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5 Top Tier Private Label Rights Packages

I hand selected eight of my best self help and personal development content packs and bundled them up for you so that you can cater to the needs of your audience for the weeks and months ahead. 

In this enormous deal, you get all of this:

Rule Breaker's Guide to Entrepreneurial Success (Value $30)

The bundle is broken up into articles on the 6 pillars of entrepreneurial success, which are:


I did this because this is the order in which we achieve success in this business. We have to get our heads on straight first, educate ourselves about the business, make a plan for profits, network with others, follow things through to completion and position ourselves as THE go to leader in our niches.

There are five articles under each category as follows:


1. Love Hard Work or Be Prepared to Quit - 589 words
2. Start Looking Forward to Failures - 527 words
3. Quit Seeking a Support System - 545 words
4. Know the Difference Between Gut Instinct and Fear - 498 words
5. Don’t Accept Your Own Excuses - 541 words


6. Motivation Is Not One Size Fits All - 597 words
7. Admit That You Waste Time and Then Get Hard on Yourself - 604 words
8. You Can’t Sell Based on What People Say They Want - 451 words
9. Don’t You Dare Allow Yourself to Become Outdated - 504 words
10. Study the Technical Skills You Need to Succeed - 547 words


11. Don’t Pick a Niche Because Someone Told You To - 587 words
12. Choose a Niche That Lets You Cash in Across the Board - 529 words
13. Shelve Your Overwhelm at the Volume of Content Creation Required - 539 words
14. Plan for Monetary Success Milestones - 508 words
15. Don’t Be Stingy with Promo Planning - 567 words


16. You’re Thinking About Competition All Wrong - 471 words
17. Find Marketers Whose Products Complement Your Own - 454 words
18. Spy on Affiliates in Your Niche and See What Makes Them Tick - 435 words
19. Don’t Be Above Your Customers - 430 words
20. Field Some Experts to Boost Your Authority - 507 words


21. Forget You Ever Heard the Phrase “Shiny New Object Syndrome” - 688 words
22. Put Yourself on the Spot with a Firm Launch Date - 419 words
23. Stop Quitting on Small Milestones - 440 words
24. Learn Which Shortcuts to Take and Which to Avoid - 513 words
25. Cutting Corners Could Cost You Your Reputation - 554 words


26. Find Faults with the Competition and Exploit Them - 466 words
27. Don’t Be Afraid to Call Yourself the Best - 479 words
28. Find Your Target Audience and Dominate the Conversation - 532 words
29. Be the One Continuously Serving Your Audience - 635 words
30. Brand Yourself as a Trendsetter - 508 words

Every article is based on ethical, proven advice that helps readers become more self sufficient and less frustrating in achieving their success.

Total Self Care PLR (Value $35)

1. Self-Care Is Not One Size Fits All – 410 words
2. Don’t Start Neglecting Areas You Feel Strong About – 418 words
3. Balancing Your Mental and Physical Health Care Strategy – 412 words
4. 5 Ways to Engage in Mental Self Care – 511 words
5. Mental and Physical Health Can Benefit Each Other – 410 words
6. Four Ways to Nurture Your Body’s Physical Needs – 404 words
7. Working on Your Body and Mind Has Immediate Health Benefits - 413 words
8. Four Signs You Need to Start a Self-Care Routine – 417 words
9. Self-Care on a Budget – 419 words
10. Make Your Self Care a Priority – 411 words
11. 10 Minutes a Day of Self Care Could Be a Game Changer – 465 words
12. Self-Care Is the Antidote to Chronic Stress – 414 words
13. You Don’t Need to Hire Professional for Self-Care – 426 words
14. How Often Should You Switch Up Your Self Care Routine? – 422 words
15. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Indulge in Self Care – 406 words
16. Above the Shoulder Self Care Tips – 445 words
17. Treat Your Torso Right with a Strategic Self Care Routine – 412 words
18. Your Legs Support You So Return the Favor – 405 words
19. Self Care Combats Cortisol Overload – 474 words
20. Don’t Let Self Care Be About Short Term Relief – 415 words
21. Your Self Care Should Be Pleasant, Not Painful – 413 words
22. Self Care Begins with Self Awareness – 463 words
23. Anchor Your Self Care Strategy with Routines – 416 words
24. Explore New Methods of Self Care – 467 words
25. Plan a Mini Retreat to Dive in to Self Care – 482 words
26. Self Care Isn’t Always Soothing – 406 words
27. You’re Never Too Young or Too Old for Self Care – 414 words
28. Both Men and Women Benefit from Self Care – 431 words
29. Don’t Let a Lack of Self Care Accumulate in Your Life – 435 words
30. Financial Stability Is a Form of Self Care – 454 words
31. Taking a Spiritual Approach to Self Care – 448 words
32. Supporting Others Is a Way of Engaging in Self Care – 423 words
33. Socializing Is Strategic Self Care – 431 words
34. Technology That Can Help You with Self Care – 410 words
35. Who Should Be on Your Self Care Support Team? – 403 words

Total Self Care PLR OTO 1 (Value $60)

Lead Magnet Report: Self Care Saboteurs

This 5-page, 2,168-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Has Guilt Caused You to Backburner Your Self Care?
- Which People Get in Between You and Your Self Care Routine?
- How Media Influences Engage in Hypocritical Self Care Advice
- Has Your Self Care Has Been Sabotaged By Ingrained Habits?
- How Social Networks Try to Ensure You Steer Clear of Self Care

Email Series

1. Presell Email #1: One of the First Signs of a Lack of Self Care Is Exhaustion – 485 words
2. Presell Email #2: Without Self Care, You May Project Irritability and Anger – 418 words
3. Presell Email #3: Have You Felt Hopeless Lately and in Need of Some Optimism? – 460 words
4. Presell Email #4: Without Self Care, Your Body and Mind Get Run Down Fast! – 500 words
5. Presell Email #5: Self Care Isn’t a Struggle When You Have a Simple Plan in Place – 471 words
6. Post-Sale Email #1: Start Your Self Care Routine with Sleep and Stress Relief – 451 words
7. Post-Sale Email #2: Time to Start on a Meals and Movement Self Care Strategy! – 435 words
8. Post-Sale Email #3: Ready to Focus on Relationships for Your Self Care Commitment? – 435 words
9. Post-Sale Email #4: Optimal Physical and Mental Health Start with Self Care – 426 words
10. Post-Sale Email #5: With a Financial Plan, Your Self Care will Skyrocket! – 412 words

Full eBook: 8 Ways to Support Yourself with Total Self Care

This 30+ Page, 12,847-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Jumpstart Your Self Care Routine with a Sleep Makeover
Chapter 2: Engaging in Consistent Stress Relief
Chapter 3: A Self Care Nutritional Approach from the Inside Out
Chapter 4: The Double Edged Sword of a Self Care Exercise Regimen
Chapter 5: Bolster Your Personal and Professional Relationships for Self Care Reasons
Chapter 6: To Make the Most of Your Self Care Routine, Don’t Neglect Your Health
Chapter 7: Focus on Developing a Self Care Mindset
Chapter 8: Why Your Financial Stability Is Key to Your Self Care Success

Sales Copy

The text of the complete 5-page, 1,670-word sales copy you can use to promote sales of the eBook on a platform of your choice, complete with:

• Headlines
• Sub-headlines
• Storyline
• Bulletpoints
• Call to Action
• PostScripts

Product Reviews

1. Start Where You Are – 401 words
2. The Art of Extreme Self Care – 418 words
3. Take Time for Your Life – 425 words
4. The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self Care – 436 words
5. The A to Z Self Care Handbook – 443 words
6. Self Care for Moms – 439 words
7. Bare – 445 words
8. The Little Book of Self Care – 420 words
9. The Self Care Prescription – 448 words
10. Self Care for the Self Aware – 428 words


• eBook eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files
• Lead Magnet Report eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files

Get Creative and Stay Focused PLR OTO (Value $56)

21-Page eBook: 10 Ways to Maximize Your Creativity

This 21+ page, 9,566-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Engage in Daily Meditation to Listen to Your Creative Spirit
Chapter 2: Rev Up Your Creative Routine with a Pre-Work Ritual
Chapter 3: Shut Out Negative Energy and Usher in Can-Do Influences
Chapter 4: Say Yes as Often as Possible
Chapter 5: Create a Swipe File of Things That Inspire or Impress You
Chapter 6: Stop Conforming to Other People’s Idea of Creativity
Chapter 7: Spend Time Being Observant and Then Freestyling
Chapter 8: Try New Things Or Try Old Things in a New Way
Chapter 9: Try Creating with a Partner
Chapter 10: Repurpose Your Ideas in New and Different Ways

5-Page Lead Magnet Report: Following Through on Your Goals with Unmatched Focus

This 5-page, 2,606-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Pinpoint the Biggest Distractions You Need to Handle
- How Committed Are You to Your Goals?
- Don’t Let Failure Put an End to Your Focus
- When Comfort Calls, Turn Your Attention to Your Why
- Ask Yourself If You’d Pay for the Kind of Effort You’re Giving?

5-Day Email Series: Five Ways to Focus on Increased Creativity

- Let Go of Perfectionism with Positive Affirmations - 435 words
- Find the Right Surroundings to Boost Your Creativity - 508 words
- Stop Trying to Cram Too Much Into One Day - 448 words
- Get the Blood Flowing to Your Brain - 473 words
- Doodle Your Way to More Success - 462 words

10 Product Reviews:

1. My Plastic Brain: One Woman’s Yearlong Journey to Discover If Science Can Improve Her Mind - 447 words
2. What Makes Your Brain Happy and Why You Should Do the Opposite - 489 words
3. The Innovation Stack: Building an Unbeatable Business One Crazy Idea at a Time - 494 words
4. Thinking, Fast and Slow - 460 words
5. The Biggest Bluff: How I Learned to Pay Attention, Master Myself, and Win - 459 words
6. The Invisible Gorilla: And Other Ways Our Intuitions Deceive Us - 479 words
7. Mental Models: 30 Thinking Tools that Separate the Average From the Exceptional. Improved Decision-Making, Logical Analysis, and Problem-Solving - 452 words
8. Brain Changer: How Harnessing Your Brain's Power to Adapt Can Change Your Life - 457 words
9. The Hidden Habits of Genius: Beyond Talent, IQ, and Grit—Unlocking the Secrets of Greatness - 489 words
10. Principles: Life and Work - 497 words

15 Articles:

1. How to Rein in a Hyperactive Mind for Increased Success - 536 words
2. Do You Have a Pattern of Getting Distracted During Projects? - 502 words
3. What’s Your Go To Method for Sabotaging Projects You Lose Interest In? - 483 words
4. Carve Out Time to Gain Perspective and Strategize - 488 words
5. Consider Leaving the Drudge Work to Someone Else - 455 words
6. A Proven Way to Boost Your Creativity and Focus - 472 words
7. Small Things That Can Disrupt Your Focus - 503 words
8. Use a Routine to Help You Weed Out Distractions - 490 words
9. Don’t Use Your Work Space for Other Things - 471 words
10. Have You Noticed a Certain Task That Always Causes You to Break Your Focus? - 509 words
11. Consider the Pomodoro Technique for Increased Focus and Creativity - 539 words
12. Some Drinks Can Affect and Enhance Your Creativity and Focus - 457 words
13. Use Brain Training Exercises to Increase Your Focus - 477 words
14. Work Off the Grid to Tap Into New Ideas and Focus More - 552 words
15. Make Sure You’re Challenging Yourself Enough - 503 words

Get Creative and Stay Focused PLR (Value $35)

1. Find Your Sweet Spot for Focus and Creativity - 482 words
2. Sometimes Being Semi-Unfocused Boosts Your Creativity - 401 words
3. Allow Yourself the Right Kinds of Distractions - 436 words
4. Mental Burdens That Pull You Away from Projects - 452 words
5. Track Your Screen Time to See What’s Siphoning Your Attention - 419 words
6. Don’t Allow Your Work Days to Bleed Into Your Time Off - 411 words
7. Recognize When Your Creativity Has Gotten Out of Control - 409 words
8. Be Okay with a Split Work Schedule - 417 words
9. Get Used to Thriving with Background Noise - 423 words
10. Set Strong Boundaries for Dealing with Interruptions - 427 words
11. Avoid the Temptation of Things You’d Rather Be Doing - 428 words
12. You May Benefit from a Shorter Work Week - 447 words
13. Eliminate Multi-Tasking So You Can Fully Focus on Your Creative - Endeavors - 414 words
14. Engage in Digital Minimalism to Maximize Your Creativity and Focus - 442 words
15. Has Your Demand for Productivity Intimidated Your Creative Vibe? - 435 words
16. Be Okay with Messy Creativity You Can Sort Out Later - 432 words
17. Create a Workspace That Helps You with Creativity and Focus - 432 words
18. Are You Overwhelmed with Ideas and Lacking Focus? - 430 words
19. Listen To Your Honest Instincts About When To Work and When Not To - 413 words
20. Use Timing Tools to Help You Put Blinders on to Distractions - 427 words
21. Collaboration Can Be Distracting When Compared to Solo Creativity Sessions - 411 words
22. Is Your Creative Flow Being Distracted By Perfectionism? - 431 words
23. Set Boundaries with Clients, Customers and Coworkers - 428 words
24. Focus on Intent to Help Curb Out of Control Creativity - 425 words
25. You’ll Focus Better If Your Creativity Is Without Constraints - 434 words
26. A Leaky Attention Span Can Benefit You in the Long Run - 411 words
27. Master Time Management Techniques to Help You Focus on Your Creative Endeavors - 450 words
28. Know the Difference Between Beneficial Distractions and Saboteurs - 420 words
29. Tasks You Can Do to Recharge Your Creativity and Focus Better - 414 words
30. Don’t Allow Your Creativity to Suffocate with Too Much Structure - 414 words
31. Boost Your Focus and Unleash Your Creativity with Purposeful Meditation - 440 words
32. Try the Pomodoro Technique to Maintain Focus During Creative Work Sessions - 418 words
33. Focused Versus Unfocused – Where Creativity and Productivity Clash - 409 words
34. Be Available to Creative Moments That Refuse to Work with Your Schedule - 415 words
35. Choose Your Tools Wisely So Your Focus Isn’t Interrupted During Creativity Sessions - 426 words

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