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So I put together a combination package that includes 6 of my best personal development & self help PLR bundles PLUS, I included three of my challenges (my version of a course) that you can take to improve your online efforts. 

The great thing about these courses is that I offer hand holding for you - you can reach out to me, ask questions, bounce ideas off of me, etc.

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6 Top Tier Private Label Rights Packages

Personal Success Program (Value $72)

This is a set of 10 self help and success reports as follows:

1. Do Your Actions Support a Strong Success Mindset?

This is an 8-page, 3,157-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

Understanding Mindset
Letting Go of the Wrong Mindset
A Success Mindset Requires Action
Using Your Mindset to Define the Action You Need to Take
7 Habits That Lead to a Strong Success Mindset

2. Finding Your Catalyst for Personal Motivation and Inspiration

This is a 7-page, 2,952-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

Change Begins and Ends with You
Roadblocks That Get in the Way of Motivation
Your Mind Can Be a Catalyst
Face the Hard Truth About What’s Keeping You Stuck
5 Ways You Can Find Your Catalyst

3. 4-Step Goal Setting Strategy

This is a 7-page, 2,767-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

Step 1 - Know Your End Result 
Step 2 - Craft Mini Goals
Step 3 - Brainstorm Action Steps
Step 4 - Implement Changes

4. Daily Habits for Happiness and Success

This is a 7-page, 2,823-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

Account for Your Future
Picture the Realization of Your Dreams
Find a Daily Challenge
Make It a Point to Give Every Day Your All
Stop Working When It’s Time to Stop 
Protect Your Sleep Time
Make Exercise and Eating Right a Priority 
Dress Successfully Every Day

5. Protect Yourself from the Top 10 Self Esteem Leeches

This is a 7-page, 2,655-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following sections:

The Negative Leech
The Social Media Leech
The Mistake Leech
The Approval Seeker Leech
The Comparison Leech
The What Others Think of You Leech
The Perfectionism Leech
The Drama Leech
The Disempowerment Leech 
The Conforming Leech

6. Mastering the Phases of Personal and Professional Relationships

This is a 7-page, 2,713-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

The First Meeting
The Bonding Phase
The Discovery Phase
The Conflict Phase
The Repair Phase
The Termination or Dissolution Phase

7. Mental Training for Peak Life and Work Performance

This is a 7-page, 2,777-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following sections:

Know What You Really Want
Mental Training Gives You Confidence
Develop Mental Clarity
Make Your Move
Mental Training Leads to Mental Toughness

8. Building Your Network That Supports Your End Goals

This is an 8-page, 3,127-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following sections:

Why You Need to Network
Utilizing the Give and Take of Networking
Go Where the Networking Opportunities Exist
You Have Your Network - Now What?
The Top 5 People You Want in Your Network

9. Systemize Your Business for Increased Earning Power

This is a 7+-page, 2,828-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following sections:

What You Gain from Systemizing Your Business
How to Decide If You Should Systemize Your Business
The System You Currently Use
The Main Parts of Your Business to Focus Systemization On
Implementing the System 

10. Keep Your Productivity on Track Through Any Obstacles 

This is a 7-page, 2,805-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following sections:

Being Overwhelmed Can Impact Productivity
The Obstacle of Time Management
Cash Flow Problems
Other Influences Can Be Productivity Obstacles
Overcoming a Mindset that Affects Your Business Productivity

Improve Your Sense of Self FE (Value $40)

This bundle is a set of four 10-page reports (total of 40 pages) with editable eCovers. They can be merged together into one eBook, broken up into many blog posts or emails, or left as is to serve as a lead magnet series, viral reports or bonuses.

Here's what you get...

1. Cultivate Success in Spite of Setbacks

This 10+ page, 4,385-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Are You Looking for an Obstacle-Free Path to Success?
Determine What It Is You Want – and Then Go After It
Expect Obstacles But Don’t Fear Them
Learn How to Take Criticism Well
Identify Your Hardship and Create a Plan to Deal with It
Become Relentless in Your Pursuit of All Goals
Doubt-Proof Your Mind to Ward Off Future Failures

2. Success Is Hiding in Your Self Worth

This 10+ page, 4,373-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Success Isn’t Based on Superficial Feelings
Some of the World’s Most Shocking Success Stories Should Inspire You
When Someone Says You Can’t, Prove You Can
Be Mindful of Your Decisions to Help Boost Your Success
Your Future Isn’t Anchored to Your Parents’ Past
Put Blinders on If You Need to Move Past Self Doubt to Succeed
Take Care of Your Mental and Physical Health to Ensure Positive Self Worth
Are Your Biggest Influencers Helpful or Hurtful?
Learn to Live in the Present and Look to the Future
Extend a Hand to Those Behind You to Boost Your Self Worth

3. You Are Worthy of Personal Satisfaction

This 10-page, 4,248-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Stop Trying to Pretend You Have to Be Perfect to Deserve Everything
Forgiveness Is a Skill You Have to Master
Believe in the Power of Self-Talk and Your Subconscious Mind
You Help Form Others’ Opinions of You with Self Degradation
How Many Years Have You Wasted Wallowing in Low Self Worth?
Most People Have Never Uncovered Their Personal Gifts
You’re Not Deserving Only When You Reach the Pinnacle of Success
Don’t Look for Approval from Others
Each of Us Is Both Courageous and Intimidated

4. The Power of a Self-Created Image

This 10-page, 4,232-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

Everyone Pictures Themselves a Certain Way
Changing Your Self Created Image Is Hard Work
A Self Created Image Can Destroy You or Lift You Up
Low Self Worth Accumulates to Paint an Unflattering Picture of Yourself
If You See Yourself as Weak, Grow Strong
If You See Yourself as Incapable, Become Capable
If You See Yourself as Unlovable, Become Lovable
Don’t Avoid Reality When Developing Your Self Created Image

* All of the reports have flat and 3D eCovers with editable PSD files

Improve Your Sense of Self FE OTO (Value $77)

It includes a full eBook, 25 more articles, 2 six-page reports, and 10 product reviews.

eBook: Achieving Life Goals Under Any Circumstances

This 30+page, 15,826-word eBook starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Five Ingredients for Success in Work and Life
Chapter 2: Major Life Changes
Chapter 3: Financial Struggles
Chapter 4: Negative Influences
Chapter 5: Lack of Knowledge
Chapter 6: Continual Failures
Chapter 7: Health Concerns
Chapter 8: Traumatic Past
Chapter 9: Change of Heart
Chapter 10: Intimidating Competition

25 Articles

1. Self Sufficiency Is More Satisfying Than Dependency on Others – 511 words
2. Find the Reasons You’re Deserving of Success – 410 words
3. Gain Respect for Yourself If You Want It from Others – 413 words
4. Learn How to Trust Your Gut Instinct – 441 words
5. Don’t Let Your Confidence Lead to Complacency – 479 words
6. Finding Fault in Your Efforts Without Allowing It to Derail You – 537 words
7. What Makes Someone Worthy of Success? – 493 words
8. If You’re Disgruntled with Your Situation, Take Control to Change It – 493 words
9. Build a Life Based on Honor to Enjoy the Ultimate Personal Satisfaction – 485 words
10. Take Pride in Small Accomplishments to Build a Strong Foundation for Success – 490 words
11. Your Own Self Esteem Will Determine How Much You Trust Others – 418 words
12. Fear of Rejection Will Block Your Success – 413 words
13. Heal Your Own Self Esteem with a Focus on These 4 Things – 431 words
14. Employees and Consumers Alike Flock to Confident Leaders – 418 words
15. Could a Gratitude Journal Give Your Self Esteem a Big Boost? – 403 words
16. Your Life Goals Aren’t Determined By Fate or Chance – 411 words
17. Strong Leaders Understand the Concept of Delayed Gratification – 411 words
18. Feelings Are Born from Thoughts – 411 words
19. Procrastinators Are Mired in Self Doubt – 402 words
20. Live an Authentic Life for Personal Satisfaction - 410 words
21. Perfectionism Kills Productivity – 423 words
22. The Best Leaders Never Hide From Their Failures – 413 words
23. Teach Yourself How to Be Assertive to Achieve the Outcome You Desire – 420 words
24. Have Fun Daydreaming of the Possibilities - 409 words
25. Your Internal Critic Is a Misguided Attempt at Protecting You – 413 words

2 Reports

Report #1: Create a New Bio for Your Life

This 6+ page, 2,641-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

- You Don’t Have to Be Who You Once Were
- Get Real About Your Strengths and Weaknesses
- Address the Mental Character of Your New Life
- Make a Plan of Action for Your New Behaviors
- Strategize for Your Future as If It Were a Business Plan

Report #2: Getting What You Need and Want in Life

This 6+ page, 2,767-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following topics:

- The Difference Between Wants and Needs
- Develop a Voice to Get What You Want and Need
- How to Be Assertive without Being Overbearing
- What to Do If You’re Met with a Negative Response
- Becoming Self Reliant Is the Best Form of Personal Satisfaction

10 Product Reviews

These are all self help and success books chosen from Amazon:

1. Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life...And Maybe the World – 649 words
2. The Gifts of Imperfection – 520 words
3. The Courage to Be Disliked – 491 words
4. Daring Greatly – 488 words
5. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind – 451 words
6. Self Compassion: The Power of Being Kind to Yourself – 475 words
7. Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life with the Heart of a Buddha – 474 words
8. The Magic of Thinking Big – 489 words
9. I Heart Me: The Science of Self Love – 505 words
10. Do it Scared – 570 words

Mindful Living Mega Pack (Value $57)

6 and a Half-Page, 2,628-Word Short Report: Mindful Motivation for Creating Your Best Life

Starts out with a short introduction and then covers:

- What Is Mindfulness?
- Mindfulness Can Help You Make Better Choices
- Being Mindful Is a Natural Therapy for Improved Mental Health
- Common Techniques for Mindful Practices
- Snapping Yourself Out of a Past or Future Focus

Also includes 52 one-page articles covering the following:

1. Mindfulness Helps You Tame and Eliminate Stress - 532 words
2. A Mindful Method to Boost Confidence and Self Esteem - 514 words
3. Find Meaningful Work with a Mindful Approach - 459 words
4. Trusting Your Intuition By Being Mindful About Circumstances - 484 words
5. Accept and Empower Yourself with Mindful Strategies - 455 words
6. Being Mindful About Improving Family Relationships - 477 words
7. Choosing Your Friends Based on a Mindful Approach - 495 words
8. Romantic Partners Should Be Chosen in a Mindful Manner - 452 words
9. How to Use Mindfulness to Better Your Business Relationships - 524 words
10. Increase Productivity Through Mindfulness - 456 words
11. Teaching Your Kids the Act of Mindfulness - 548 words
12. Mindfulness Can Help Those Afflicted with Anger Issues - 518 words
13. Mindful Addiction Therapy - 584 words
14. Chronic Pain Sufferers Can Find Relief in Mindful Meditation - 510 words
15. Being Mindful Can Help You With Your Eating Disorder - 551 words
16. Face Your Fears Using a Mindful Approach - 513 words
17. Overcoming Grief in Your Life Through Mindfulness - 465 words
18. Tackle Persistent Health Problems with Mindful Awareness - 459 words
19. Insomnia Therapy Through the Use of Mindfulness - 454 words
20. Be a Better Parent By Being Mindful with Your Kids - 448 words
21. Mindfulness to Defeat Negative Attitudes - 492 words
22. If You're a Worrier, Mindfulness Can Help - 507 words
23. Mindful Activities You Can Use Throughout Your Day - 486 words
24. Mindful Birthing for Parents to Be - 444 words
25. Mindful Communication Tips for Couples - 495 words
26. For Weight Loss and Management, Engage in Mindful Eating Exercises - 539 words
27. Mindful Fitness Tips for a Better Workout - 452 words
28. Get the Most Out of Your Journaling Through Mindful Writing - 612 words
29. Executives Are Embracing Mindful Leadership Techniques - 472 words
30. Learn How to Be a Mindful Listener - 534 words
31. Mindful Self Compassion Helps You Live a Better Life - 460 words
32. Embark on a Mindful Walk or Run for Fitness and Stress Relief - 501 words
33. Mindfulness Clues You in to Emotions You May Not Be Conscious of Right Now - 492 words
34. Why You Should Replace Multitasking with Mindfulness - 487 words
35. Be Mindful About Technology for Increased Happiness - 582 words
36. Stop Trying to Escape Emotions - Use Mindfulness to Accept and Address Them - 495 words
37. Instead of Scolding Yourself for Reactions, Be Kind to Yourself and Analyze Them Instead - 440 words
38. Clearing Out the Clutter in Your Life for Improved Mindfulness - 516 words
39. How Mindful Are You with Your Money? - 534 words
40. Mindfulness Can Teach You How to Have More Compassion - 439 words
41. Time Management Tips Using a Mindful Method - 671 words
42. Mindfulness Through Mantra Meditation - 446 words
43. Visualization Meditation for Better Mindfulness Throughout Your Day - 485 words
44. Mindful Living Can Help Slow Down the Aging Process - 446 words
45. Reducing Overwhelm By Letting Mindfulness Take Over - 470 words
46. If You're Feeling Lonely, Mindful Volunteer Work Can Help - 501 words
47. Being Vulnerable Isn't a Bad Thing When You Know How to Be Mindful - 508 words
48. Why People Resist Being Mindful About the Present - 511 words
49. From Chaos to Calm - How Mindfulness Lets You Be in Charge - 453 words
50. Mindful Attraction for the Relationship You Want - 490 words
51. Mindful Attraction for the Career of Your Dreams - 496 words
52. Mindful Goal Setting to Let Your Present Guide Your Future - 477 words

Empower Yourself By Blogging (Value $35)

Use a Blog to Problem Solve Your Way to Success – 479 words
Set and Achieve Goals By Becoming a Proficient Blogger – 431 words
Build Emotional Stability with Blog Affirmations – 433 words
Digital Journals Alleviate Stress – 426 words
Use Blogging to Harness a More Mindful Life – 442 words
Blog Journals Are Therapeutic and Empowering – 411 words
Blogging Allows You to Heal from Emotional Trauma – 409 words
Highlight Positivity and Banish the Blues By Blogging – 400 words
Organized Blog Thoughts Cut Through the Chaos of Confusion – 410 words
Coping with Chronic Stress Through a Blog – 500 words
Pinpoint Healthy Behaviors with Blog Posts – 429 words
Boost Your Odds of Success with a Blog – 411 words
Transform Your Outlook on Life By Blogging – 488 words
Journaling Techniques Take on a Digital Format – 408 words
Cut Cortisol Levels Dramatically By Blogging – 420 words
Set Actionable Goals Using a Blog as Your Platform for Commitment – 452 words
Engage in a Self-Care Routine with a Digital Blog – 458 words
Take Charge of Your Well Being with a Personal Blog – 401 words
Blogs Allow You to Communicate Your Emotions Clearly – 404 words
Express Your Thoughts and Desires with a Blog – 421 words
A Blog Keeps You from Bottling Up Your Emotions – 416 words
Blogging Puts Your Problems Into Perspective – 448 words
Harness a Feeling of Calm with Consistent Blogging – 415 words
Reflecting on Past Blog Entries Allows for Personal Growth – 437 words
Give Rise to Your Dreams in a Blog that You Built – 420 words
Blogs Enable Breakthroughs If You Allow Them To – 406 words
Blogging Gives You a Break from a Busy Lifestyle – 440 words
Reset Your Mind with a Blog Routine – 466 words
Meditate Before Blogging to Improve the Process – 420 words
Shine the Spotlight on Your Struggles with a Blog – 407 words
Banish Distractions When You Blog for Personal Growth – 400 words
Blog Time Should Be Reserved for Deep Reflection – 423 words
Don’t Be Afraid to Take Your Blog in a New Direction – 402 words
Creating Private Blog Posts for Sensitive Issues – 458 words
Download Your Thoughts and Achieve Peace By Blogging – 407 words

Empower Yourself By Blogging OTO 1 (Value $65)

A bundle of an eBook, sales letter, lead magnet, email series, product reviews and ecovers as follows:

5-Page Lead Magnet Report: Blogging: A Life Hack for Mental Health

Enrich Your Life By Blogging for an Audience
Share Your Struggles and How You Overcame Them
Public Blogging Gives You a New Perspective on Life
Altruistic Blogging Benefits Your Emotional Well Being
Therapeutic Blog Journals Help You Navigate Life's Rough Patches

Email Series

Presell Email #1: Who Is a Good Candidate for Blog Journaling?
Presell Email #2: What Constitutes an Effective Form of Digital Therapy?
Presell Email #3: Where Can You Create a Blog to Cater to Your Emotional Well Being?
Presell Email #4: Why More Men and Women of All Ages Are Blogging for Therapy
Presell Email #5: How to Let Go of Stress and Embrace Your Voice of Empowerment
Post-Sale Email #1: It's Time to Develop Confidence in Your Blog Voice
Post-Sale Email #2: Tools of the Trade That Can Help Your Blog Thrive
Post-Sale Email #3: Personal Growth Strategy for Blogging the Right Way
Post-Sale Email #4: Tips You Can Use to Expand Your Blog Audience
Post-Sale Email #5: 3 Ways You Can Develop Your Blog's Branding

30 Page eBook: Empower Yourself By Blogging

Chapter 1: The Healing Power of Blog Journals
Chapter 2: Blogs Provide You with Public Support
Chapter 3: Your Blog Is Your Platform for Igniting Change
Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Blog for Public Viewing
Chapter 5: Generating Ideas for Blog Journal Topics
Chapter 6: Attracting an Audience for Engagement on Your Blog
Chapter 7: Adding Multi Media to Your Blog
Chapter 8: Generating Profits from Your Blog Journal

Sales Copy

The text of the complete 5-page sales copy you can use to promote sales of the eBook on a platform of your choice, complete with:

Call to Action
Post Scripts

Product Reviews

Effortless Journaling
Start with Why
Do. Lead. Share Your Vision
The Science of Influence
Blogging for Dummies
How to Blog
Everybody Writes
Lifestyle Blogging Basics
Communicate to Influence
Story Smart


eBook eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files
Lead Magnet Report eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files

3 Personal Use Courses 

These courses are created as "go at your own pace" challenges, where you're given lessons in increments, and you can implement them, ask for feedback or get help along the way, and continue on to completion. 

They are not private label rights to be passed along to others.

There are three courses total - the Business Organization Challenge, Major Mindset Shift Challenge, and the Writing Productivity Challenge. 

Business Organization Challenge (Value $17)

Working for yourself can be stressful. You have to do it all, and you can't really afford to make mistakes.

Regardless of where you are on this journey, my Business Organization Challenge is going to assist you in being competitive without increasing your stress load. 

Important: In the lessons, I'm showing you a tool that I'm using personally (called Scrivener). But you don't have to use it - if you prefer to simply use folders and Word documents, you can.

I originally bought Scrivener for my fiction book projects, but I was talking to a fellow writer who told me she used it for all kinds of things - including her business projects and even in her personal life!

It was an amazing revelation to me! And she was right! I started using the tool for everything I was doing. And now I want to share this organization process with you.

So this is what we're going to cover during this 10-Day challenge (it's called a challenge because at the end of each lesson I give you a task to try):

Day 1: Organize Your Learning and Leveling Up Information

In this lesson, we go over how to get organized with everything you have to learn in order to level up as a business owner. Things like niche information, marketing strategies, time management, traffic generation, mindset, and more!

Day 2: Organize Your  Info Product Development

In this lesson, we cover how you can stay organized and productive whenever you're creating an info product of your own. We'll go over topics like organizing your research, brainstorming, outlines, media formats, and launch task lists.

Day 3: Organize Your Procedures and Vital Information

In this lesson, we go over an effective method to organize all of the standard operating procedures you develop for your business, along with tracking your purchases and usage of products, important contacts, and future business development.

Day 4: Organize Your Blog Content

In this lesson, we cover a fast and effective way to get organized with your blogging tasks. You'll learn how to organize your editorial calendar, research, media elements, inspiration and standard operating procedures for blogging.

Day 5: Organize Your PLR Projects 

In this lesson, we go over a method for using PLR in a well-organized manner so that you're not buying and forgetting about content you've bought in the past. This will help you organize the PLR strategically for various use in your business.

Day 6: Organize Your Fiction Projects

In this lesson, we cover a business branch more people are getting into now - fiction. You'll get to see exactly what I'm doing in this area to get organized and more productive with this business, including a focus on notes, outlines, characters, setting, and more!

Day 7: Organize Your Email Autoresponders

In this lesson, we go over a systematic approach to your email marketing campaigns. You'll have everything at your fingertips to ensure you're not floundering every time you need to connect to your subscribers. You'll know how to be more productive with your follow up campaigns, broadcasts, links, results and more.

Day 8: Organize Your Social Media Participation

In this lesson, we cover a method to stay organized with your social networking accounts so that you don't get dragged into a state of procrastination. You'll learn how to better manage the content for sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and  Instagram - and I'll share with you a filing system for hashtags, multimedia sharing, and links.

Day 9: Organize Your Swipe Files

In this lesson, we go over a strategy to help you manage swipe files that can improve your efforts and help you save time with your business content. You'll know how to better manage templates, and specific elements like headlines, call to action copy, and more.

Day 10: Organize Your Affiliate and Vendor Data

In this lesson, we cover an important aspect of your business - communication with others who are both affiliates and vendors. It's more than just a rolodex of names - you find out what information helps you be strategic in working with others to grow your business. 

Work-Life Bonus Lessons

The above lessons are all about improving your processes as a business owner. But the bonus lessons below are based on using this tool or similar concept to streamline your personal life as well. 

 Bonus Day 1: Organize Your Household Cleaning Tasks

In this lesson, we go over the management of a household in terms of maintenance and cleaning tasks. As a business owner, you'll work harder for yourself than you ever did for others, so you don't want your passion to detract from your responsibilities and satisfaction with your home. 

 Bonus Day 2: Organize Your Finances

In this lesson, we cover an easy way to organize your financial information. There is NO financial advice in this section - merely a way to organize the data for things like a household budget, savings, bills, taxes and more. 

 Bonus Day 3: Organize Your Family Schedule

In this lesson, we go over a method for handling your entire family's schedule - whether it's just you or a family of five. You'll get a handle on knowing exactly when everyone's working, at school, at appointments, and more. 

 Bonus Day 4: Organize Your Meal Plans

In this lesson, we cover an easy way to handle meal planning by just being more organized. You'll learn how to manage it by delegation, recipe access, dining out and more!

 Bonus Day 5: Organize Your Self Care

In this lesson, we go over something many business owners fail to do - take care of themselves. I don't teach you self care, but I show you how to organize it so that it makes it easy for you to work into your schedule regardless of what you're dealing with. We cover things like scheduling, budgeting, ideas, goals for improvement and more!

Once you learn how to get yourself organized, you'll feel much better about the direction each day is heading. No more frazzled nerves at the end of the day or stressing about everything you have to do tomorrow.

Major Mindset Shift Challenge (Value $17)

You know what the saddest thing is about entrepreneurs? They can't get out of their own way. And when everyone else can see it's a mindset issue, they can't - they double down on the belief that there's some missing formula being kept from them.

You can't work for yourself if your mind is in such a state of disarray that it never settles down - it keeps sucker punching you whenever you get up and try to make something of yourself.

I went through so many emotional rollercoasters early on in my career - and I found ways to power through and dominate OVER my hysterical mindset so that I'm in control and it's not.

Now it's time for me to share these lessons with you.

It's Time for a Major Shift!

You're so ready for this.

But you've been reading tons of self help books and kumbaya blog posts and none of it has worked, has it? Well, maybe a little helped.

But none of those lessons were specific to the kind of like you, as a self-employed man or woman face. 

They presented a different set of problems - or ones that didn't take into account the special circumstances you face in running your own business. 

You need someone who has been there, done that - and succeeded with having a major mindset shift of their own.

You may get frustrated when successful people say these things to you:

Just take action.

Get over it.

Don't let it bother you.

You'll figure it out.

It's no big deal.

It is a big deal to you - all of it, and when others make light of what you're going through, it piles the pain on that much heavier - because you start blaming yourself, thinking everyone else has it all together but you.

You're Wrong About That.

It's not that they have it all together - it's that they simply learned how to succeed in spite of what's going on - they learned to fix certain things and manage life with those they have no control over.

And maybe they're simply in a hurry or not very adept at sharing tips. But just because they say it doesn't mean it's true. 

I want you to sit there for a minute - no, really - do this. After reading this paragraph I want you to close your eyes and think about your emotional reaction to everything going on with you right now - your success, your failure, your relationships, your self care - all of it. Are you proud? Ashamed? Hopeless? Scared?

That feeling you experienced right in your gut? That's the result of your outdated, terrified, untrained mindset.

And I'm about to fix it with you. 

Here's what you'll get in this 7-Day Challenge when you sign up:

Day 1: Time for a Clean Slate

We can't do anything when there's a big hoarder's mess of misinformation and negative thoughts cluttering up the space. So we'll begin by clearing up some of the major thoughts and issues keeping you down.

Day 2: You're Stressed, So Let's Address That Second

High or chronic stress used to wreak such havoc in my life that three doctors thought I had cancer. Even as a child, I had to be tested for ulcers due to stressful conditions. So it's my belief that the stress issue must be dealt with or you can't move on.

Day 3: What Are You Afraid Of?

Fear is like a silent stalker keeping tabs on every move you make. You're terrified of choosing the wrong path or encountering something that could destroy your confidence (what little you have left). Time to suit up for battle because we're DONE with fear.

Day 4: You're So Overwhelmed, You Don't Know How to Get Back on Track

Right now, you may feel like even if Marie Kondō herself waltzed into your life and organized it, you still wouldn't be able to function properly. That's a common problem when you let your suffering go on for a long time. But don't worry - I have a method for un-overwhelming myself that I'm going to share with you.

Day 5: You Can't Manage Your Time Well Enough to Succeed

Not only do you work for yourself, but you have that other full-time job as just a human, who may or may not have kids and a spouse and other commitments. And yet you're beating yourself up because you don't have a skill that no one ever taught you. I'll help you with this.

Day 6: You Are Desperate for Success

When I say desperate, I mean end of your rope, panic mode, worried desperate. Guess what? It causes massive problems when you approach anything in a state of desperation. So we're going to discuss how you can put the brakes on your frantic state of mind and calmly and coolly figure out a plan.

Day 7: You've Been a Quitter This Entire Time and You're Sick of Yourself

Call it quitting or call it long-term procrastination - it's all the same - you're not moving forward and crossing the finish line. I'm going to help you develop a mindset that shifts from wishy washy to go getter.

Writing Productivity Challenge (Value $67)

As an online marketer, regardless of which niche you're in, there's one common task you have to keep up with - content creation.

Unless you have deep pockets for tons of outsourcing, it's a skill you need to learn to master - one that can pay for itself time and time again over the years as you launch products, promote for other people, recommend items and build a connection with your followers on social media and your email list.

Do You Struggle with Writing Enough Content to Stay Competitive?

There are people like myself who are capable of writing up to 40 pages a day. I can write about 5 pages an hour. Now I'm not saying you have to do that much, but if you're having a hard time even getting 5 pages a day done, then you need help.  

Here's the problem with writing at a snail's pace in the world of online marketing...

If you can't keep up with your blog, with relationship building, with new product creation or product recommendations - well, your audience will go to someone who can.

Running even one site requires a lot of content - for your blog, emails, product creation, and promos for others. Add on even more time if you have a Facebook group, fan page, profile, or other social media accounts like Twitter. 

Most marketers want to own and operate more than one niche site. It's much harder if you can't write quickly - while maintaining quality.

It can get overwhelming finding time or pushing through other obstacles to see yourself as productive each day - especially when you're already dealing with other Internet Marketing issues like technical things, networking, and more. 

Some of the most common roadblocks to content creation include:

Writer's Block - not knowing what to say or where to begin

Distractions - kids, spouses, Facebook streams - they all vie for your attention

Uninformed - never having been taught speedy research and writing methods

Fear - feeling awkward putting a piece of "you" out there as content representing your ideas and opinions

You Have Two Choices - Now's the Time to Make Your Decision

Some marketers don't care what gets put up online representing their business. They churn out any crappy content just to slap something up and cross their fingers hoping it will make a sale.

I don't believe that's you. You wouldn't be here if you didn't care about quality and leveling up.

So that's your other choice - spend a little time investing in your skills so that you can deliver for your audience ahead of the curve. 

I want to share my own personal writing hacks with you - the way I do things - so that you can pick and tweak what works for you and apply it to your own content efforts.

There's a reason I was known as the "ghostwriter to the gurus" when I got started online. It's because they could rely on me to research, create unique, well-written content - and do it FAST.

Here's what you'll get in this 20-Day Challenge when you sign up:

Week 1: Techniques and Tips

I start by sharing the skills I use in my own toolbox to research, organize and write faster without fail every day. Here's what we learn and do this week:

Day 1: Identify and Eliminate Distractions

Day 2: Pushing Past Writer's Block

Day 3: Quick Research for Content Ideas

Day 4: Outlining for Faster Content Creation

Day 5: Adding Depth to Your Writing

Week 2: Writing eBooks and Sales Copy

By the end of this week, you should have a 20-page eBook and a 5-page sales copy. Of course, you'll go at your own pace if you need to work slower - so don't panic. The first time, you'll be slower - but then as you repeat the lessons, you'll pick up speed.

Each day this week, we work on the eBook and sales copy combined. Here's what we do in addition to writing the eBook:

Day 6: Conducting a Competitive Copy Analysis

Day 7: Niche Stats Research

Day 8: Learning Common Copy Elements that Speed Up Output

Day 9: Crafting the Right Storyline (Yours and Theirs)

Day 10: Editing and Matching Images with Your Content

Week 3: Generating Email Autoresponder Campaigns

This is the week when we do one of the most important aspects of online marketing - create the content that helps us build a list, presell our products, and connect to our audience.

During this week, we create a 5-page report and 5-day email series doing the following:

Day 11: Write a Presell Freebie for the eBook You Wrote (or Opt in Report - Your Choice)

Day 12: Learn How to Create Tip and Tease Emails

Day 13: Practice the Art of Built in Value Lesson Emails

Day 14: See What Short Sharing Emails Are All About

Day 15: Choose Between Solo or Multi Topic Emails

Week 4: Blog and Social Network Content Sharing

When you have social media accounts, it's a bad idea to just spam them with links every day. You need content that makes people want to stay connected to you on these sites. So during this week, here's what we cover:

Day 16: Creating a List of Weekly Go To Topics for Your Niche

Day 17: Writing Quick Review Blog Posts

Day 18: Crafting a Fast How To or Tip Tutorial

Day 19: Whipping Up Some Motivating Content to Wow Your Audience

Day 20: Direct Content Creation for Facebook

By the end of this challenge, my goal is to help you feel more confident that every day, you have the ability to sit down and write enough good content that at the end of the day, you're content with your level of productivity.

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