can Help Slow Down the Aging Process - 446 words
45. Reducing Overwhelm By Letting Mindfulness Take Over - 470 words
46. If You're Feeling Lonely, Mindful Volunteer Work Can Help - 501 words
47. Being Vulnerable Isn't a Bad Thing When You Know How to Be Mindful - 508 words
48. Why People Resist Being Mindful About the Present - 511 words
49. From Chaos to Calm - How Mindfulness Lets You Be in Charge - 453 words
50. Mindful Attraction for the Relationship You Want - 490 words
51. Mindful Attraction for the Career of Your Dreams - 496 words
52. Mindful Goal Setting to Let Your Present Guide Your Future - 477 words

2017 Health and Wellness Planning (Value $39)

Report #1: Achieving Your Goal of Mental Health

This 7.5-page, 3,197-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

- More Patients and Doctors Are Focusing on Mindset
- Diagnosing Your Previous Mental State
- Proven Stress and Anxiety Solutions You Can Try
- Advances You Can Look for in the Coming Year

Report #2: Reaching and Maintaining Your Optimal Weight

This 8-page, 3,495-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Weight Loss Is More Than Just Aesthetics
- Optimal Weight Is Not One Size Fits All
- Pinpoint the Problems with Your Weight
- Choose a Diet Plan That Won’t Make You Quit
- Tips on Sticking to a Diet and Maintaining Your Weight

Report #3: Physical Fitness for Energy and Stamina

This 8-page, 3,532-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Exercise Is for More Than Just Weight Loss
- Fitness at Any Size and Age
- Cautionary Warning About Fitness Goals
- Use Technology to Help You Improve Your Fitness
- Switch Up Your Routine to Prevent Boredom and Stagnant Results

Report #4: Disease Management and Prevention Plans

This 7.5-page, 3,075-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Make This a Year for Major Health Achievements
- Top Health Issues You Should Be Vigilant About
- Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit
- Get Informed About Your Options for Treatment
- Healthy Changes That Will Prevent Many Common Health Problems

5 Product Reviews

How Not to Die – 452 words
The Anti Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans – 429 words
10% Happier – 439 words
The Vitamin E Factor – 437 words
Younger Next Year – 489 words

2017 Health and Wellness Planning OTO1 (Value $56)

1. 6 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism – 600 words
2. Lose Weight By Implementing Small Changes – 409 words
3. Methods to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite – 417 words
4. Achieve Toned Muscle without Bulking Up – 426 words
5. Shed Your Belly Fat with One of These Diets – 456 words
6. The Best Long and Short Terms Diet Plans – 400 words
7. Exercise to Increase Your Energy and Lose Weight – 431 words
8. Fitness without a Gym Membership – 400 words
9. How to Avoid Carbs and Make Good Protein Choices – 422 words
10. Slash Your Sugar Addiction Little By Little – 419 words
11. Why More Experts Now Recommend More Fat – 425 words
12. Five of the Best On the Go Protein Snacks to Keep You Satisfied – 433 words
13. Should You Be Tracking Your Fitness Goals? – 402 words
14. What Kind of Motivation Really Inspires You to Success? – 415 words
15. Setting the Right Kind of Fitness and Health Goals for 2017 – 426 words
16. The Best Equipment to Start Your Home Gym – 458 words
17. Eliminate Your Go To Excuses for Fitness Failure – 441 words
18. Are You Planning to Fail or Planning to Succeed? – 446 words
19. Don’t Restock Your Energy Stores Using the Wrong Foods – 427 words
20. Why Stringent Fitness Programs May or May Not Work for You – 419 words

Best Diets for Overall Health

This 5+-page, 2,230-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- DASH Diet
- MIND Diet
- TLC Diet
- Ornish Diet
- Mediterranean Diet

Best Diets for Weight Loss

This 5-page, 2,213-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Volumetrics Diet
- Low Carb Diet
- Meal Replacement Diets
- Vegetarian, Flexitarian or Vegan Diets
- Raw Food Diets

Best Commercial Diets

This 5+ page, 2,218-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Weight Watchers
- Jenny Craig
- The Biggest Loser
- MAYO Clinic Diet
- HMR Diet

Best Cardio Exercises

This 5+ page, 2,141-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Walking or Running
- Cycling
- Rowing
- Swimming
- Step Aerobics

Best Strength Training Workouts

This 5+ page, 2,152-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Barbells
- Dumbbells
- Bodyweight
- Resistance Bands
- Kettlebells

Benefits of HIIT Training

This 5+ page, 2,244-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Fat and Calorie Burning
- Builds Endurance
- Metabolism Booster
- Convenience
- Heart Healthy

Best Crossfit Gear

This 6-page, 2,352-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Wrist Wraps or Gloves
- Speed Ropes
- Pushup Bars
- Dip Bars
- Gym Rings

Understanding and Treating Depression FE (Value $30)

Report #1: Time-Based Depression

This 5+ page, 1,970-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Causes of Time-Based Depression
- Recognizing the Symptoms of Time-Based Depression
- Diagnosis and Treatments for Time-Based Depression
- Tips for Managing Time-Based Depression
- Best Natural Remedies for Time-Based Depression

Report #2: Long-Term Depressive Disorders

This 5+ page, 1,979-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Causes of Long-Term Depression Disorders
- Recognizing the Symptoms of Long-Term Depressive Disorders
- Diagnosis and Treatments for Long-Term Depressive Disorders
- Tips for Managing Long-Term Depressive Disorders
- Best Natural Remedies for Long-Term Depressive Disorders

Report #3: Bipolar Manic Depression

This 5+ page, 2,017-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Causes of Bipolar Manic Depression
- Recognizing the Symptoms of Bipolar Manic Depression
- Diagnosis and Treatments for Bipolar Manic Depression
- Tips for Managing Bipolar Manic Depression
- Best Natural Remedies for Bipolar Manic Depression

Report #4: Psychotic Depression

This 5+ page, 1,995-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Causes of Psychotic Depression
- Recognizing the Symptoms of Psychotic Depression
- Diagnosis and Treatments for Psychotic Depression
- Tips for Managing Psychotic Depression
- Best Natural Remedies for Psychotic Depression

Report #5: Situational Depression

This 5+ page, 2,001-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Causes of Situational Depression
- Diagnosis and Treatments for Situational Depression
- Recognizing the Symptoms of Situational Depression
- Tips for Managing Situational Depression
- Best Natural Remedies for Situational Depression

Report #6: Atypical Depression

This 5+ page, 2,038-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Causes of Atypical Depression
- Recognizing the Symptoms of Atypical Depression
- Diagnosis and Treatments for Atypical Depression
- Tips for Managing Atypical Depression
- Best Natural Remedies for Atypical Depression

Understanding and Treating Depression OTO (Value $41)


1. Rock Climbing Is the New Natural Cure for Depression – 449 words
2. Mental Health Therapy Now Delivered Via Bots Online – 481 words
3. Number of Depressed College Students Growing Rapidly – 470 words
4. Kids with Brain Injuries More Likely to Develop Depression – 462 words
5. How to Avoid Depression When You Retire – 548 words
6. Your Cure for Depression Could Be Based on Your Diet – 465 words
7. What Makes People Around the World Less Depressed? – 452 words
8. One of the First Signs of Severe Depression Is Neglected Hygiene – 439 words
9. Prenatal and Post-Partum Depression Symptoms – 565 words
10. Which Social Network Is Causing the Most Depression in Teens? – 461 words
11. How Electrical Treatments Have Evolved in the Treatment of Depression – 458 words
12. Conditions That Can Lead to Depression – 507 words
13. Probiotics May Be the Answer to Lessening Symptoms of Depression – 433 words
14. Scientific Proof of Positive Treatments for Depression – 443 words
15. How Magnets Are Being Used to Treat Depression – 470 words

Product Reviews:

1. Destroy Depression – 448 words
2. Depression-Free Method – 454 words
3. Seasonal Affective Disorder Lamp – 419 words
4. The Mindful Way Through Depression – 436 words
5. 5 HTP Time Release – 453 words
6. St. John’s Wort – 446 words
7. Anxiety Relief Essential Oils Blend – 461 words
8. L-theanine – 465 words
9. Boost Mood – 436 words
10. Gut and Psychology Syndrome – 441 words
11. How to Be Happy or at Least Less Sad – 451 words
12. Happy Tea – 445 words
13. Yoga for Depression – 464 words
14. The Depression Cure – 481 words
15. The Upward Spiral – 465 words

10-Page Report:

A Guide to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Depression

This is a 11+ page, 4,268-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

- What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?
- Why Choose CBT Over Other Treatments?
- What Type of Person Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Right For?
- Altering Negative Thought Patterns
- Thoughts in Action
- The Parts of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
- When Will I Be Done with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Personal Satisfaction: Living Life on Your Own Terms FE (Value $20)

1. Your Self Perception Wasn’t Chosen By You – 496 words
2. Quit Faking Happiness and Learn How to Live Authentically – 470 words
3. Don’t Shoulder the Burden of Everyone Else’s Problems – 488 words
4. Start Prioritizing What Matters Most to You – 466 words
5. How to Handle Adversity with Your Head Held High – 465 words
6. Are You Squandering Your Energy on Things That Don’t Matter? – 481 words
7. Set Boundaries to Protect Yourself from Negative Influences – 469 words
8. Choose Your Reaction to What Life Sends Your Way – 448 words
9. You Can’t Enjoy Personal Satisfaction If You’ve Adopted the Label of Victim – 434 words
10. Become the Best Version of Yourself By Weeding Out Bad Traits – 440 words
11. Gain Appreciation for What’s Going Right in Your Life – 460 words
12. How Many Meaningful Experiences Have You Had in Life? – 512 words
13. You Can’t Achieve Goals without Grit – 442 words
14. Be Honest About Whether or Not You’re Guilty of Complacency – 451 words
15. You Don’t Have to Be a Natural to Achieve Success – 474 words
16. Are Your Closest Relationships Supporting Your Personal Satisfaction? – 441 words
17. To Live Life on Your Own Terms, You Have to Retrain Your Brain – 453 words
18. Don’t Just Change Your Beliefs – Change Your Behaviors! – 437 words
19. Life on Your Own Terms May Mean Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone – 454 words
20. Being in Charge of Your Life Doesn’t Mean Closing the Door on Vulnerability – 428 words

Personal Satisfaction: Living Life on Your Own Terms OTO (Value $46)

eBook: Gain Confidence to Take Back Control of Your Life

This 30-page, 12,053-word eBook covers the following topics:

– It’s Never Too Late to Believe in Yourself
– Awareness Is Key to Killing Negative Thoughts
– Boost Your Confidence By Actively Working on Yourself
– Surround Yourself with Those Who Contribute to Your Confidence
– Achieve Control of Your Life By Celebrating Small Successes

Short Report: Finding Your True Passion in Life

This 6-page, 2,487-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

– Identify What You Dislike About Your Career Right Now
– Research Careers That Provide the Personal Satisfaction You Crave
– Can You Turn a Hobby Into a Career?
– You Don’t Have to Rely on Your Natural Talents for Success
– Battle the Backlash That Change Brings About

5-Part Email Series

- Dial Down the Stress in Your Life for More Personal Satisfaction - 436 words
- Finding Out What Matters Most to You - 429 words
- The Problem with Spreading Yourself Too Thin - 419 words
- Identify What's Stealing Your Personal Satisfaction - 422 words
- Is What You're Pursuing Worth the Pain You're Putting Yourself Through? - 422 words

5 Product Reviews

- Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No to Take Control of Your Life - 450 words
- Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It - 437 words
- Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking - 431 words
- Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One - 451 words
- The Power of Vulnerability: Teachings of Authenticity, Connection and Courage - 467 words

Laying the Groundwork for Success in Work and Life FE (Value $40)


1. Very Few Goals Are Reached without a Plan – 481 words
2. If Failure Intimidates You, Gain Confidence Through Preparation – 496 words
3. Get Lost in Your Dreams and Let Your Excitement Fuel You – 475 words
4. Developing a Game Plan Allows You to Anticipate Obstacles – 509 words
5. Having a Strategy Mapped Out Helps You Achieve Goals Faster – 453 words
6. It’s Not Enough to Have a Plan – You Have to Have Commitment, Too – 493 words
7. Your Plans Should Be Based on What You’re Confident You Can Contribute – 483 words
8. It’s Okay to Plan the Start of Your Journey without Knowing How It Will End – 498 words
9. Be Prepared for Your Plans to Take Different Forms Over Time – 483 words
10. Some of Your Plans Can Be Contingent on Other Things Taking Place – 484 words


1. Implementing Your Plans Requires Courage, Determination and Commitment – 462 words
2. Follow Through of Each Task Is Essential to the Truth About Your Effort – 496 words
3. Momentum Is Key to Crossing the Finish Line with Your Goals – 443 words
4. Time Management Is a Crucial Skill in Learning How to Execute Your Plans Efficiently – 515 words
5. Continually Prioritize Your Tasks for the Day for Maximum Progress – 483 words
6. Collect Data and Make Notes for Future Analysis of Your Efforts – 460 words
7. As You Execute Your Plans, Pay Close Attention to Your Level of Competence – 452 words
8. Have Backup Options for Processes that Aren’t Being Implemented Smoothly – 511 words
9. Strong Execution of a Plan Requires Precise Definition of Roles – 466 words
10. Don’t Second Guess Yourself During the Execution of a Plan – 453 words


1. Decide How You Want to Measure Your Success – 489 words
2. If This is a Repetitive Project, Consider the First Implementation Your Base – 512 words
3. How Do You Want Your Process to Evolve Over Time? – 476 words
4. Did Your Results Live Up to Your Expectations, Exceed Them or Fall Short? – 487 words
5. Did Any Patterns Develop During the Implementation of a Strategy? – 464 words
6. Evaluate the Time It Took to Reach Your Goal – 520 words
7. Look at the Quality of the End Result and See If It Can Be Improved and How – 478 words
8. Analyze the Cost of Success and See Where Your Budget Can Be Improved – 477 words
9. Evaluations May Need to Take Place an Intervals – 481 words
10. Don’t Just Evaluate the Results - Analyze the Impact – 453 words


1. Repeating Your Efforts Results in Success Becoming a Habit – 461 words
2. Each Time You Repeat a Project, Work on Leveling Up a Bit – 473 words
3. To Mark the End of a Successful Project Celebrate Your Efforts - 450 words
4. Scale Up with Your Success By Revolutionizing Your Efforts – 469 words
5. Don’t Avoid the Struggle By Relishing Your Success – 452 words
6. If You Believe Fate Controlled Your Journey It’ll Be Hard to Replicate Your Success – 454 words
7. Keep Pushing Toward a Second Success without Listening to the Naysayers – 472 words
8. Become a Serial Winner By Parlaying Your Success Into a Next Level Goal – 468 words
9. Be Careful About Allowing Others to Leech Off Your Success – 482 words
10. Take Any Element That Failed and Modify It Until It’s Part of Your Success – 473 words

* Articles also in Report format with eCovers

Laying the Groundwork for Success in Work and Life OTO1 (Value $77)

eBook: How to Go From Floundering Failure to Systematic Success

This 15,019-word, 30+ -page book includes the following chapters and subheadings:

Chapter 1: When Inspiration Turns Into an Enemy

- You Start Out Lost in Your Daydreams
- From Zero to 60 Right Out of the Gate
- You Out Yourself as a Bona Fide Imposter
- Suddenly, You’re Your Own Worst Enemy
- Fight Back with Formidable Plans – It’s You Against You

Chapter 2: When Indecision Grinds Progress to a Halt

- Indecision Can Arise at Any Stage
- Don’t Be Afraid to Use a Pros and Cons List
- Ask for Advice from People You Trust
- If in Doubt Trust Your Instincts
- Create a Long-Term Forecast for Every Option

Chapter 3: When Fear Throws You off Your Game

- Everyone Is Nervous About Trying Something New
- Do It Afraid and Let Courage Come Later
- Are You Afraid That Success Will Chain You to Something You May Not Like?
- Do You Fear Ridicule By Your Peers?
- Do You Fear the Process of Success Because It Inevitably Involves Failure?

Chapter 4: When the Competition Looks Insurmountable

- Never Let the Competition Intimidate You Out of Your Plans
- To Beat the Competition, Become Their Customer
- If You’re Not Competitive, Do Something About It
- Forget About Being the Best – Try Being Unique Instead
- Your Biggest Competition Should Be Yourself

Chapter 5: When You Look at Your Choices and Regret Sets In

- You Never Have to Live with Regret Permanently
- Regret Is a Normal Part of Life and Serves a Purpose
- Two Kind of Regret and How to Deal with Them
- When Regret Surfaces, Take Time to Analyze It
- Don’t Plan on Avoiding Regret “Someday”

Chapter 6: When Work and Life Intrude on One Another

- The Ultimate Success Is to Have Work-Life Balance
- Don’t Feel the Pressure to Prioritize One Over the Other
- Is Your Work-Life Schedule Out of Whack?
- Don’t Let Stress from One Area Seep in to the Other
- Organization and Communication Are Skills That Help with Work-Life Balance

20 Articles:

1. How to Be Mindful of Your Success – 450 words
2. Can Positive Affirmations Help Lay the Groundwork for Your Success? – 444 words
3. Are You Prepared to Do Whatever It Takes to Succeed? – 429 words
4. If You Don’t Believe in Yourself, Success Will Always Elude You – 433 words
5. The Most Successful People in Life Avoid Procrastination Like the Plague – 413 words
6. Part of Your Success Plan Should Include Strategic Networking – 419 words
7. Are You Sure You Want Your Goals Bad Enough? – 463 words
8. Pushing Through Obstacles When You’re Discouraged – 409 words
9.Developing a Success Mindset Means No More Scrambling – 417 words
10. Your Goal Should Be Simplicity and That May Mean Hard Work Initially – 436 words
11. Stop Stressing About Life and Start Pursuing Dreams That Excite You – 410 words
12. As You Plan Your Success Make Sure you Plan for Disaster, Too – 448 words
13. To Have the Best Chance at Success, Be a Good Student – 436 words
14. A Humble Mindset Helps You Pursue Success Faster - 407 words
15. Find a Mentor for the Kind of Success You’re Seeking - 420 words
16. Set Boundaries in Life to Help You with Your Success – 435 words
17. Don’t Burn Bridges as You Build Your Road to Success – 422 words
18. Some Things Are Out of Your Control as You Work Toward Success – 452 words
19. Live a Life Free of Regret By Making Deliberate Choices – 415 words
20. Be Smart When It Comes to Spending Money on Your Success - 414 words

4 Short Reports:

Report #1: Accept and Appreciate Your Journey Toward Success

This 6-page, 2,517-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- It’s Okay If You’re Not Where You Want to Be
- Are You Moving in the Right Direction?
- It’s Not All About the Destination
- Relish All of the Moments You Overcome Unexpected Obstacles
- Look Forward to the Secrets That Will Be Revealed to You on Your Journey

Report #2: Get Real About Your Strengths and Weaknesses

This 5+ page, 2,224-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Why Do Employers Always Want the Answer to This Question?
- When You Map Out Your Flaws, Look for the Yin to Your Yang
- Sometimes a Weakness Can Be a Blessing in Disguise (And Sometimes Not)
- Should You Waste Time Strengthening Your Weaknesses?
- The Biggest Strength and Weakness in Most Successful Individuals

Report #3: Build on Your Good Habits and Eliminate the Bad Ones

This 5+ page, 2,441-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- The Process of Identifying Your Pattern of Habits
- Stop Procrastinating and Wasting Time If You Want to Find Success
- Develop the Right Mindset and Do Away with Negative Thinking
- Develop a Love of the Pursuit of Learning
- Approach Success as a Whole Life Concept

Report #4: Create Success Based on Your Personal Preferences

This 6+ page, 2,679-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Figure Out Your Preferences Before You Pursue Success
- Pursue Success on Your Preferred Schedule
- Do You Work Best Alone or with Others?
- Common Examples of Personal Preferences That Can Impact Your Success
- Be Careful Not to Let Your Personal Preferences Interfere with Your Success

5 Product Reviews:

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – 499 words
2. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success – 479 words
3. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance – 480 words
4. The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results – 473 words
5. The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work and Team with Positive Energy – 497 words

Improve Your Sense of Self FE (Value $40)

This bundle is a set of four 10-page reports (total of 40 pages) with editable eCovers. They can be merged together into one eBook, broken up into many blog posts or emails, or left as is to serve as a lead magnet series, viral reports or bonuses.

Here's what you get...

1. Cultivate Success in Spite of Setbacks

This 10+ page, 4,385-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Are You Looking for an Obstacle-Free Path to Success?
Determine What It Is You Want – and Then Go After It
Expect Obstacles But Don’t Fear Them
Learn How to Take Criticism Well
Identify Your Hardship and Create a Plan to Deal with It
Become Relentless in Your Pursuit of All Goals
Doubt-Proof Your Mind to Ward Off Future Failures

2. Success Is Hiding in Your Self Worth

This 10+ page, 4,373-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Success Isn’t Based on Superficial Feelings
Some of the World’s Most Shocking Success Stories Should Inspire You
When Someone Says You Can’t, Prove You Can
Be Mindful of Your Decisions to Help Boost Your Success
Your Future Isn’t Anchored to Your Parents’ Past
Put Blinders on If You Need to Move Past Self Doubt to Succeed
Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health to Ensure Positive Self Worth
Are Your Biggest Influencers Helpful or Hurtful?
Learn to Live in the Present and Look to the Future
Extend a Hand to Those Behind You to Boost Your Self Worth

3. You Are Worthy of Personal Satisfaction

This 10-page, 4,248-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Stop Trying to Pretend You Have to Be Perfect to Deserve Everything
Forgiveness Is a Skill You Have to Master
Believe in the Power of Self-Talk and Your Subconscious Mind
You Help Form Others’ Opinions of You with Self Degradation
How Many Years Have You Wasted Wallowing in Low Self Worth?
Most People Have Never Uncovered Their Personal Gifts
You’re Not Deserving Only When You Reach the Pinnacle of Success
Don’t Look for Approval from Others
Each of Us Is Both Courageous and Intimidated

4. The Power of a Self-Created Image

This 10-page, 4,232-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Everyone Pictures Themselves a Certain Way
Changing Your Self Created Image Is Hard Work
A Self Created Image Can Destroy You or Lift You Up
Low Self Worth Accumulates to Paint an Unflattering Picture of Yourself
If You See Yourself as Weak, Grow Strong
If You See Yourself as Incapable, Become Capable
If You See Yourself as Unlovable, Become Lovable
Don’t Avoid Reality When Developing Your Self Created Image

* All of the reports have flat and 3D eCovers with editable PSD files

Improve Your Sense of Self OTO1 (Value $77)

It includes a full eBook, 25 more articles, 2 six-page reports, and 10 product reviews.

eBook: Achieving Life Goals Under Any Circumstances

This 30+page, 15,826-word eBook starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Five Ingredients for Success in Work and Life
Chapter 2: Major Life Changes
Chapter 3: Financial Struggles
Chapter 4: Negative Influences
Chapter 5: Lack of Knowledge
Chapter 6: Continual Failures
Chapter 7: Health Concerns
Chapter 8: Traumatic Past
Chapter 9: Change of Heart
Chapter 10: Intimidating Competition

25 Articles

1. Self Sufficiency Is More Satisfying Than Dependency on Others – 511 words
2. Find the Reasons You’re Deserving of Success – 410 words
3. Gain Respect for Yourself If You Want It from Others – 413 words
4. Learn How to Trust Your Gut Instinct – 441 words
5. Don’t Let Your Confidence Lead to Complacency – 479 words
6. Finding Fault in Your Efforts Without Allowing It to Derail You – 537 words
7. What Makes Someone Worthy of Success? – 493 words
8. If You’re Disgruntled with Your Situation, Take Control to Change It – 493 words
9. Build a Life Based on Honor to Enjoy the Ultimate Personal Satisfaction – 485 words
10. Take Pride in Small Accomplishments to Build a Strong Foundation for Success – 490 words
11. Your Own Self Esteem Will Determine How Much You Trust Others – 418 words
12. Fear of Rejection Will Block Your Success – 413 words
13. Heal Your Own Self Esteem with a Focus on These 4 Things – 431 words
14. Employees and Consumers Alike Flock to Confident Leaders – 418 words
15. Could a Gratitude Journal Give Your Self Esteem a Big Boost? – 403 words
16. Your Life Goals Aren’t Determined By Fate or Chance – 411 words
17. Strong Leaders Understand the Concept of Delayed Gratification – 411 words
18. Feelings Are Born from Thoughts – 411 words
19. Procrastinators Are Mired in Self Doubt – 402 words
20. Live an Authentic Life for Personal Satisfaction - 410 words
21. Perfectionism Kills Productivity – 423 words
22. The Best Leaders Never Hide From Their Failures – 413 words
23. Teach Yourself How to Be Assertive to Achieve the Outcome You Desire – 420 words
24. Have Fun Daydreaming of the Possibilities - 409 words
25. Your Internal Critic Is a Misguided Attempt at Protecting You – 413 words

2 Reports

Report #1: Create a New Bio for Your Life

This 6+ page, 2,641-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

- You Don’t Have to Be Who You Once Were
- Get Real About Your Strengths and Weaknesses
- Address the Mental Character of Your New Life
- Make a Plan of Action for Your New Behaviors
- Strategize for Your Future as If It Were a Business Plan

Report #2: Getting What You Need and Want in Life

This 6+ page, 2,767-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

- The Difference Between Wants and Needs
- Develop a Voice to Get What You Want and Need
- How to Be Assertive without Being Overbearing
- What to Do If You’re Met with a Negative Response
- Becoming Self Reliant Is the Best Form of Personal Satisfaction

10 Product Reviews

These are all self help and success books chosen from Amazon:

1. Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World – 649 words
2. The Gifts of Imperfection – 520 words
3. The Courage to Be Disliked – 491 words
4. Daring Greatly – 488 words
5. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – 451 words
6. Self Compassion: The Power of Being Kind to Yourself – 475 words
7. Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha – 474 words
8. The Magic of Thinking Big – 489 words
9. I Heart Me: The Science of Self Love – 505 words
10. Do it Scared – 570 words

Adopting a Proactive Mindset PLR (Value $35)

Phase 1: 10 Articles on Awareness

Do You Feel Trapped or Stuck in a Rut? - 448 words
You Have to Admit When It’s Time for Change - 426 words
What to Do When Your Life Has Become a Disappointment - 462 words
Be Willing to Walk Away from a Life That Doesn’t Serve Your Needs - 414 words
Have You Been Blind to the Truth About Your Life? - 413 words
Wake Up and Realize You’ve Been Spinning Your Wheels! - 412 words
Is It Possible You’ve Been Steered onto the Wrong Path? - 415 words
Don’t Be Afraid to Regret and Move On - 412 words
Progress Can Only Come About When You’re Honest with Yourself - 408 words
Being Uncomfortable Is Part of Achieving Your Dreams - 411 words

Phase 2: 10 Articles on Analysis

What Strengths Do You Have to Help You Change Your Life? - 458 words
What Weaknesses Do You Have That Could Sabotage Your Efforts? - 400 words
Looks for Opportunities to Create the Life You Want - 413 words
Challenge Yourself to Make a Commitment to Change - 410 words
Believe in Yourself and Your Ability to Be Successful - 406 words
The Different Levels of Personal Satisfaction - 426 words
Why Aren’t We as Strategic with Success as We Are with Less Important Things? - 447 words
Which Areas of Your Life Are Faltering Most? - 404 words
Are Bad Habits Affecting the Outcome of Your Efforts? - 420 words
What External Factors Threaten Your Success? - 436 words

Phase 3: 10 Articles on Action Taking

Shelve the Fear and Stock Up on Courage - 401 words
Know When You Need to Recharge Your Mindset - 417 words
Focus on What’s Going Well as Proof of Success - 410 words
Every Day Is a Choice Between Staying Stagnant or Progressing - 413 words
Get Excited About Making Progress - 412 words
Eliminate the Burden of Overthinking - 424 words
Serious Success Isn’t Based on Wishful Thinking - 410 words
Be Relentless in Your Pursuit of Change - 427 words
Don’t Let Your Mind Steer You Toward Procrastination - 421 words
Study the Great Minds of Successful Role Models - 420 words

Report: Go Getters Aren’t Born with a Success Mindset

This 5-page, 2,233-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Some People Seem to Have It All So Easily
Backstory Is the Hidden Formula for Success
They Put Just as Much Effort Into Mindset as They Do Action
Surround Yourself with the Right influences
Always Be a Work in Progress

Adopting a Proactive Mindset OTO 1 (Value $87)

Here are the details of the package:

61-Page eBook: 10 Ways You Can Become a Success Story

This 61-page, 25,309-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Let Go of Good Intentions
Chapter 2: Give Up All of Your Excuses
Chapter 3: Don’t Just Know Your Why – Fight for It!
Chapter 4: Be Strategic with Goals and Milestones
Chapter 5: Work on Your Self Esteem
Chapter 6: Don’t Set Yourself Up for Failure
Chapter 7: Become Someone Who Craves Knowledge
Chapter 8: Stay Energized to Help You Achieve Your Goals
Chapter 9: Master Your Time Management Skills
Chapter 10: Develop Lifestyle Habits That Contribute to Your Success

Report #1: 5 Ways You Sabotage Your Success

This 6-page, 2,612-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- You Listen to Others
- You Live in the Past
- You Aren’t Consistent
- You Go to Extremes
- You Believe in Perfectionism

Report #2: A Day in Your Life as a Go Getter

This 5 and ½ page, 2,526-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- You Live By a Routine
- You Know How to Prioritize Your Day
- You Don’t Stray from Work
- You Delegate to Others or Utilize Tools Efficiently
- You Enjoy the Life You Work Hard to Create

15 Product Reviews

1. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change - 489 words
2. Can't Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy the Odds - 518 words
3. Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World - 484 words
4. The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom - 495 words
5. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 - 508 words
6. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success - 4799 words
7. Extreme Ownership: How U.S. Navy SEALs Lead and Win - 482 words
8. The Algebra of Happiness: Notes on the Pursuit of Success, Love, and Meaning - 516 words
9. The Greatest You: Face Reality, Release Negativity, and Live Your Purpose - 526 words
10. Secrets of Six-Figure Women: Surprising Strategies to Up Your Earnings and Change Your Life - 544 words
11. The Big Leap: Conquer Your Hidden Fear and Take Life to the Next Level - 509 words
12. The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy - 528 words
13. Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - 478 words
14. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion - 515 words
15. The Obstacle Is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph - 522 words

Total Self Care PLR (Value $35)

1. Self-Care Is Not One Size Fits All – 410 words
2. Don’t Start Neglecting Areas You Feel Strong About – 418 words
3. Balancing Your Mental and Physical Health Care Strategy – 412 words
4. 5 Ways to Engage in Mental Self Care – 511 words
5. Mental and Physical Health Can Benefit Each Other – 410 words
6. Four Ways to Nurture Your Body’s Physical Needs – 404 words
7. Working on Your Body and Mind Has Immediate Health Benefits - 413 words
8. Four Signs You Need to Start a Self-Care Routine – 417 words
9. Self-Care on a Budget – 419 words
10. Make Your Self Care a Priority – 411 words
11. 10 Minutes a Day of Self Care Could Be a Game Changer – 465 words
12. Self-Care Is the Antidote to Chronic Stress – 414 words
13. You Don’t Need to Hire Professional for Self-Care – 426 words
14. How Often Should You Switch Up Your Self Care Routine? – 422 words
15. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Indulge in Self Care – 406 words
16. Above the Shoulder Self Care Tips – 445 words
17. Treat Your Torso Right with a Strategic Self Care Routine – 412 words
18. Your Legs Support You So Return the Favor – 405 words
19. Self Care Combats Cortisol Overload – 474 words
20. Don’t Let Self Care Be About Short Term Relief – 415 words
21. Your Self Care Should Be Pleasant, Not Painful – 413 words
22. Self Care Begins with Self Awareness – 463 words
23. Anchor Your Self Care Strategy with Routines – 416 words
24. Explore New Methods of Self Care – 467 words
25. Plan a Mini Retreat to Dive in to Self Care – 482 words
26. Self Care Isn’t Always Soothing – 406 words
27. You’re Never Too Young or Too Old for Self Care – 414 words
28. Both Men and Women Benefit from Self Care – 431 words
29. Don’t Let a Lack of Self Care Accumulate in Your Life – 435 words
30. Financial Stability Is a Form of Self Care – 454 words
31. Taking a Spiritual Approach to Self Care – 448 words
32. Supporting Others Is a Way of Engaging in Self Care – 423 words
33. Socializing Is Strategic Self Care – 431 words
34. Technology That Can Help You with Self Care – 410 words
35. Who Should Be on Your Self Care Support Team? – 403 words

Total Self Care PLR OTO 1 (Value $60)

Lead Magnet Report: Self Care Saboteurs

This 5-page, 2,168-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Has Guilt Caused You to Backburner Your Self Care?
- Which People Get in Between You and Your Self Care Routine?
- How Media Influences Engage in Hypocritical Self Care Advice
- Has Your Self Care Has Been Sabotaged By Ingrained Habits?
- How Social Networks Try to Ensure You Steer Clear of Self Care

Email Series

1. Presell Email #1: One of the First Signs of a Lack of Self Care Is Exhaustion – 485 words
2. Presell Email #2: Without Self Care, You May Project Irritability and Anger – 418 words
3. Presell Email #3: Have You Felt Hopeless Lately and in Need of Some Optimism? – 460 words
4. Presell Email #4: Without Self Care, Your Body and Mind Get Run Down Fast! – 500 words
5. Presell Email #5: Self Care Isn’t a Struggle When You Have a Simple Plan in Place – 471 words
6. Post-Sale Email #1: Start Your Self Care Routine with Sleep and Stress Relief – 451 words
7. Post-Sale Email #2: Time to Start on a Meals and Movement Self Care Strategy! – 435 words
8. Post-Sale Email #3: Ready to Focus on Relationships for Your Self Care Commitment? – 435 words
9. Post-Sale Email #4: Optimal Physical and Mental Health Start with Self Care – 426 words
10. Post-Sale Email #5: With a Financial Plan, Your Self Care will Skyrocket! – 412 words

Full eBook: 8 Ways to Support Yourself with Total Self Care

This 30+ Page, 12,847-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Jumpstart Your Self Care Routine with a Sleep Makeover
Chapter 2: Engaging in Consistent Stress Relief
Chapter 3: A Self Care Nutritional Approach from the Inside Out
Chapter 4: The Double Edged Sword of a Self Care Exercise Regimen
Chapter 5: Bolster Your Personal and Professional Relationships for Self Care Reasons
Chapter 6: To Make the Most of Your Self Care Routine, Don’t Neglect Your Health
Chapter 7: Focus on Developing a Self Care Mindset
Chapter 8: Why Your Financial Stability Is Key to Your Self Care Success

Sales Copy

The text of the complete 5-page, 1,670-word sales copy you can use to promote sales of the eBook on a platform of your choice, complete with:

• Headlines
• Sub-headlines
• Storyline
• Bulletpoints
• Call to Action
• PostScripts

Product Reviews

1. Start Where You Are – 401 words
2. The Art of Extreme Self Care – 418 words
3. Take Time for Your Life – 425 words
4. The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self Care – 436 words
5. The A to Z Self Care Handbook – 443 words
6. Self Care for Moms – 439 words
7. Bare – 445 words
8. The Little Book of Self Care – 420 words
9. The Self Care Prescription – 448 words
10. Self Care for the Self Aware – 428 words


• eBook eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files
• Lead Magnet Report eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files

Boundaries for Personal Satisfaction PLR (Value $35)


Never Apologize for Having Boundaries in Your Life – 449 words
There Must Be Consequences When Someone Crosses Your Boundaries – 447 words
How to Know If the Boundaries You Set Are Fair – 478 words
Boundaries Make Others Take Personal Responsibility for Their Behavior – 416 words
Stop Letting Others Poison Your Life with Their Toxicity – 441 words
The Right Way to Clearly Communicate Your Boundaries with Others – 414 words
What to Do If You Mistakenly Allow Someone to Cross Your Boundaries – 435 words
Set Boundaries for the Time You Spend with People or on Tasks – 439 words
Set Boundaries on Decision Making and Control of Your Life – 437 words
Set Boundaries for How You Allow Yourself to Be Treated By Others – 426 words
Make Sure You Have Boundaries for Your Finances – 493 words
How to Set Boundaries with a Demanding Boss – 440 words
Set and Maintain Boundaries with Controlling Coworkers – 407 words
The Proper Way to Set Boundaries with Clients and Customers – 404 words
What Should the Boundaries Look Like with a Significant Other or Spouse? – 442 words
Parents Need to Set Boundaries with Their Children – 424 words
Sometimes, It’s Necessary to Have Boundaries with Friends or Neighbors – 424 words
Which Boundaries Should You Have with Strangers? – 425 words
How to Set Boundaries with Overbearing Parents and Siblings – 458 words
Evaluate Your Own Behaviors to See If You Cross Boundaries, Too – 422 words

Lead Magnet: Achieve Personal Satisfaction By Setting Boundaries

This 2,123-word, 5-page report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Why Too Few People Have or Respect Boundaries
Knowing When It’s Time to Regain Control Over Your Life
First Steps in Setting Proper Boundaries
Dealing with the Fallout of Having Good Boundaries
Making the Most of Your Newfound Control

Email Series

Email #1: Who Is Most in Need of Setting Boundaries? - 429 words
Email #2: What Do You Say to Someone When Implementing a Boundary? - 523 words
Email #3: When Boundaries Are Crossed, What Should Your Reaction Be? - 409 words
Email #4: Why It’s Hard for Others to Accept Your Boundaries - 445 words
Email #5: How to Set Boundaries and Maintain an Amicable Relationship with Others - 417 words

Product Reviews

No Guilt, No Games, No Drama: The 7 Keys to Smarter Boundaries - 418 words
Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin - 413 words
Where to Draw the Line: How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day - 436 words
Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life - 422 words
Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High - 418 words

Self Improvement ($20)

1. Are You Plagued with Procrastination? – 521 Words
2. Building a Career Based on Your Passions – 559 Words
3. Creating Success Using Mind Enhancement Techniques – 468 Words
4. Do You Have the Courage to Embrace Your Spirituality? – 529 Words
5. Feed Your Body What It Needs to Excel – 495 Words
6. Have You Aligned Your Values With Your Goals? – 531 Words
7. How a Life Coach Can Affect Your Lifetime Dreams – 533 Words
8. How to Achieve an Abundance of Wealth Without Sacrificing Your Morals – 475 Words
9. How to Become a Person Who Takes Action – 497 Words
10. How to Make Your Motivation Soar Even When Faced With Obstacles – 538 Words
11. Identifying and Altering Your Bad Habits – 536 Words
12. Improving Relationships That Need Your TLC – 495 Words
13. Is Competition Chipping Away at Your Soul? – 528 Words
14. Making Clear, Conscious Decisions in Control of Your Life – 541 Words
15. Organizing Your Home or Office for Increased Productivity – 547 Words
16. Perfectionism Can Be a Blessing or a Curse – 491 Words
17. Starting Your Day Off on the Right Foot – 508 Words
18. Stop Complaining and Take Back Control – 516 Words
19. The Power Behind Continual Journaling – 568 Words
20. The Silver Linings of Hopeless Situations – 574 Words

Your Self Development Plan PLR (Value $20)

This PLR guide is called Your Self Development Plan and it covers five areas of self development:

1. Spiritual (not religious, but spiritual as in listening to your mind and making it powerful)

2. Habits

3. Stress

4. Relationships (not just romantic but all)

5. Body and Mind

Here is an excerpt from the guide so that you can see the style of writing:

You can become a victim of your thoughts as easily as you can become a victim of identity fraud if you’re not diligent about protecting your mind. Just as you’re careful to shred documents that could become dangerous if they land in the hands of an identity thief, so should you be especially diligent about letting thoughts enter your mind that are going to make you a victim of negativity.

Here are the details about the Self Development PLR guide:

It’s 20 pages of text. (no images included)
It’s 8,499 words.
It comes in both Word and Txt formats.

The basic outline is as follows:

Short introduction followed by:

1.) Awaken Your Spiritual Guide
- How to Control Your Thoughts
- Actions Speak Louder than Words to Our Minds
- Joy vs. Sorrow
- Don’t Become Victim to Your Thoughts
- Communicating with Your Spiritual Guide

2.) Saying Goodbye to Bad Habits

- Knowing Your Triggers
- List of specific bad habits and how to deal with them, including nail biting, compulsive shopping, gossiping, swearing, hoarding, bad financial habits, anger, and jealousy.

3.) Learning How to Deal With Stress, Depression and Anxiety

- Signs of Too Much Stress in Your Life
- Managing Your Stress, Depression and Anxiety

4.) Relationships Are Key to Setting Yourself Up for Success

- Achieving Financial Success
- Developing a Winning Financial Mindset
- Relationships Can Be Tricky

5.) Taking Care of Your Body and Mind

- Improving Your Mental Outlook
- Enhancing Your Physical Appearance and Health

6.) Putting Your Self Development Plan to Work for You

This is the conclusion to the self development plan.

Living Your Best Life eBook (Value $40)

There are so many niches where we need a balanced approach in life. Even in the make money online niche, we end up discovering that we can’t launch a thriving career if our relationships or our health are off-kilter.

So I created a 44-page, 14,305-word eBook called Living Your Best Life, which helps people create a solid life of wellness, wealth and personal satisfaction. The book is divided into seven topic chapters after a primary introduction chapter, and they are listed below with the subtitles in each one (and each chapter begins with its own introduction):

(1) Health – Nutrition and Exercise, Boost Your Immune System, See the Doctor, Dental Health, Eye Health, Internal Medicine, New in Health

(2) Stress – Stress Triggers, Stress Relievers, Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, EFT

(3) Beauty – Body Shape, Anti Aging, Skin Care, Hair Care, Nails, Make-Up, Fashion

(4) Career – Analyze Your Career, Switching Jobs, Job Counseling

(5) Finances – Take Stock of Your Situation, Pay Off Debt, Improve Your Credit, Build Wealth

(6) Relationships - Parents and Siblings, Spouse or Partner, Children, Friends, Coworkers, Boss and Clients

(7) Entertainment – Travel, Hobbies, Everyday Fun, Short-Term Adventures, Stimulate Your Mind, Volunteer

It comes with a title page and hyperlinked table of contents page.

How to Create a Vision Board for the LOA (Value $12)

This 12 page, 4,943 word report starts with a short introduction and then includes the following sections:

- What Is a Vision Board?
- Styles for a Vision Board
- Supplies You’ll Need for Your Vision Board
- Putting the LOA Vision Board Together
- The Career Section of Your Vision Board
- Use the Board to Help You Attract the Right Relationships
- Manifest Money with a Vision Board
- Education and the Law of Attraction
- Health and the Law of Attraction Vision Board
- Adventures, Vacation or Travel Vision Board
- Creating a Spirituality Vision Board
- Updating Your Vision Board Over Time

5 Tools for Boosting Inner Strength (Value $5.50)

This 5 and a half page, 2,229-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Exercise to Gain Inner Strength
- How Mantras Boost Your Inner Strength
- Affirmations Are a Tool for Boosting Inner Strength
- Using Yoga to Boost Inner Strength
- Finding the Right Self-Help Books to Boost Inner Strength

10 Ways to Embark on a Self Improvement Journey in 2019 (Value $6)

A 6+ page, 2,593-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Begin with Self Care
- Let Go of Self Defeating Habits
- Learn a New Skill
- Develop Your Leadership Potential
- Set Boundaries
- Take Risks
- Give Up Procrastination
- Have a Growth Mindset
- Be Mindful
- Make Better Choices

Self Esteem (Value $5)

Are You Damaging Your Child’s Self-Esteem? – 453 Words
Can Hypnosis Help with Self-Esteem? – 403 Words
How to Build Confidence in Yourself One Day at a Time – 415 Words
Low Self-Esteem Could Threaten Your Health – 434 Words
When a Bad Relationship Damages Your Self-Esteem – 426 Words

Inner Strength PLR (Value $5)

What’s the True Definition of Inner Strength? – 523 words
Inner Strength and Outer Beauty – 469 words
Building Inner Strength to Improve Your Relationships – 599 words
Let Your Inner Strength Bring You the Career You Deserve – 498 words
Can Inner Strength Have a Direct Impact on Your Outer Strength? – 441 words

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