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I get asked often what all survival, prepper and homesteading PLR I have on my site - and the answer is: A LOT!

So I decided to package everything together and give your customers a massive discount on it - and this sale will stay open, so if anyone comes to you needing survival PLR, you can point them to this great deal. They'll get a wide variety of content ranging from articles to eBooks and reports, product reviews, email autoresponders and more. 

Details of all of the bundles are below (as is a quick list of the packs included without all of the lengthy details in case you want to email that) and they can use the content on their blog, in email autoresponders, as info products they can sell, as lead magnets to build a list, on social media - and more!

Details of What's Included in the Package:

From everyday tips and ideas to advice for times of trouble, you'll find many content packs that suit your needs in leading a homestead and survival audience. 

This sale includes the following:

Sustainable Living PLR eBook (Value $48)

This Sustainable Living PLR eBook has 14,862 words in it. It is 48 pages long, including a title page and hyperlinked table of contents for your convenience.

Here is the table of contents:

1. Sustainable Living 101: What to Expect from Sustainability
2.Why Choose a Sustainable Lifestyle: Improving the Planet’s Health – and Yours
3. Getting Started with a Garden: Taking the First Steps toward Growing Your Own Food
4. From Chickens to Cows: Taking Care of Livestock in Your Backyard
5. Waste Not Want Not: Producing and Conserving Energy in Your Home
6. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Sustaining the Earth by Managing Waste
7. Getting Rid of Toxic Waste: Keeping Poisons Out of the Landfill
8. Fun for the Whole Family: Getting Kids Involved with Your New Lifestyle
9. Sustainable Living Tips: Small Choices that Make a Big Impact
10. Taking the First Steps Toward a Fresh Way of Life: Making a Plan and Getting Started

SHTF Survival Basics PLR Full Content Funnel (Value $65)

The main report, called Are You Prepared for SHTF Situations? is 29 pages and 12,463 words in length. It starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Ordinary Emergencies Versus SHTF Situations
- The Top 3 Areas Where Most People Lack Preparedness
- The Importance of a BOB
- Why You Need a Meet-Up Plan
- The Danger of Ignoring Long-Term Supply Preparations
- Preparing Bug Out Bags for Each Member of Your Family
- Have Your Meet-Up Plan Ready
- Strategizing a Long-Term Survival Plan
- Important Rules to Remember for Survival

It comes in both Word and Text formats.

Bonus Report

This is the perfect report to give away as an announced or unexpected bonus with the course that you sell. It's a 7+-page, 2,919-word report called Surviving a Terrorist Attack and it starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- The Threat of Terrorism in Your Backyard Is Real
- How to Survive a Hostage Situation
- What to Do in the Event of a Dirty Bomb or Nuclear Situation
- How to Fight Back in a Life or Death Situation
- Being Aware Prevents a Lot of Risk

It comes in both Word and Text formats.

Sales Copy

To make it easier for you to run with this funnel, I've crafted the framework of your sales copy for you. All you have to do is add your price point, buy button and name - or tweak it as you see fit!

The copy is 4 pages long and includes the headlines, storyline, call to action, signature and post scripts. It comes in both Word and Text formats.


I had some graphics made for you so that you're ready to use the funnel as is - or, feel free to tweak them however you want, because they include the PSD files, PNG and JPG. 

You get:

- An ecover for the main report
- An ecover for the bonus report
- An ecover for the opt in report
- A banner ad
- A complete HTML minisite with header, footer, background, and more
- All PSD files
- All Fonts used

Opt In Report

This is a 6-page, 2,533-word report called A Guide to Going Off the Grid that starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

- What Does Off the Grid Mean?
- Why You Never Want to Rely on the Grid
- Living Without Public Electricity
- Surviving in the Absence of Public Water and Sewer Service
- The Best Supplies for Off the Grid Living  

It comes in both Word and Text formats.

Email Autoresponder Series

- Gauge Your Preparedness Right Now - 440 words
- Going Off the Grid Is One Thing - Imminent Survival Another - 453 words
- Is Your Family Onboard with Your Survival Efforts? - 443 words
- The Biggest Mistake New Survivalists Make in Prepping - 442 words
- What 9/11 Taught Us About Preparing Survival Plans for Communication - 429 words
- Why It’s Important That You Learn How to Pack the Best Bug Out Bag - 441 words- Why You Can’t Trust Anyone in a SHTF Situation - 455 words.

They come in both Word and Text formats.

Articles or Blog Posts

- Are You Paying Attention to Survival Warnings? - 499 words
- Finances Are No Excuse to Ignore Survival Preparation - 546 words
- How to Defend Your Home in a SHTF Situation - 496 words
- Is a Prepper Community Right for You? - 547 words
- Mapping Out Communications Plans During a Disaster - 455 words

They come in both Word and Text formats.

Product Reviews

- Top 5 Bug Out Bags - 602 words
- Top 5 Food Options for Survival - 591 words
- Top 5 Shelter Products - 603 words
- Top 5 Survival Knives - 464 words
- Top 5 Survival Medication Items - 582 words

They come in both Word and Text formats.

Social Networking Posts

Social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Twitter and others are great places to post some conversation starters with an image.

I've created a set of five images in JPG format with sayings on them - along with giving you a Text and Word file of conversation starters to include with the image.

Survival Prepper Mega PLR Bundle (Value $58)

Survivalist/Prepper Report:

Why Survivalist Planning Is Right for Everyone – 6 pages and 2,420 words. This is perfect to use any way you like – as an opt in freebie to build a list, as a viral report, or even broken up and put into article directories, blog posts, or an email autoresponder.

52 Articles for the Survivalist and Prepper Niche:

Each article is a minimum of 400 words and covers various topics according to the keyword research I did on this market. They include both survivalist and prepper keyword phrases as well as a few homesteading phrases.

Here’s a rundown of the articles and word counts – and you can use this to cater to an email list once a week for an entire YEAR, or post them on a blog, in an article directory – even compile it into a report and sell it!

1. Tips on How to Shop for Survival Gear – 449 words
2. How Survival Straps Can Help You in an Emergency – 431 words
3. A Comparison of the Various Survival Knives You Can Buy – 466 words
4. What Goes Into a Very Basic Survival Kit? – 449 words
5. Survival Armor Is a Necessity for Violent Emergency Situations – 503 words
6. Comparing Survival Arms for Your Buying Consideration – 467 words
7. A Survival Backpack for Every Member of Your Family – 438 words
8. Are Survival Bunkers Necessary for Preparedness? – 462 words
9. A Survival Blanket Can Save Your Life – 435 words
10. Planning for Your Survival Camp – 599 words
11. What Kind of Survival Clothing Should You Pack? – 476 words
12. Living on a Survival Diet in a Pinch – 446 words
13. Survival Equipment Needed for a Campground – 520 words
14. Survival Food That Fits Nicely in Your Backpack – 430 words
15. What Goes Into a Survival First Aid Kit? – 567 words
16. Survival Fire Starter Options – 436 words
17. Choosing the Right Survival Shelters – 454 words
18. Continual Survival Training Keeps You Fully Prepared – 532 words
19. Which Survival Vehicles Should You Own? – 503 words
20. What Goes Into Your Survivalist Bug Out Bag? – 492 words
21. The Best Way to Learn Survivalist Skills – 487 words
22. Survivalist Seeds Are Vital to Long-Term Nutritional Needs – 430 words
23. Survivalists Versus Preppers – 493 words
24. Which Survivalist Water Supplies Do You Need? – 436 words
25. Prepper Homesteading Basics – 500 words
26. Prepper Supplies That Help You Become Self Sufficient – 514 words
27. Prepper Checklist for Cooking and Canning at Home – 461 words
28. A Guide to Storing Prepper Antibiotics – 441 words
29. Prepper Ammo and Firearms Storage – 509 words
30. Prepper Basics for Growing Your Own Garden – 444 words
31. Consider Joining a Prepper Community– 400 words
32. Prepper Food Storage Tips – 485 words
33. Planning Your Prepper Garden According to Your Region – 438 words
34. Prepper Inventory Software Helps Keep You Organized – 495 words
35. Raising Helpful, Happy Prepper Kids – 511 words
36. Are You Ready for the Prepper Lifestyle? – 588 words
37. Tips for a Prepper on a Budget – 419 words
38. The Importance of Prepper Night Vision – 400 words
39. Prepper Plans for Building a Home – 420 words
40. Which Prepper Recipes Should You Compile? – 440 words
41. Prepper Rice Storage – 430 words
42. Prepper Water Storage – 468 words
43. What Kind of Prepper Tools Should You Get? - 408 words
44. The Top 5 Prepper Vehicles You Can Own – 413 words
45. Prepper Vitamins for Optimal Health – 430 words
46. One Must-Have Survival Kitchen Tool Is a Prepper Vacuum Sealer – 431 words
47. Owning a Homesteading Chicken Coop – 429 words
48. Raising a Homesteading Dairy Cow – 442 words
49. Homesteading Electricity Options – 412 words
50. Homesteading in America – 414 words
51. Homesteading Must Haves – 473 words
52. Homesteading Acreage Options – 409 words

Bug Out Survival OTO Product Reviews (Value $35)

Bug Out Bag - 414 words
Daypack - 464 words
Water Filtration - 423 words
Water Bottles - 421 words
Basic First Aid - 415 words
Advanced First Aid - 418 words
Military Survival Guides - 419 words
Paracord- 422 words
Compass - 413 words
Maps of Your Local Area and State - 444 words
Radio - 430 words
Shoes - 416 words
Shelter - 452 words
Appropriate Clothes for Different Seasons- 435 words
Mess Kit - 414 words
Firestarter - 420 words
Portable Fuel Source for Cooking - 443 words
Small Game Traps - 423 words
Small Game Hunting - 415 words
Bug Spray and Sunscreen - 505 words
Dental Hygiene Products - 458 words
Multitool - 473 words
Flashlight or Other Light Source - 410 words
Rain Jacket - 451 words
Area-Specific Clearing Items - 415 words
Work Gloves - 473 words
Predator Deterrents - 442 words
Signaling Devices - 407 words
GPS Device - 406 words
MREs and Other Premade Foods - 458 words
Binoculars - 430 words
Gas Mask - 412 words
Fixed Blade Knife - 413 words
Lockpicks - 416 words
Sunglasses - 462 words

Survival PLR (Value $7)

1. What Is the Best Survival Gear for a Family to Have? – 456 words
2. Top 5 Outdoor Survival Gadgets to Consider – 432 words
3. What Goes Into an Emergency Preparedness Kit for Short Term Disasters? – 444 words
4. Survival Supplies You Should Begin Storing Long-Term – 546 words
5. Survival Guides for Any Situation – 450 words
6. The Best Way to Hone Your Survival Skills – 439 words
7. Knowing When It's Time to Bug Out – 494 words

Self Defense Survival OTO (Value $33)

Report #1 - Survivalist’s Guide to Protecting Your Supplies from Thieves

This 5 and a half page, 2,357-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- If Supplies Weren't Hidden Ahead of Time, Do It Now
- The Best Defense Is a Closed Mouth
- Protecting Supplies When Thieves Break In
- Set Up Booby Traps Ahead of Time to Prevent Theft at All Times
- Grow a Garden of Unrecognizable Food Sources
- Considering the Opportunity to Bug Out

Report #2 - Survivalist’s Guide to Preventing Home Invasions

This 5 and a half page, 2,459-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Alarms Are a Home Invasion Deterrent
- Consider Upgrading Your Locks
- Guard Dogs Can Prevent Home Invasions
- Lighting Can Drive Thieves Away
- Having a Gate Can Be a First Line Defense Against Home Invasions

Report #3 - Survivalist’s Guide to Keeping Your Money Safe When the SHTF

This 5 and a half page, 2,340-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- When to Withdraw Your Money from a Bank
- Better Money Safe Options
- Where to Hide Your Money
- What Bill Denominations Should You Keep on Hand When the SHTF?
- Why People Get Gold and Silver for SHTF Situations
- What to Barter with Instead of Money
- Physically Protecting Your Money from Theft

Report #4 - Survivalist’s Guide to Self Defense

This 5 and a half page, 2,343-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Personal Self Defense
- Family Self Defense
- Self Defense Tools
- Self Defense When You’re Away from Your House
- Self Defense at Home
- Lethal and Non-Lethal Self Defense

Report #5 - Guide to Surviving a Terror Attack

This 5 and a half page, 2,379-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Surviving an Explosion
- Surviving in the Middle of Gunfire
- How to Survive a Dirty Bomb
- Surviving a Nuclear Bomb Attack
- Surviving a Biochemical Attack

Report #6 - Guide to Surviving a Pandemic

This 5 and a half page, 2,450-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Keeping Loved Ones Safe with Protective Gear
- First Line of Defense: Creating a Quarantine Room in Your Home
- Pandemic Safety Supplies You’ll Need
- Protecting Your Home from Intruders Who Want to Steal Your Medication and Supplies
- Self-Defense: Fighting Back During a Pandemic

Surviving an Economic Crunch (Value $5)

5-Page Report - Surviving and Economic Crunch

At 2,195 words, this 5 and a half page report discusses the current state of the economy from an American and world view. The sections included in this report are:

1.) The Economy Will Improve
2.) Gas Prices Climb
3.) Food Crisis Looms
4.) High Food Prices Drain Budgets
5.) Discretionary Income Remains Flat
6.) Credit Card Debt Not the Answer
7.) Help from Rebate Checks?
8.) Families Making Difficult Choices
9.) Vacations Getting More Expensive
10.) Sales Tax Collection Is Down
11.) Fewer Dollars for Entertainment
12.) Addicted to Debt
13.) It’s Not the End of the World

A Guide to Pest Control in Your Garden (Value $5)

After a short introduction, this 5-page, 1,952-word report has the following sections:

- Common Pests
- Preventing Insect Infestation
- Saying Goodbye to Invading Insects and Spiders
- Handling Larger Pest Problems
- Winning the Battle with Weeds
- Creating Homemade Sprays and Traps for Pest Control
- Pests Can Be Things of the Past

A Beginner's Guide to Tower Gardening (Value $5)

This 5-page, 1,959-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following sections:

- What Is a Tower Garden?
- What Does Wealth Mean?
- The Benefits of a Tower Garden
- How Does a Tower Garden Work?
- The Cost of a Tower Garden
- What Can I Grow with a Tower Garden?
- Is Tower Gardening Organic?
- How Will Produce Taste from a Tower Garden?
- Is the Plastic in a Tower Garden Safe?
- Can Children Enjoy a Tower Garden?
- Tower Gardening Is Healthy Gardening

Using Animals in Your Sustainable Living Efforts (Value $5)

This 5-page, 2,043-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following sections:

- Honoring the Animal
- Chickens
- Rabbits
- Goats
- Pigs
- Cows
- Fish
- Researching Your Best Options

A Simple Living Guide to Rainwater Usage (Value $5)

This 5-page, 2,000-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

- The Benefits of Storing and Using Rainwater
- Creating a Storage System for Rainwater
- First Flush Systems for the Cleanest Water
- Rain Barrel Maintenance
- How Much Can You Collect?
- Uses for Stored Rainwater

Ebola Outbreak eBook (Value $40)

Ebola Outbreak: Prepare Now to Survive Later, you'll find the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Ebola Facts and Possibilities
Chapter 2: Plan for How You’ll Feed Your Family Chapter 3: Opt for Isolation as Much as Possible
Chapter 4: Safety and Protection in a Pandemic
Chapter 5: Treatment for Ailments to Avoid Hot Zones
Chapter 6: Keeping a Sterilized Environment
Chapter 7: Water Is Paramount to Your Survival
Chapter 8: What to Do If You See Symptoms
Chapter 9: Surviving an Ebola Economy Crash
Chapter 10: Other Virus Pandemics on Our Doorstep

This is is 40+-page, 15,227-word eBook that comes in both Word and TXT formats.

Setting Up Your Survival Seed Bank (Value $5)

This 5+ page, 2,422-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Why You Need to Have a Survival Seed Bank
- What Seeds You Need to Have in Your Survival Seed Bank
- How to Store Your Survival Seed Bank
- When and How to Use Your Survival Seed Bank

A Guide to Movable Micro Homesteads (Value $5)

This 5+ page, 2,382-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- What Are Micro Homesteads?
- How to Design or Build a Micro Homestead
- The Pros of a Micro Homestead
- The Cons of a Micro Homestead
- Why Use a Micro Homestead

Survival Prepping on a Budget (Value $6)

This 6-page, 2,490-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Make a Plan So You Don’t Buy Haphazardly
- Be Picky About What You Splurge On
- Buying in Bulk to Cut Costs
- Adding to Your Arsenal of Supplies a Little at a Time
- Buying at Certain Times to Save You Money

Gardening APAP Mega Pack (Value $57)

5 ½ Page Gardening Report called Choosing the Right Type of Gardening for You – 1,928 Words total

Container Gardening

1.) Choosing Containers for Your Container Garden – 584 Words
2.) Choosing Plants for Your Container Garden – 544 Words
3.) Locating an Outdoor Container Garden – 591 Words
4.) Planning Your Container Garden – 648 Words
5.) Why Container Gardening Is The Best Way to Grow Plants – 619 Words

Edible Landscaping

6.) An Introduction to Edible Landscapes- 497 Words
7.) Edible Flowers in Edible Landscapes – 450 Words
8.) Great Plants for Edible Landscapes – 477 Words
9.) Planning Your Edible Landscape – 566 Words
10.) Using Perennial Vegetables for Landscaping – 543 Words

Herb Gardening

11.) Benefits of Growing Your Own Herbs – 569 Words
12.) Easy Herbs for Beginning Herb Gardeners – 553 Words
13.) Herb Gardening for Kids – 556 Words
14.) Growing Herbs Organically – 520 Words
15.) Planning Your Herb Garden – 601 Words

Rock Gardening

16.) An Introduction to Rock Gardening – 594 Words
17.) Common Rock Garden Plants – 516 Words
18.) Designing a Rock Garden – 568 Words
19.) Rock Garden Ponds and Waterfalls – 626 Words
20.) Rock Gardens for Landscaping – 605 Words

Flower Gardening

21.) A Beginner’s Guide to Flower Gardening – 501 Words
22.) Flower Garden Design Tips – 552 Words
23.) Flower Gardens as Part of Landscaping – 498 Words
24.) Popular Flowers for Flower Gardens – 429 Words
25.) Protecting Your Flowers from Diseases – 524 Words

Organic Gardening

26.) Benefits of Organic Gardening – 570 Words
27.) Controlling Weeds in an Organic Garden – 587 Words
28.) Dealing with Pests in an Organic Garden – 583 Words
29.) Making Organic Compost – 574 Words
30.) Types of Organic Fertilizers and Compost – 536 Words

Butterfly Gardening

31.) An Introduction to Butterfly Gardening – 489 Words
32.) Butterfly Host Plants – 497 Words
33.) Butterfly Nectar Plants – 491 Words
34.) Common North American Butterflies - 501 Words
35.) Creating a Butterfly Garden – 558 Words

Vegetable Gardening

36.) Common Vegetable Garden Pests – 541 Words
37.) Introduction to Vegetable Gardening – 558 Words
38.) Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening – 612 Words
39.) Ten Great Vegetables for Home Vegetable Gardens – 504 Words
40.) The Easy Way to Start a Vegetable Garden – 514 Words

Rose Gardening

41.) An Introduction to Rose Gardening – 561 Words
42.) Choosing Roses for Your Garden – 579 Words
43.) How to Tend Your Roses – 628 Words
44.) The Perfect Soil for Roses – 525 Words
45.) Winterizing Your Roses – 638 Words

Raised Bed Gardening

46.) An Introduction to Raised Bed Gardening – 578 Words
47.) Choosing Plants for a Raised Bed Garden – 550 Words
48.) Creating a Raised Bed Garden – 580 Words
49.) Maintaining a Raised Bed Garden – 555 Words
50.) Why Raised Beds Make Gardening Easier – 512 Words

Water Gardening

51.) An Introduction to Water Gardening – 579 Words
52.) Planting Your Water Garden – 640 Words

Economic and Political Chaos (Value $5)

A 5+page, 2,450-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Chaos Is Inevitable When a Country’s Been Run the Wrong Way
- Preparing Yourself for the Chaos
- Protect Your Money and Learn Alternative Survival Means
- How to Protect Your Business
- Protecting Your Home and Personal Possessions

Ebola Product Reviews (Value $15)

1. 3M 8511 Particulate N95 Respirator with Valve - 476 words
2. DEWALT DPG82-11C Concealer Clear Anti-Fog Dual Mold Safety Goggle - 534 words
3. Dynarex Black Nitrile Exam Gloves - 495 words
4. DuPont TY127S Tyvek Disposable Coverall with Hood - 525 words
5. Blue Shoe Covers - 552 words
6. EBOLA Wells Lamont 174L Blue Heavy Duty PVC Supported Gauntlet Cuff - 492 words
7. OXIVIR TB One-Step Disinfectant Cleaner - 496 words
8. 3M Particulate Respirator 8233, N100 - 461 words
9. The Hot Zone: The Terrifying True Story of the Origins of the Ebola Virus - 524 words
10. Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic - 468 words
11. Official Department of Defense Pandemic Flu Preparedness & Protection Kit - 459 words
12. QuakeKare Deluxe Pandemic Flu Kit - 497 words
13. Purell Pump Bottle - 469 words
14. Lysol Disinfecting Wipes Value Pack - 481 words
15. Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer with ExacTemp Technology - 427 words

The Benefits of Container Gardening (Value $6)

A 6-page, 2,545-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- You’re Not Limited By Weather
- You Don’t Have to Be an Expert
- You’ll Save Money by Container Gardening
- A Container Garden Is Better for Your Physical Needs
- You’re Not Stuck with One Design
- Container Gardening Success Tips
- As Your Garden Grows Avoid These Common Mistakes

Wilderness Survival Tips Funnel (Value $58)

25-Page Main eBook: How to Survive Out in the Wild

This 25-page, 11,701-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Chapter 1: How to Find Water
Chapter 2: Assembling a Shelter
Chapter 3: Hunting Down Some Food
Chapter 4: How to Tell if Something is Safe to Eat
Chapter 5: Dealing With Potential Predators
Chapter 6: Hazards You May Encounter in the Wild
Chapter 7: Learning to Ration Properly
Chapter 8: Signaling for Help if Needed
Chapter 9: What You Can Do with Ropes and Knots
Chapter 10: What You Should Keep On You

5-Page Sales Copy

The sales letter is 5+ pages long and includes headlines, sub-headlines, storyline, bullet points, a call to action and the post scripts in addition to areas where you can place your buy buttons. It does *not* include phony testimonials because I don't believe in that. There are no graphics or HTML for the sales copy, just the text only.

6-Page Bonus Report: Primary Dangers in Different Environments

In this 6-page, 2,529-word report, it starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

Chapter 1: Desert
Chapter 2: Forest
Chapter 3: Tropics
Chapter 4: Arctic Areas
Chapter 5: Savanna Grasslands

5-Page Opt-in or Viral Report: Staying Mentally Well in Wilderness Survival

This 5+ page, 2,436-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: The Situation Is Always Better than It Seems
Chapter 2: Panicking Is the Worst Thing You Can Do
Chapter 3: Think About the Consequences
Chapter 4: Find a Way to Entertain Yourself
Chapter 5: Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

7-Part Email Autoresponder Series: 7 Crucial Items to Have in Wilderness

Email #1: Sturdy, Fixed Blade Knife – 497 words
Email #2: Fire Starter – 462 words
Email #3: Light Source – 451 words
Email #4: Signal for Help – 458 words
Email #5: Compass – 442 words
Email #6: Water Storage – 491 words
Email #7: Hatchet or Machete – 499 words

5 Articles:

#1 – How to Start a Fire in a Pinch – 470 words
#2 – Properly Preparing Food from the Wild – 504 words
#3 – Small Survival Kits Can Be Life Saving – 452 words
#4 – Don’t Cheap Out on Foot Care – 530 words
#5 – Bring More Clothes Than You Think You’ll Need – 500 words

5 Product Reviews:

#1 – Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter – 447 words
#2 – Nalgene Tritan Wide Mouth Water Bottle – 480 words
#3 – Timberland White Ledge Waterproof Boot – 448 words
#4 – Sportman Pocket Chainsaw Chain – 496 words
#5 – A2S Protection Paracord Survival Bracelet – 467 words

Survival Niche Starter Pack Outlines (Value $50)

These outlines include everything you would need for a complete funnel - the eBook, bonus report, opt in or viral report, articles, emails, and product reviews.

For many marketers, the initial brainstorming and research of what ideas to compile is the hardest part - and that's what I've done for you.

The ideas have been researched and organized and there are brief notes for each item to explain what they should put into each section.

Here's what's in this bundle:

Surviving a Weather Catastrophe - 5 pages, 2,121 words of outline and notes
Surviving an Economic Collapse - 5 pages, 1,659 words of outline and notes
Surviving Terrorism or War - 5 pages, 1,902 words of outline and notes
Surviving a Health Disaster - 5 pages, 1,269 words of outline and notes
Survivalist Food and Water Planning - 5 pages, 1,811 words of outline and notes
Survivalist Defense Tactics – 5 pages, 2,037 words of outline and notes
Wilderness Survival Tips – 5 pages, 1,698 words of outline and notes
Homestead Prepping Plans – 5 pages, 1,743 words of outline and notes
Off-the-Grid Living for Survivalists – 5 pages, 1.978 words of outline and notes
Survivalist Families and Females – 5 pages, 1,760 words of outline and notes

Homeschooling (Value $5)

Different Methods of Homeschooling – 621 Words
How to Make Sure Your Homeschooled Child Gets Socialization – 379 Words
Faith-Based Versus Secular Homeschooling – 398 Words
What It Costs to Homeschool Your Child – 523 Words
What to Keep in Your Child’s Homeschool Portfolio – 468 Words

Seaweed Fertilizer (Value $5)

1. What Is Seaweed Fertilizer? – 458 Words
2. The Benefits of Using Organic Seaweed Fertilizer – 541 Words
3. Seaweed Fertilizer Works Well With Container Gardening – 499 Words
4. Where Can I Buy Seaweed Fertilizer? – 453 Words
5. Seaweed Fertilizer with a Liquid Fish Extract – 437 Words

Permaculture (Value $5)

1. How to Grow a Permaculture Garden – 440 Words
2. Increase Your Insight With Permaculture Courses – 405 Words
3. The Benefits of Being a Permaculture Activist – 439 Words
4. The Core Concepts of Permaculture Design – 566 Words
5. What Is Permaculture? – 548 Words

Chicken Coops (Value $10)

1. Building Chicken Coops the Easy Way – 460 words
2. Check Out Free Chicken Coop Instructions – 437 words
3. How to Build a Chicken Coop – 497 words
4. How to Make a Chicken Coop – 466 words
5. How to Pick Chicken Coop Plans – 464 words
6. Purchasing the Best Chicken Coop Kits – 520 words
7. Setting Up Portable Chicken Coops in Your Backyard – 460 words
8. Tips for Chicken Coop Designs – 477 words
9. Why Choose a Small Chicken Coop Over a Larger One? – 462 words
10. You Can Have Backyard Chicken Coops Even in the City – 454 words

Rabbit Hutch PLR (Value $15)

1. A Premium Rabbit Hutch Delivers Safety and Comfort with Aesthetic Appeal – 440 words
2. Beware of Cheap Rabbit Hutches That Leave Your Pet Vulnerable – 460 words
3. Buy a Rabbit Hutch and Run Together to Save Money – 498 words
4. Buy a Rabbit Hutch for Sale Online and Get Free Shipping – 480 words
5. Give Your Pet More Space With a Rabbit Hutch Run – 467 words
6. How an Indoor Rabbit Hutch Differs From an Outdoor Rabbit Hutch – 459 words
7. How Much Room Does a Rabbit’s Hutch Need to Have – 432 words
8. How to Buy the Right Pet Rabbit Hutch – 470 words
9. Include a Rabbit Hutch Cover to Shield Your Pet from the Elements and Attackers – 450 words
10. Is a Wooden Rabbit Hutch Better Than a Rabbit Cage – 480 words
11. Make Sure You Have These Rabbit Hutch Supplies Before Buying Your Bunny – 530 words
12. The Best Large Rabbit Hutch You Can Buy – 434 words
13. The Best Rabbit Home Is a Hutch With a Rabbit Run – 476 words
14. What Kind of Rabbit Hutch Accessories Are Worth Buying – 495 words
15. What Kind of Rabbit Hutch Plans Do You Need for Your Pet – 491 words

Solar Panel PLR (Value $5)

What Is a Solar Panel? – 451 words
Solar Panel Cost - It’s Less Than You Think – 500 words
What Solar Power Energy Can Do for You – 481 words
What to Look for in a Home Solar Panel – 457 words
Why You Can Benefit from Solar Panel Cells – 477 words

Pandemic PLR Articles (Value $17)

Disinfecting Supplies to Stock Up on for Pandemics - 429 words
Buying Your Own Protective Gear for Pandemics - 465 words
Stock Up on Vitamins That Boost Your Immune System - 423 words
How to Quarantine Your Family During an Outbreak - 458 words
Start Building a Work at Home Business to Support Your Loved Ones - 482 words
Building a Separate Attachment for Quarantine Purposes - 431 words
Laundering Your Clothes By Hand - 462 words
Five Books on Survival You Should Order Before Your Internet Goes Out - 433 words
Do You Have a Generator to Keep Your Family Functioning? - 525 words
Preparing for Water Stores in the Event of a Pandemic - 498 words
Tracking Outbreaks to Protect Your Family from Danger - 457 words
Know How to Hunt and Fish for Your Family if a Pandemic Lasts Longer - 497 words
The Best Things to Have in Your First Aid Kit During a Pandemic - 524 words
How to Homeschool Your Kids in the Midst of a Pandemic - 582 words
Cover Your Family’s Hygiene Necessities for a Pandemic Isolation Period - 519 words
Is the Government Being Upfront About the Ebola Risks? - 588 words
Traveling Safely in a World of Ebola Breakouts - 476 words

Self Defense Survival FE (Value $20)

Awareness Is Key in Survival Situations - 443 words
Best Knives for Self Defense - 454 words
How to Use the Run, Hide, Fight System Correctly - 434 words
Learn the Laws Before Engaging in Self Defense Tactics - 473 words
Lethal Self Defense for Survival - 597 words
Maiming an Attacker to Get Away Safely - 456 words
Martial Arts Options for Hand to Hand Combat - 418 words
Mentally Preparing Yourself for Survival - 431 words
Non Lethal Personal Protection Options - 592 words
Protecting Your Home from Intruders - 487 words
Psychological Measures to Keep You Safe as a Captive - 541 words
Safe Ways to Escape a Riot in Civil Unrest - 479 words
Self Defense for Senior Citizens - 414 words
Self Defense Tools Are Useless Without Training and Practice - 479 words
Stealth Tactical Defense Equipment - 420 words
Storing Proper Protection in Your Home - 416 words
Teaching Your Kids Self Defense Survival - 468 words
The Best Way to Use a Self Defense Baton - 448 words
Using Noise as a Deterrent - 448 words
Which Guns and Ammo Are Best for Home Protection? - 534 words

Bug Out Survival FE (Value $20)

The Definition of Bugging Out Can Vary - 551 words
Pros and Cons of Bugging Out Versus Bugging In - 563 words
Picking the Best Location for You to Bug Out - 535 words
Practice Your Bug Out Scenarios for a Seamless Escape - 522 words
Strategies You Need to Learn for a Bug Out Situation - 563 words
The Importance of Speed in a Bug Out Situation - 482 words
Don’t Draw Attention to Yourself and Your Supplies When Bugging Out - 514 words
When Bugging Out, Awareness Is Key - 530 words
Bugging Out with the Right People - 538 words
What Does It Mean to Be a Gray Man During a Bug Out Event? - 545 words
Study Human Psychology to Help You Navigate Treacherous Situations - 472 words
Physical Fitness Prepping for a Bug Out Scenario - 537 words
How Heavy Should Your Bug Out Bag Be Realistically? - 553 words
Regional Threats to Be Aware of When Bugging Out - 509 words
Check Your Bug Out Bag for Sounds - 430 words
Use Unscented Toiletries When Bugging Out in Dangerous Situations - 489 words
Don’t Multi-Task When You’re Bugging Out - 466 words
Understanding the Terms Bug Out Bag, Inch Bag and Go Bag - 536 words
See Which Items You Can Combine to Save Space - 505 words
Place Extra Supplies Along Your Bug Out Routes and Secondary Paths - 467 words

Natural Cleaning Resell PLR (Value $10)

1. A Better Way to Clean Your Dishes – 438 words
2. Cleaning Ingredients That Are Organic in Nature – 418 words
3. Floor Cleaner That’s Better for the Environment – 459 words
4. Getting Rid of Dust the All Natural Way – 443 words
5. Natural Carpet Cleaning Tips – 524 words
6. Natural Cleaning Laundry Solutions – 466 words
7. Natural Oven Cleaning Methods – 436 words
8. Ridding Countertops of Bacteria and Grime With Organic Measures – 453 words
9. Safer Cleaning Methods for Your Home – 464 words
10. The Benefit of Organic Cleaning Products – 452 words

Setting Up a Shipping Container Survival Home (Value $6)

It’s a 6-page, 2,410-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- What Is a Shipping Container Survival Home?
- Why Do Preppers Love This Option?
- Designing a Shipping Container Home for Your Needs
- How to Acquire the Shipping Containers You Need
- What You Can and Can't Do With a Shipping Container Home

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Gardening APAP Mega Pack (Value $57)
Economic and Political Chaos (Value $5)
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