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11 Top Tier Private Label Rights Packages

I hand selected 11of my best self care and success content packs and bundled them up for you so that you can cater to the needs of your audience for the weeks and months ahead. 

In this enormous deal, you get all of this:

Online Success for Beginners PLR (Value $40)

1. Picking a Niche You Can Succeed In

This 5-page, 2,103-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Stop Worrying About the Competition
- A Drilled Down Versus Broad Approach
- Learn How to Gauge Profitability
- Knowledgeable Leadership Requirements
- Longevity Issues to Consider

2. Creating a Niche Home Base on Your Blog

This 5-page, 2,000-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Stay in Control of Your Virtual Real Estate
- Choosing a Domain Name That Makes Sense
- Basic WordPress Elements You’ll Need to Know
- Strategizing the SEO Plan for Your Blog
- Setting a Reliable Publishing Schedule for Your Readers

3. Building a Database of Loyal Subscribers

This 5-page, 2,228-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Setting Aside Fears and Concerns About Email Marketing
- Choosing an Email Autoresponder You Can Count On
- Where to Capture Names and Email Addresses for Your List
- The Difference Between Broadcast and Follow Up Emails
- Learning How Often Your List Wants to Hear from You

4. Learning How to Monetize a Niche for Maximum Profits

This 5-page, 2,179-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Tangible Niche Profit Potential
- Tapping Into Digital Niche Income
- Finding Niches with Dual Profit Potential
- Is Selling Space or Subscribers a Smart Move?
- Zeroing in on Recurring Payments

5. Analyzing Business Models to See What’s Best for You

This 5+ page, 2,094-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Starting Easy with Affiliate Earnings
- Creating Your Own Info Products
- Using Your Skills as a Service Provider
- Following the Self-Publishing Route
- Earning as an Online Coach

6. Networking to Appeal to Buyers and Affiliates Alike

This 5-page, 2,259-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Making Yourself Available to Those Who Reach Out to You
- Making Connections with People Who Can Help Grow Your Business
- The Right Way to Recruit Others to Promote for You
- Watch Out for Reciprocity Traps
- Going Above and Beyond with Your Networking Efforts

7. Using a Multimedia Approach to Share Your Message

This 5-page, 2,157-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Tips on Excelling with Text-Based Information
- Adding Images to Enhance Your Message
- Could a Podcast Help Boost Your Expertise?
- Making Videos When You’re Nervous to Be on Camera
- Live Interactions That Deliver Extra Value to Your Audience

8. Utilizing Social Media to Expand Your Reach

This 5-page, 2,250-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Using Facebook to Find Your Audience
- Allowing Instagram to Showcase Your Authority
- Siphoning Traffic from Pinterest to Your Blog
- Using YouTube to Share Your Insight and Expertise
- Tapping Into Niche Trends with Video Streams

Boundaries for Personal Satisfaction PLR (Value $35)


Never Apologize for Having Boundaries in Your Life – 449 words
There Must Be Consequences When Someone Crosses Your Boundaries – 447 words
How to Know If the Boundaries You Set Are Fair – 478 words
Boundaries Make Others Take Personal Responsibility for Their Behavior – 416 words
Stop Letting Others Poison Your Life with Their Toxicity – 441 words
The Right Way to Clearly Communicate Your Boundaries with Others – 414 words
What to Do If You Mistakenly Allow Someone to Cross Your Boundaries – 435 words
Set Boundaries for the Time You Spend with People or on Tasks – 439 words
Set Boundaries on Decision Making and Control of Your Life – 437 words
Set Boundaries for How You Allow Yourself to Be Treated By Others – 426 words
Make Sure You Have Boundaries for Your Finances – 493 words
How to Set Boundaries with a Demanding Boss – 440 words
Set and Maintain Boundaries with Controlling Coworkers – 407 words
The Proper Way to Set Boundaries with Clients and Customers – 404 words
What Should the Boundaries Look Like with a Significant Other or Spouse? – 442 words
Parents Need to Set Boundaries with Their Children – 424 words
Sometimes, It’s Necessary to Have Boundaries with Friends or Neighbors – 424 words
Which Boundaries Should You Have with Strangers? – 425 words
How to Set Boundaries with Overbearing Parents and Siblings – 458 words
Evaluate Your Own Behaviors to See If You Cross Boundaries, Too – 422 words

Lead Magnet: Achieve Personal Satisfaction By Setting Boundaries

This 2,123-word, 5-page report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Why Too Few People Have or Respect Boundaries
Knowing When It’s Time to Regain Control Over Your Life
First Steps in Setting Proper Boundaries
Dealing with the Fallout of Having Good Boundaries
Making the Most of Your Newfound Control

Email Series

Email #1: Who Is Most in Need of Setting Boundaries? - 429 words
Email #2: What Do You Say to Someone When Implementing a Boundary? - 523 words
Email #3: When Boundaries Are Crossed, What Should Your Reaction Be? - 409 words
Email #4: Why It’s Hard for Others to Accept Your Boundaries - 445 words
Email #5: How to Set Boundaries and Maintain an Amicable Relationship with Others - 417 words

Product Reviews

No Guilt, No Games, No Drama: The 7 Keys to Smarter Boundaries - 418 words
Boundaries: Where You End and I Begin - 413 words
Where to Draw the Line: How to Set Healthy Boundaries Every Day - 436 words
Boundaries: When to Say Yes, How to Say No To Take Control of Your Life - 422 words
Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High - 418 words

Wealth Building Newbie Internet Marketing Plans (Value $43)

Plan #1 – Picking a Profitable Niche Market

This report is 9 pages and 2,761 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers a four-step niche picking process, giving examples so that they can see it in action. It covers:

#1 - Start with a Simple Brain Dump
#2 - Research Thriving Niche Markets
#3 - Weed Out the Wrong Niches
#4 - Compare What’s Left Over

Plan #2 – Build and Monetize a Blog as Your Platform

This report is 9 pages and 3,291 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

- Install the Right Theme
- Make Sure Your Settings Are Good
- Profitable and Helpful Plugins
- What to Put in Your Widgets
- Create Your Pages
- Get Ready to Start Posting
- Monetization on Your Blog

Plan #3 – Create High Converting Content That Serves Your Audience

This report is 10 pages and 3,706 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

- What Length Should a Profit-Pulling Blog Post Be?
- Research What Your Readers Want
- Slants That Increase Reader Enjoyment
- Outline Your Blog Post
- Take a Stance
- Personalization Is the Key to Bigger Profits
- Know How to Sell without Selling
- Managing Your Blog Time
- Does an Editorial Calendar Help?
- Guest Blogging, Ghostwriting and PLR Options

Plan #4 – Ramp Up Your Affiliate Earnings With a 3-Step Plan

This is a 3-page, 1,151-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Using a Comprehensive Review Strategy
- Using Your Blog for Private, Exclusive Reviews
- Creating Content That Complements

Plan #5 – Socialize Your Site for Financial Success

This is a 7-page, 2,549-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Complete Your Profiles Thoroughly
- Don’t Be a Spammer
- Seek Out, Follow and Interact with Your Audience
- Use Images and Video Along with Text
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google Plus
- YouTube
- Pinterest

Plan #6 – Level Up Your Income with Product Creation

This is a 5-page, 1,854-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Forget About Expertise and Competition
- Start Small
- Creating an eBook
- Consider a Membership
- Video Courses
- How Services Fit Into Your Sales
- Sales Funnels and Copywriting

Self Care and Coping (Value $25)

1. When Self Care Turns Into Sabotage - 445 words
2. Self Care Doesn't Mean Shelling Out a Lot of Money - 441 words
3. Does Self Care Make You Feel Selfish? - 474 words
4. Important 2019 Trends in Self Care - 432 words
5. Why Organization Might Be the Single Self Care Tip You Need - 443 words
6. How Many Minutes Do You Need for Self Care? - 451 words
7. Flip Your Negative Mindset to Maximize Your Self Care Routine - 427 words
8. How Gardening Can Soothe Your Soul and Your Sanity - 489 words
9. How Helping Others Can Actually Help You Take Care of Yourself - 419 words
10. Everyone's Idea of Self Care Is Unique - 526 words
11. Coping with a Divorce - 548 words
12. Coping with a Death - 540 words
13. Coping with Change - 517 words
14. Coping with Politics - 515 words
15. Coping with a Breakup - 545 words
16. Coping with Difficult People - 511 words
17. Coping with Financial Stress - 496 words
18. Coping with Job Stress - 529 words
19. Coping with Loneliness - 431 words
20. Coping with Getting Older - 498 words
21. Coping with Panic Attacks - 457 words
22. Coping with PTSD - 497 words
23. Coping with Uncertainty - 497 words
24. Coping with Chronic Pain - 462 words
25. Coping with Fatigue - 458 words

Success Mindset for Achieving Your Goals in Life (Value $5)

A 5+ page, 2,357-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Why a Successful Mindset Makes Your Goals Achievable
- Change Hopeless Negativity to an Optimistic Success Mindset
- Becoming Sure of Your Success Mindset Until You Follow Through
- Action Steps You Can Take to Develop a Success Mindset

10 Ways to Embark on a Self Improvement Journey in 2019 (Value $6)

A 6+ page, 2,593-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Begin with Self Care
- Let Go of Self Defeating Habits
- Learn a New Skill
- Develop Your Leadership Potential
- Set Boundaries
- Take Risks
- Give Up Procrastination
- Have a Growth Mindset
- Be Mindful
- Make Better Choices

Inner Strength (Value $5)

What’s the True Definition of Inner Strength? – 523 words
Inner Strength and Outer Beauty – 469 words
Building Inner Strength to Improve Your Relationships – 599 words
Let Your Inner Strength Bring You the Career You Deserve – 498 words
Can Inner Strength Have a Direct Impact on Your Outer Strength? – 441 words

Short Term Thinking for Increased Success (Value $5)

This 5+ page, 2,434-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- The Limiting Power of Long-Term Thinking
- Short Term Thinking Is Better for Life Plans than Long Term Thinking
- Short Term Thinking Benefits You More than Long Term Thinking
- Let Your Short Term Thinking Work Alongside Your Long Term Plans
- Short Term Thinking Is Especially Helpful in Business Decisions

Self Assessment PLR (Value $6)

This report, also in Word and TXT with a PowerPoint presentation, is also 5 and a half pages long and is 2,407 words.

This pack is meant to help people steer clear of the copycat syndrome that occurs in marketing. People who are new always just see what a guru does and then they create a rip off site. That's not the path to success.

New Year Success for Entrepreneurs (Value $40)

1. Analyze Your Previous Efforts as an Entrepreneur

This 5 and a half-page, 2,404-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Fear of Failure
- Frustration with Technical Tasks
- Complacency Issues
- Envy of the Competition
- Overloaded with Excitement Over Options

2. Mastering Your Mindset for 2016

This 6-page, 2,452-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Have a Clear Focus in Mind for Your Goals
- Isolate Yourself from Negativity
- Learn How to Motivate Yourself with Mantras
- Spend Time Reading the Best Success Mindset Books

3. Pruning vs. Growing Your Business in the Coming Year

This 6-page, 2,409-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Do You Feel Like You’re Always Working Yet Going Nowhere?
- Are You Stuck in One Online Business That’s Holding You Back?
- Learn the Art of Following Through
- How to Have Multiple Business Branches the Right Way
- Set Up a Business That You Have Time For

4. Skills to Learn for 2016 Success

This 6 and a half-page, 2,695-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Are Your Writing Skills Adequate for Content Creation?
- Does Your Social Networking Need Improving?
- Bring Your Advertising Efforts Into a New Day
- Get Brave and Start Video Marketing and Live Streaming
- Convert Better By Improving Your Sales Copy

5. Zeroing in on Trendy Topics for Next Year

This 5-page, 2,212-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Watch Magazine Covers for Top Tips
- Listening in on Niche Forum Chatter
- Set Up Google Alerts for Breaking News You Can Capitalize On
- Going Against the Grain

6. Use Outsourcing as a Way to Expand Your 2016 Income

This 6-plus page, 2,483-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Aspects of Your WAH Business You Can Outsource
- Where to Find the Best Freelancers
- How to Post a Project for a Freelance Ghostwriter
- Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer
- Find the Right Virtual Assistant for the Job

7. Customer Engagement Tips for 2016

This 6-page, 2,329-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Where to Engage Your Audience
- How Often Should You Post and Interact?
- What to Post for Increased Engagement
- Reward Your Audience for Engaging
- Use Data to Make Your Engagement Soar

Your Self Development Plan (Value $20)

This PLR guide is called Your Self Development Plan and it covers five areas of self development:

1. Spiritual (not religious, but spiritual as in listening to your mind and making it powerful)

2. Habits

3. Stress

4. Relationships (not just romantic but all)

5. Body and Mind

Here is an excerpt from the guide so that you can see the style of writing:

You can become a victim of your thoughts as easily as you can become a victim of identity fraud if you’re not diligent about protecting your mind. Just as you’re careful to shred documents that could become dangerous if they land in the hands of an identity thief, so should you be especially diligent about letting thoughts enter your mind that are going to make you a victim of negativity.

Here are the details about the Self Development PLR guide:

It’s 20 pages of text. (no images included)
It’s 8,499 words.
It comes in both Word and Txt formats.

The basic outline is as follows:

Short introduction followed by:

1.) Awaken Your Spiritual Guide
- How to Control Your Thoughts
- Actions Speak Louder than Words to Our Minds
- Joy vs. Sorrow
- Don’t Become Victim to Your Thoughts
- Communicating with Your Spiritual Guide

2.) Saying Goodbye to Bad Habits

- Knowing Your Triggers
- List of specific bad habits and how to deal with them, including nail biting, compulsive shopping, gossiping, swearing, hoarding, bad financial habits, anger, and jealousy.

3.) Learning How to Deal With Stress, Depression and Anxiety

- Signs of Too Much Stress in Your Life
- Managing Your Stress, Depression and Anxiety

4.) Relationships Are Key to Setting Yourself Up for Success

- Achieving Financial Success
- Developing a Winning Financial Mindset
- Relationships Can Be Tricky

5.) Taking Care of Your Body and Mind

- Improving Your Mental Outlook
- Enhancing Your Physical Appearance and Health

6.) Putting Your Self Development Plan to Work for You

This is the conclusion to the self development plan.

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