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Here's the High Quality Content You'll Get in Your Instant Download File:

Boost Your Immune System PLR OTO 1 (Value $61)

Full eBook: Gut Health and Your Immune System

This 21-page, 9,312-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: How Your Gut Health Plays a Role in Your Immune System
Chapter 2: Signs and Symptoms of an Unhealthy Gut
Chapter 3: Setting Your Gut Up for Success with a Pre-Biotic Plan
Chapter 4: Using Probiotics to Fortify Your Gut Against an Immune System Deficiency
Chapter 5: Which Antioxidants Will Contribute to a Strong Immune System
Chapter 6: The Role of Vitamin C in Boosting Your Immune System
Chapter 7: The Most Important Mineral That Helps You Create a Healthy Immune System
Chapter 8: How to Navigate the Role of Antibiotics in Ensuring Your Body Can Stave Off Disease
Chapter 9: The Popularity of Kefir in Protecting Your Immune System
Chapter 10: How to Test Your Gut for Food Intolerances

Sales Letter

This sales letter is 5 pages and 1,658 words long and includes:

Call to Action
Post Scripts

Lead Magnet Report

Lose Weight to Lend a Hand to Your Immune System

This 5+ page, 2,383-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

How Excess Fat Hinders Your Immune System
Losing a Small Amount of Weight Does Wonders for Your White Blood Cells
Is Inflammation from Fat Working Against You?
Finding a Weight Loss Plan that Helps You Fight Infection
Using Exercise to Decrease the Harm Done to Your Immune System

5-Part Email Autoresponder Series

Email #1: What’s Your Reason for Focusing on a Healthier Immune System? – 413 words
Email #2: Identifying Your Most Pressing Immune System Saboteurs – 460 words
Email #3: Are You Ready to Ramp Up Production of Healthy White Blood Cells? – 401 words
Email #4: Watch for Improvements in How Your Immune System Responds – 401 words
Email #5: Improving Your Immune System Naturally Over Time – 415 words

25 Product Reviews

Garlic with Allicin – 413 words
Dr Tobias Deep Immune Probiotic & Prebiotic – 447 words
Beta Glucan – 441 words
Zinc – 438 words
The Anti-Inflammatory Diet – 471 words
Hey Girl Feel Better Herbal Tea – 495 words
Nature's Way Sambucus Elderberry Immune Syrup – 458 words
VitaCup Probiotic Blend Tea – 444 words
The Immune System Recovery Plan – 448 words
The Autoimmune Fix – 476 words
The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook – 451 words
The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook – 464 words
The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen – 465 words
The 4-Week Gut Health Plan – 456 words
Overcoming Autoimmune – 473 words
Boosting Your Immune System – 410 words
Super Immunity – 440 words
Viral Immunity – 438 words
Herbal Antivirals – 482 words
Boosting Your Immunity For Dummies – 462 words
The Vitamin Cure – 461 words
Quantum Health Super Lysine – 442 words
An Elegant Defense – 454 words
How the Immune System Works – 426 words
Fix It with Food – 430 words

Total Self Care PLR OTO 1 (Value $60)

Lead Magnet Report: Self Care Saboteurs

This 5-page, 2,168-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Has Guilt Caused You to Backburner Your Self Care?
- Which People Get in Between You and Your Self Care Routine?
- How Media Influences Engage in Hypocritical Self Care Advice
- Has Your Self Care Has Been Sabotaged By Ingrained Habits?
- How Social Networks Try to Ensure You Steer Clear of Self Care

Email Series

1. Presell Email #1: One of the First Signs of a Lack of Self Care Is Exhaustion – 485 words
2. Presell Email #2: Without Self Care, You May Project Irritability and Anger – 418 words
3. Presell Email #3: Have You Felt Hopeless Lately and in Need of Some Optimism? – 460 words
4. Presell Email #4: Without Self Care, Your Body and Mind Get Run Down Fast! – 500 words
5. Presell Email #5: Self Care Isn’t a Struggle When You Have a Simple Plan in Place – 471 words
6. Post-Sale Email #1: Start Your Self Care Routine with Sleep and Stress Relief – 451 words
7. Post-Sale Email #2: Time to Start on a Meals and Movement Self Care Strategy! – 435 words
8. Post-Sale Email #3: Ready to Focus on Relationships for Your Self Care Commitment? – 435 words
9. Post-Sale Email #4: Optimal Physical and Mental Health Start with Self Care – 426 words
10. Post-Sale Email #5: With a Financial Plan, Your Self Care will Skyrocket! – 412 words

Full eBook: 8 Ways to Support Yourself with Total Self Care

This 30+ Page, 12,847-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Jumpstart Your Self Care Routine with a Sleep Makeover
Chapter 2: Engaging in Consistent Stress Relief
Chapter 3: A Self Care Nutritional Approach from the Inside Out
Chapter 4: The Double Edged Sword of a Self Care Exercise Regimen
Chapter 5: Bolster Your Personal and Professional Relationships for Self Care Reasons
Chapter 6: To Make the Most of Your Self Care Routine, Don’t Neglect Your Health
Chapter 7: Focus on Developing a Self Care Mindset
Chapter 8: Why Your Financial Stability Is Key to Your Self Care Success

Sales Copy

The text of the complete 5-page, 1,670-word sales copy you can use to promote sales of the eBook on a platform of your choice, complete with:

- Headlines
- Sub-headlines
- Storyline
- Bulletpoints
- Call to Action
- PostScripts

Product Reviews

1. Start Where You Are – 401 words
2. The Art of Extreme Self Care – 418 words
3. Take Time for Your Life – 425 words
4. The Smart Girl’s Guide to Self Care – 436 words
5. The A to Z Self Care Handbook – 443 words
6. Self Care for Moms – 439 words
7. Bare – 445 words
8. The Little Book of Self Care – 420 words
9. The Self Care Prescription – 448 words
10. Self Care for the Self Aware – 428 words


- eBook eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files
- Lead Magnet Report eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files

Hormone Balance for Women Mega PLR (Value $58)

1. Hormone Imbalances Can Happen at Any Age – 475 words
2. Depression Can Be a Sign of a Hormone Imbalance – 478 words
3. A Thyroid Hormone Imbalance May Cause Weight Gain or Loss – 461 words
4. Could Cortisol Levels Be Causing You Digestive Problems? – 469 words
5. When a Grown Woman Has Acne, It May Be Due to Testosterone – 413 words
6. Intolerance to Heat or Cold Can Signal a Hormone Imbalance – 446 words
7. If Migraines Keep Coming, Have Your Estrogen Levels Checked – 444 words
8. A Hormone Imbalance Can Cause Extreme Fatigue – 486 words
9. If Mood Swings Are Severe, It Could Be Due to Hormone Fluctuations – 456 words
10. Unbalanced Hormones Can Cause Embarrassing Hair Loss for Women – 462 words
11. Brain Fog Is a Sign That Your Hormones May Be Out of Whack – 451 words
12. Feeling Tearful for No Reason? It Could Be Your Hormones! – 530 words
13. Too Much Anxiety and Worry Can Be Cause by a Hormone Imbalance – 478 words
14. Why You Need Estrogen Levels Balanced – 433 words
15. How Progesterone Helps Your Body and Mind – 444 words
16. Yes, Women Need Testosterone, Too! – 436 words
17. Thyroid Hormones Can Wreak Havoc on Your Body If They’re Unbalanced – 482 words
18. Cortisol Is a Silent Killer If Left Untreated – 453 words
19. Your Heart Rate Could Be a Good Indicator of a Hormone Imbalance – 479 words
20. Taking Care of Your Adrenal System When Hormones Are Unbalanced – 505 words
21. Understanding the Different Kinds of Estrogen – 455 words
22. Can DHEA Supplements Help Your Energy Levels and More? – 483 words
23. Can Cooking Certain Meals Help You Balance Your Hormones? – 496 words
24. What Does a DIM Supplement Do to Help Balance Your Hormones? – 493 words
25. Herbal Remedies That Assist Women with Hormone Balancing – 480 words
26. When Hot Flashes Hit, Try Remedies That Can Make Them Go Away – 460 words
27. Does Excess Estrogen Turn Calories Into Fat? – 481 words
28. If Insomnia Is Taking a Toll It Could Mean Your Hormones Are Unbalanced – 475 words
29. How Does DHEA Help with Hormone Imbalance Symptoms? – 468 words
30. Why Slowly Increasing Hormones Is Better Than Making Major Adjustments – 473 words
31. What Does It Mean to Be Estrogen Dominant? – 450 words
32. Recognizing Signs That You May Be in Perimenopause – 529 words
33. How Caffeine Can Impact Your Hormone Situation – 445 words
34. Is Facial Hair a Sign That Your Hormones Are Off Balance? – 481 words
35. Getting Your Hormones in Check Can Eliminate Crippling Inflammation – 467 words
36. What Exercises Can Help Women Suffering from Unbalanced Hormones? – 446 words
37. What Are Compound Hormone Treatments? – 419 words
38. Are Over the Counter Hormones Effective? – 477 words
39. Finding a Hormone Replacement Doctor That Suits Your Needs – 546 words
40. Don’t Forget to Check Insulin Levels When Stabilizing Your Hormones – 436 words
41. Off Balance Hormones Are Not Just Part of the Aging Process – 510 words
42. No, You’re Not Losing Your Mind – Your Hormones Are Just Off – 494 words
43. Regain Your Quality of Life By Having Your Hormones Rebalanced – 488 words
44. Repairing a Hormone Imbalance Protects Your Body Against Aging Diseases – 460 words
45. How Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help Your Joint Health – 468 words
46. Watch Your Skin Regain Its Health Once Your Hormones Are Addressed – 453 words
47. Urine Versus Yams – Which One Should You Use? – 449 words
48. How Progesterone Can Help Prevent and Reverse Osteoporosis – 462 words
49. Is Hormone Replacement Therapy Helpful for Your Heart? – 468 words
50. Be Careful Not to Accidentally Spread Your Topical Hormones – 509 words
51. Hormone Replacement Therapy Might Mean You Get Off Other Medications – 498 words
52. Natural Ways to Reset Your Hormones – 468 words

6-Page Report: The Physical and Emotional Toll of Hormone Imbalance for Women

This 6-page, 2,485-word report started with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Hormone Issues Resemble Other Ailments and Are Often Missed
- Getting Tested for Vital Hormone Levels
- Interpreting Your Results and Demanding an Action Plan for Relief
- Topical, Oral and Pellet Therapy Options
- Bioidentical Versus Synthetic Hormones

Alternative Health APAP (Value $57)

You’ll get the 52 weekly emails that you can order in any way you like (see specific topics below) and a 5-page opt-in report called, “Alternative Health – A New Look at an Old Way of Life.”

The 5-page opt in report covers the following topics:

- Concepts of Eastern Medicine
- Combining Alternative Methods with Western Technology
- What Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) Can Do For You
- Comparing Costs of Medical vs. Alternative Methods
- The Bottom Line about Alternative Medicine Therapies

As for the 52-week autoresponders (or whatever you use them for), I’ve divided them into sections. Feel free to use them in various niches or use the series to cater to the broad niche of alternative health. The topics are as follows:


Aromatherapy Used In Treatments of Medical Conditions (354 Words)
Aromatherapy Scents That Are Good for Your Mental Health (388 Words)
Let Lavender Offer the Therapeutic Benefits You Need (417 Words)
Using Aromatherapy for Your Pet (416 Words)

Foods to Better Your Health

Spice Up Your Health! (419 Words)
Amalaki – A Fruit That Really Can Keep the Doctor Away! (371 Words)
Benefits That Green Tea Has on Your Health (432 Words)
Whole Foods That Help Relieve Stress (502 Words)

Herbal Remedies

Herbal Remedies Used to Help Treat ADHD (402 Words)
Herbal Remedies for Some Common Everyday Ailments (339 Words)
Home Remedies for the Common Cold (418 Words)
Some Herbal Remedies to Increase Fertility (332 Words)


Health Benefits of Vitamin C (396 Words)
Why Iron Is Important for Your Health (449 Words)
Vitamins That Are Good for Your Heart (426 Words)
Mood-Enhancing Vitamins (411 Words)

Pets and Alternative Therapy

Pets Can Have a Calming Effect on You (448 Words)
How Exercising With a Pet Can Help Motivate You (419 Words)
Positive Effects Pets Can Have on Your Health (389 Words)
Pet Therapy for Diabetes - Can It Really Help? (403 Words)


Alternative Ways to Protect Your Natural Defense System (366 Words)
How Music Can Help With Stress (401 Words)
Don’t Let Stress Damage Your Diet (466 Words)
Foods That Actually Cause Stress (412 Words)


Embrace Walking Meditation to Double Your Health Benefits (415 Words)
What Yoga Can Do for Your Mind and Body (396 Words)
How to Improve Your Health with Tai Chi (401 Words)
Before You Pop Pills, Use Movement to Address Depression (378 Word)

Skin Care

Natural Ways to Treat Acne (433 Words)
Natural Bug Repellents (381 Words)
Alternative Ways to Give First Aid to Your Skin (393 Words)
What Herbal Products Can Do for Your Skin (377 Words)

Pain Management

How Acupuncture Has Been Used for Pain Management (377 Words)
Natural Ways to Get Rid of Headache Pain (387 Words)
Does Magnet Therapy Work for Pain? (351 Words)
How Nutrition Can Contribute to Your Pain Management (357 Words)

Sleep Disorders

Beat Insomnia – The Natural Way (359 Words)
How Meditation Can Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep (376 Words)
How Reflexology Works for Insomnia (403 Words)
Alternative Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea (374 Words)

Healthy Mind

Exercises That Are Good for Your Brain (400 Words)
Foods That Are Good for Your Mind (352 Words)
Natural Ways to Improve Your Memory (370 Words)
Does St. John’s Wort Help With Depression? (325 Words)

Dangers of Alternative Medicine

When Alternative Depression Treatments Cause More Harm Than Good (314 Words)
Home Remedies Gone Bad (370 Words)
When a Doctor Should Be Consulted Before Using a Home Remedy (339 Words)
The Dangers of Vitamin Supplements (324 Words)

Other (women, anxiety, and hair)

Beat Anxiety Without the Use of Prescription Pills (321 Words)
Nature’s Way for Healthy Looking Hair (395 Words)
Natural Ways to Ease Menstrual Discomfort (308 Words)
Alternative Therapies for Menopause (312 Words)

Heart Health APAP (Value $57)

The 5-page Report is titled, “Are You Putting Your Heart Health at Risk?” and is 2,139 words and about 5 and a half pages long. It includes an introduction along with the following sections:

Heart Health Statistics You Need to Know
Risk Factors for Heart Disease
The Devastating Effects of Heart Attack
Surprising Facts about Children and Heart Attacks
What You Should Be Doing

Here are the 52 article titles and word counts:

1.) Helping Your Heart By Getting a Good Night’s Sleep – 410 words
2.) The Facts About Fat and Your Heart – 417 Word
3.) The Numbers You Need to Know for Your Heart – 419 Words
4.) The Truth About Tobacco and Your Heart – 417 Words
5.) Understanding Your Heart – 431 Words
6.) The Architecture of Your Heart – 412 Words
7.) Staying on Target With Your Heart Rate – 409 Words
8.) Managing Your Blood Pressure – 407 Words
9.) How Weight Training Benefits Your Heart – 423 Words
10.) How to Use Healthy Oils – 418 Words
11.) Choosing the Best Exercise for Your Heart – 405 Words
12.) The Best Fruits and Veggies For Heart Health – 419 Words
13.) How Heart Disease and Stroke Are Related – 413 Words
14.) CPR Can Be Lifesaving – 420 Words
15.) What Is An EKG? – 423 Words
16.) Walk Your Way to a Healthy Heart – 421 Words
17.) Understanding Your Blood Vessels – 420 Words
18.) Automatic Defibrillators at Home and at Work – 413 Words
19.) Heart Disease In Children – 401 Words
20.) Heart Healthy Cooking Habits – 413 Words
21.) Helping Your Kids Get More Physical Activity – 416 Words
22.) Making Sense of Menopause and Heart Disease – 420 Words
23.) Making Heart Health a Family Affair – 422 Words
24.) Stress Management Techniques – 423 Words
25.) Talking to Your Doctor About Heart Disease – 430 Words
26.) The Connection Between Diabetes and Heart Disease – 440 Words
27.) Stress and Your Heart – 421 Words
28.) The Nutrients Your Heart Needs – 424 Words
29.) Understanding Cholesterol Medications – 419 Words
30.) Using Acupuncture to Treat Heart Disease – 406 Words
31.) Vitamins for Heart Health – 404 Words
32.) Male Matters of the Heart – 423 Words
33.) Heart Health in Women – 414 Words
34.) Family History and Your Heart – 400 Words
35.) Common Causes of Heart Disease – 429 Words
36.) Atherosclerosis Explained – 422 Words
37.) Reducing Your Cholesterol – 424 Words
38.) Exercise and Your Heart – 424 Words
39.) What You Need to Know About Weight and Your Heart – 400 Words
40.) Understanding a Heart Attack – 419 Words
41.) Wise Work Strategies For Heart Health – 442 Words
42.) Your Child’s Healthy Heart – 426 Words
43.) Simple Ways to Add Fruits and Veggies to Your Heart Healthy Diet – 420 Words
44.) Cholesterol 101 – 418 Words
45.) Eating Healthy When Eating Out – 408 Words
46.) Heart Failure Facts – 417 Words
47.) Heart Healthy Fast Food – 413 Words
48.) Help to Quit Smoking – 422 Words
49.) Helping Your Heart With Herbal Remedies – 414 Words
50.) Improving Your Heart Health With a Good Night’s Sleep – 418 Words
51.) The Power of the Pacemaker – 406 Words
52.) Understanding the Stress Test – 411 Words

High Blood Pressure Mega Pack (Value $57)

The 5-page report is called: The Effect High Blood Pressure Has on Your Body and it is 1,853 words in length.

The 52 one-page articles as follows:

1. How High Is High Blood Pressure? – 454 words
2. How to Lower Blood Pressure – 454 words
3. How to Reduce Blood Pressure – 415 words
4. Hypertension Blood Pressure Facts – 457 words
5. Taking a Blood Pressure Measurement – 425 words
6. What Is Blood Pressure – 413 words
7. What Is High Blood Pressure? – 424 words
8. What Is Normal Blood Pressure? – 432 words
9. The Danger of Elevated Blood Pressure – 429 words
10. Blood Pressure Averages – 432 words
11. Blood Pressure Foods – 428 words
12. Choosing Blood Pressure Monitors – 433 words
13. How to Decrease Blood Pressure Naturally – 419 words
14. Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Blood Pressure – 428 words
15. Keeping a Blood Pressure Chart – 428 words
16. Prescription Blood Pressure Treatment – 411 words
17. Symptoms for High Blood Pressure – 419 words
18. Ways to Lower Blood Pressure – 412 words
19. What Is the Cause of High Blood Pressure? – 457 words
20. Blood Pressure Pregnancy Dangers – 426 words
21. Make Sure Your Blood Pressure Cuff Fits Right – 420 words
22. What Is Diastolic Blood Pressure? – 411 words
23. What Is Systolic Blood Pressure? – 417 words
24. Blood Pressure Diet Tips – 439 words
25. Blood Pressure and Pulse – 401 words
26. Blood Pressure Cures – 417 words
27. Blood Pressure Ranges – 452 words
28. Arterial Blood Pressure – 414 words
29. Blood Pressure for Women – 439 words
30. Blood Pressure Remedies – 426 words
31. Diet for High Blood Pressure – 431 words
32. Exercise and Blood Pressure – 423 words
33. Home Blood Pressure Measurements – 428 words
34. How to Control Blood Pressure – 406 words
35. Blood Pressure By Age – 442 words
36. Blood Pressure in Children – 424 words
37. Blood Pressure Machine – 447 words
38. Alcohol and Blood Pressure – 410 words
39. Caffeine and Blood Pressure – 415 words
40. Blood Pressure Supplements – 424 words
41. Coffee and Blood Pressure – 437 words
42. Dangerous Blood Pressure – 444 words
43. Healthy Blood Pressure for Men – 410 words
44. Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor – 428 words
45. Tea and Blood Pressure – 431 words
46. Using a Blood Pressure Monitor – 435 words
47. Blood Pressure Herbs – 432 words
48. Blood Pressure Wrist Monitor – 405 words
49. What to Look for in Blood Pressure Monitor Reviews – 419 words
50. Salt and Blood Pressure – 425 words
51. Blood Pressure Headache – 418 words
52. How to Lower Blood Pressure Fast – 418 words

2017 Health and Wellness Planning OTO 1 (Value $56)

20 Articles:

1. 6 Ways to Rev Up Your Metabolism – 600 words
2. Lose Weight By Implementing Small Changes – 409 words
3. Methods to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite – 417 words
4. Achieve Toned Muscle without Bulking Up – 426 words
5. Shed Your Belly Fat with One of These Diets – 456 words
6. The Best Long and Short Terms Diet Plans – 400 words
7. Exercise to Increase Your Energy and Lose Weight – 431 words
8. Fitness without a Gym Membership – 400 words
9. How to Avoid Carbs and Make Good Protein Choices – 422 words
10. Slash Your Sugar Addiction Little By Little – 419 words
11. Why More Experts Now Recommend More Fat – 425 words
12. Five of the Best On the Go Protein Snacks to Keep You Satisfied – 433 words
13. Should You Be Tracking Your Fitness Goals? – 402 words
14. What Kind of Motivation Really Inspires You to Success? – 415 words
15. Setting the Right Kind of Fitness and Health Goals for 2017 – 426 words
16. The Best Equipment to Start Your Home Gym – 458 words
17. Eliminate Your Go To Excuses for Fitness Failure – 441 words
18. Are You Planning to Fail or Planning to Succeed? – 446 words
19. Don’t Restock Your Energy Stores Using the Wrong Foods – 427 words
20. Why Stringent Fitness Programs May or May Not Work for You – 419 words

Best Diets for Overall Health

This 5+-page, 2,230-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- DASH Diet
- MIND Diet
- TLC Diet
- Ornish Diet
- Mediterranean Diet

Best Diets for Weight Loss

This 5-page, 2,213-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Volumetrics Diet
- Low Carb Diet
- Meal Replacement Diets
- Vegetarian, Flexitarian or Vegan Diets
- Raw Food Diets

Best Commercial Diets

This 5+ page, 2,218-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Weight Watchers
- Jenny Craig
- The Biggest Loser
- MAYO Clinic Diet
- HMR Diet

Best Cardio Exercises

This 5+ page, 2,141-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Walking or Running
- Cycling
- Rowing
- Swimming
- Step Aerobics

Best Strength Training Workouts

This 5+ page, 2,152-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Barbells
- Dumbbells
- Bodyweight
- Resistance Bands
- Kettlebells

Benefits of HIIT Training

This 5+ page, 2,244-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Fat and Calorie Burning
- Builds Endurance
- Metabolism Booster
- Convenience
- Heart Healthy

Best Crossfit Gear

This 6-page, 2,352-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Wrist Wraps or Gloves
- Speed Ropes
- Pushup Bars
- Dip Bars
- Gym Rings

Gaining More Energy in Your Life (Value $51)

Main eBook Title: Gaining More Energy in Your Life

This 23-page, 10,314-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Has Your Quality of Life Deteriorated Due to Fatigue?
Chapter 2: Your Diet Can Drain Your Energy
Chapter 3: Habits that Drain Your Energy
Chapter 4: Sleeping Affects Your Energy
Chapter 5: Your Morning Schedule Can Drain Your Energy
Chapter 6: Exercise can Give or Drain Energy
Chapter 7: Work Habits Drain Your Energy
Chapter 8: Energy Boosters for the Afternoon
Chapter 9: Use Natural Energy Boosts
Chapter 10: Ending Your Day with the Right Energy

Bonus Report: 5 Immediate Steps to Boost Energy

This 5+ page, 2,359-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Start or Optimize an Existing Exercise Routine
- Cut Out Bad Habits
- Clear Internal and External Clutter
- Get a Health Check-Up
- Find an Energy Boosting Outlet

Lead Magnet: 5 Ways to Improve Your Energy Now

This 6 page, 2,476-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Change the Lighting
- Have an Acupuncture Session
- Get a Massage
- Practice Meditation
- Have Social Outlets

7-Part Email Autoresponder Series:

Email #1: Are These Sneaky Stressors Draining Your Energy? – 474 words
Email #2: When Exercise Is Bad for You – 490 words
Email #3: Three Foods that Pick You Up from an Afternoon Energy Slump – 485 words
Email #4: Plug the Energy Drain Before You Get Out of Bed – 502 words
Email #5: Stop Doing it All – 506 words
Email #6: Beat the Sugar Craving Energy Drain – 492 words
Email #7: Why Looking Out for Yourself isn’t Selfish – 490 words


#1 - Plug Energy Drains with Vitamins – 454 words
#2 - Simple Ways You Can Give Your Body Energy – 427 words
#3 - Is Your Sleep Area Stealing Your Energy? – 500 words
#4 - Breaking Habits That Drain Energy – 450 words
#5 - The Dehydration Energy Drain – 410 words

Product Reviews:

#1 - Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress – 411 words
#2 - MaxKare Folding Treadmill – 418 words
#3 - Matcha Green Tea Powder – 413 words
#4 - NicoDerm CQ – 410 words
#5 - Your Present: Guided Imagery Meditation – 414 words

10 Health Outline Funnel Packs (Value $50)

The funnel packet has an outline for each of the following:

Outline for a Complete eBook You Can Create to Sell Online!
Outline for a Bonus Report That You Can Give Away When Someone Buys Your Main eBook!
Outline for an Opt-In Report You Can Use to Build Your List!
Outline for a 7-Part Email Autoresponder Series So You Can Keep Catering to the Needs of Your List!
Outline for 5 Articles You Can Use Anywhere on the Web - Including Your Blog!
Outline for 5 Product Reviews You Can Use Anywhere to Convert Prospects Into Buyers!

This niche PLR pack has the following funnels in it:

Anti Aging
Mental Health
Pain Management
Weight Loss

Bacterial Vaginosis eBook (Value $47)

A 47 page eBook on Bacterial Vaginosis with images from istockphoto included in some of the pages. The eBook is 13,342 words. See title and TOC below.

Title: Be Free From Bacterial Vaginosis

Subtitle: Put an End to the Constant Pain and Embarrassment BV Causes By Making Simple Lifestyle Changes That Help You Avoid Recurrent Infections!

Chapter 1: What Is Bacterial Vaginosis? The Surprising Difference That Delays Treatment
Chapter 2: Antibiotics - When the Super Drugs Fail to Deliver
Chapter 3: How BV Complicates Your Life
Chapter 4: Prevent BV - Proactive Self-Care Does Make a Difference
Chapter 5: Natural Treatments for BV
Chapter 6: BV Detox Plan - Essential Steps to Stop the Recurrent Infections
Chapter 7: BV Free Lifestyle - How to Get There and Stay There

Embarrassing Health Niches FE (Value $41)

Report #1 - What You May Not Know About Sexually Transmitted Diseases

This is a 6+ page, 2,654-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Having Sex Isn’t the Only Way to Get an STD
- How to Recognize Symptoms of STDs
- How to Diagnosis and Treat an STD
- Preventing and Managing STDs

Report #2 - What Causes Incontinence – And What You Can Do About It

This is a 5+ page, 2,166-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Causes and Symptoms of Urinary Incontinence
- Diagnosis and Treatment of Urinary Incontinence
- When Incontinence Affects Your Lifestyle – Where to Get Help

Report #3 - Bad Breath Can Become a True Disability

This is a 5+ page, 2,148-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Your Mouth Is a Hotbed of Bacteria
- Other Symptoms and Causes of Halitosis
- Testing and Seeking Help for Halitosis
- What You Can Do to Prevent Bad Breath

Report #4 - Causes and Remedies of Excessive Sweating

This is a 5-page, 2,018-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Causes and Symptoms of Excessive Sweating
- Treatment Options for Hyperhidrosis
- Alternative Treatment and Lifestyle Changes for Hyperhidrosis

Report #5 - Too Embarrassed to Seek Treatment for Hemorrhoids?

This is a 5+ page, 2,022-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Types of Hemorrhoids
- Causes and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids
- Management and Prevention of Hemorrhoids

Report #6 - Vaginal Infections - The Problem No One Wants to Talk

This is a 5-page, 2,035-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Types and Symptoms of Vaginal Infections
- Medical and Alternative Treatments for Vaginal Infections
- Preventing Recurring Vaginal Infections

Report #7 - Skin Issues Affect Your Body and Mind

This is a 5-page, 2,013-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Skin Conditions Causes and Symptoms
- Treatment for Skin Conditions
- How to Prevent Future Skin Issues
- Stress and Skin Issues

Report #8 - When Digestive Issues Are Wrecking Your Life

This is a 5+ page, 2,044-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Common Digestive Problems and How to Deal With Them
- Less Common Digestive Issues That Can Make You Miserable
- Medical Tests for Digestive Disorders

Embarrassing Health Niches OTO 1 (Value $40)


Article #1: HPV Symptoms for Men and Women - 458 words
Article #2: Chlamydia Symptoms in Men and Women - 450 words
Review #1: Host Defense Comprehensive Immune Support for HPV - 452 words
Review #2: myLAB Box At Home STD Tests for Men and Women - 486 words
Review #3: Trojan Condoms - 464 words


Article #1: What Causes Incontinence in Men and Women? - 440 words
Article #2: The Best Treatments for Incontinence - 438 words
Review #1: Poise Incontinence Overnight Pads - 451 words
Review #2: Depend FIT-FLEX Incontinence Underwear for Women - 462 words
Review #3: Priva High Quality Ultra Waterproof Sheet Protector - 496 words


Article #1: Halitosis Causes and Cures - 479 words
Article #2: Conditions That Cause Bad Breath - 463 words
Review #1: TheraBreath Oral Rinse - 435 words
Review #2: Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner - 477 words
Review #3: Nature's Way Chlorofresh - 439 words

Excessive Sweating

Article #1: What Causes Excessive Sweating? - 467 words
Article #2: Different Ways to Treat Excessive Sweating - 451 words
Review #1: SweatBlock Antiperspirant - 432 words
Review #2: Certain Dri Anti Perspirant Roll On - 437 words
Review #3: Sweat Shield Ultra Antiperspirant - 446 words


Article #1: What Causes Hemorrhoids? - 437 words
Article #2: What Are the Best Hemorrhoid Home Treatments? - 522 words
Review #1: Dr. Frederick's Original 15 Day Rapid Hemorrhoid Relief - 451 words
Review #2: Doctor Butler's Hemorrhoid & Fissure Ointment - 440 words
Review #3: Memory Foam Donut Cushion for Hemorrhoids - 441 words

Vaginal Infections

Article #1: What Causes Vaginal Yeast Infections? - 446 words
Article #2: Top Home Treatments for Vaginal Infections - 447 words
Review #1: Clotrimazole 3-Day Vaginal Cream - 445 words
Review #2: pH-D Feminine Health Support - 436 words
Review #3: WaterWorks Natural Vaginal Cleansing System - 446 words

Skin Issues

Article #1: Common Causes of Skin Problems - 550 words
Article #2: Natural Ways to Get Rid of Skin Ailments - 482 words
Review #1: Puriya the Mother of All Creams - 487 words
Review #2: Pure Tea Tree Oil Shampoo - 457 words
Review #3: Compound W Wart Remover - 472 words

Digestive Issues

Article #1: IBS Symptoms and Treatments - 484 words
Article #2: Causes and Cures for Embarrassing Flatulence - 511 words
Review #1: Hyperbiotics Pro-15 - 458 words
Review #2: Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal - 431 words
Review #3: Gas-X Anti Gas - 452 words

2017 Health and Wellness Planning (Value $39)

Report #1: Achieving Your Goal of Mental Health

This 7.5-page, 3,197-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

- More Patients and Doctors Are Focusing on Mindset
- Diagnosing Your Previous Mental State
- Proven Stress and Anxiety Solutions You Can Try
- Advances You Can Look for in the Coming Year

Report #2: Reaching and Maintaining Your Optimal Weight

This 8-page, 3,495-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Weight Loss Is More Than Just Aesthetics
- Optimal Weight Is Not One Size Fits All
- Pinpoint the Problems with Your Weight
- Choose a Diet Plan That Won’t Make You Quit
- Tips on Sticking to a Diet and Maintaining Your Weight

Report #3: Physical Fitness for Energy and Stamina

This 8-page, 3,532-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Exercise Is for More Than Just Weight Loss
- Fitness at Any Size and Age
- Cautionary Warning About Fitness Goals
- Use Technology to Help You Improve Your Fitness
- Switch Up Your Routine to Prevent Boredom and Stagnant Results

Report #4: Disease Management and Prevention Plans

This 7.5-page, 3,075-word reports starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Make This a Year for Major Health Achievements
- Top Health Issues You Should Be Vigilant About
- Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit
- Get Informed About Your Options for Treatment
- Healthy Changes That Will Prevent Many Common Health Problems

5 Product Reviews

How Not to Die – 452 words
The Anti Inflammatory Diet and Action Plans – 429 words
10% Happier – 439 words
The Vitamin E Factor – 437 words
Younger Next Year – 489 words

Total Self Care PLR (Value $35)

1. Self-Care Is Not One Size Fits All – 410 words
2. Don’t Start Neglecting Areas You Feel Strong About – 418 words
3. Balancing Your Mental and Physical Health Care Strategy – 412 words
4. 5 Ways to Engage in Mental Self Care – 511 words
5. Mental and Physical Health Can Benefit Each Other – 410 words
6. Four Ways to Nurture Your Body’s Physical Needs – 404 words
7. Working on Your Body and Mind Has Immediate Health Benefits - 413 words
8. Four Signs You Need to Start a Self-Care Routine – 417 words
9. Self-Care on a Budget – 419 words
10. Make Your Self Care a Priority – 411 words
11. 10 Minutes a Day of Self Care Could Be a Game Changer – 465 words
12. Self-Care Is the Antidote to Chronic Stress – 414 words
13. You Don’t Need to Hire Professional for Self-Care – 426 words
14. How Often Should You Switch Up Your Self Care Routine? – 422 words
15. Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Indulge in Self Care – 406 words
16. Above the Shoulder Self Care Tips – 445 words
17. Treat Your Torso Right with a Strategic Self Care Routine – 412 words
18. Your Legs Support You So Return the Favor – 405 words
19. Self Care Combats Cortisol Overload – 474 words
20. Don’t Let Self Care Be About Short Term Relief – 415 words
21. Your Self Care Should Be Pleasant, Not Painful – 413 words
22. Self Care Begins with Self Awareness – 463 words
23. Anchor Your Self Care Strategy with Routines – 416 words
24. Explore New Methods of Self Care – 467 words
25. Plan a Mini Retreat to Dive in to Self Care – 482 words
26. Self Care Isn’t Always Soothing – 406 words
27. You’re Never Too Young or Too Old for Self Care – 414 words
28. Both Men and Women Benefit from Self Care – 431 words
29. Don’t Let a Lack of Self Care Accumulate in Your Life – 435 words
30. Financial Stability Is a Form of Self Care – 454 words
31. Taking a Spiritual Approach to Self Care – 448 words
32. Supporting Others Is a Way of Engaging in Self Care – 423 words
33. Socializing Is Strategic Self Care – 431 words
34. Technology That Can Help You with Self Care – 410 words
35. Who Should Be on Your Self Care Support Team? – 403 words

Boost Your Immune System (Value $35)

Signs That Your Immune System Is Too Weak – 418 words
How Does Your Immune System Protect You? – 424 words
Understanding the 5 Parts of Your Immune System – 424 words
How a Good Night’s Sleep Benefits Your Immune System – 403 words
Top Fruits and Vegetables That Help Your Immune System – 430 words
Juices That Give Your Immune System a Natural Boost – 423 words
Foods That Weaken Your Immune System – 405 words
Which Vitamins Are Good for Your Immune System? – 405 words
Does Exercise Help or Hurt Your Immune System? – 404 words
Natural Herbs That Could Strengthen Your Immune System – 413 words
How Stress Sabotages Your Immune System – 401 words
Smoking Cessation Is Important to Build a Strong Immune System – 407 words
Proper Hygiene Is Needed for a Healthy Immune System – 404 words
Avoiding Alcohol Could Perk Up Your Immune System – 410 words
As You Age, Your Immune System Suffers More – 427 words
Are Multivitamins Effective in Boosting Your Immune System? – 418 words
Micronutrient Malnutrition Could Hurt an Elderly Person’s Immune System – 407 words
Innate Immunity Versus Adaptive Immunity – 415 words
Diseases That Negatively Affect Your Immune System – 412 words
The Role Sunlight Plays in Helping Your Immune System Thrive – 416 words
Can Essential Oils Boost Your Immune System? – 418 words
What’s the Fastest Way to Boost Your Immune System? – 421 words
Can You Boost Your Immune System When You’re Already Sick? – 419 words
Does a Lymphatic Massage Help Boost Your Immune System? – 402 words
Does Eating Yogurt Help Fortify Your Immune System? – 405 words
Garlic Plays an Important Role in Benefiting Your Immune System – 408 words
Should You Get a Blood Test to See How Strong Your Immune System Is? – 415 words
How a Sugar Detox Might Be the Immune System Strengthener You Need – 407 words
Do Vegetarians Have a Stronger or Weaker Immune System? – 412 words
Grow Your Own Immune Boosting Foods – 415 words
Forest Therapy Has Shown Surprising Results in Helping Boost Immune Systems – 419 words
Cold Showers May Improve Your White Blood Cell Count – 407 words
The Benefits and Dangers of Deliberate Immunity Infections – 425 words
Meditation Is an Effective Way to Beat Stress and Enhance Your Immune System – 422 words
Yoga Is the Exercise of Choice for Improving Weak Immune Systems – 415 words

High Blood Pressure Fix PLR (Value $19)

The book has a title page and hyperlinked table of contents and is 19 pages. It’s 5,697 words. Here is the table of contents and there are subtitles as well in each chapter, but I don’t want to give an entire outline here:

Chapter 1: Understanding High Blood Pressure
Chapter 2: Changing Your Diet to Control High Blood Pressure
Chapter 3: Adding Exercise to Lower Your Blood Pressure
Chapter 4: Smoking Cessation Contributes to Healthy Blood Pressure
Chapter 5: Stress Relief Brings Down High Blood Pressure Numbers

3 Reports Combining 10 Health Niches (Value $18)

Report #1: Addictions Stemming from Stress or Pain Management

This report covers these three health niches: Pain Management, Addiction, and Stress. It’s a 6-page, 2,281-word report that starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

- Stress Is a Leading Factor in Addictions
- Smoking Can Be a Stress Relief and Pain Management Addiction
- Drinking Is One of the Top Five Addictions
- RX Pill Addiction Can Happen to Anyone
- Sexual Addictions Are Still Under-Diagnosed
- Food Addiction Is the Most Common Addiction
- There Is Hope for Addiction Recovery

Report #2: Repairing Your Mental Health to Cure Insomnia and Gain More Energy

This report covers these three health niches: Insomnia, Mental Health and Energy. It’s a 6-page, 2,277-word report that starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

- Depression and the Toll It Takes on Your Mental Health
- Anxiety Robs You of Energy
- Break the Mental Habits Linked to Insomnia
- 5 Changes You Can Make to Repair Your Mental Health
- What You Can Do to Heal Your Mental Health

Report #3: The Risk of Diabetes and Obesity Increase with Age or Pregnancy

This report covers these three health niches: Weight Loss, Anti Aging, Pregnancy, and Diabetes. It’s a 6-page, 2,203-word report that starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following sections:

- Pregnancy and Diabetes
- Pregnancy and Obesity
- Aging and the Link to Diabetes
- Aging and Obesity
- Lowering Your Risk Factors for Diabetes and Obesity.

Sleep Disorders (Value $17)

1. The Danger of Sleep Deprivation – 452 Words
2. Identify Your Sleep Impairment – 566 Words
3. 5 Essentials for a Good Sleep Environment – 750
4. De-Stressing Before a Snooze – 468 Words
5. Using White Noise to Mask Sleep Interruptions – 487 Words
6. When Snoring Intrudes on Your Slumber – 571 Words
7. Does Your Sleep Attack Without Warning? – 732 Words
8. When Good Limbs Go Bad – 671 Words
9. 5 Habits of Sleep Pros – 641 Words
10. How to Get Back to Sleep Once You Wake Up – 424 Words
11. How to Eat to Sleep - 503 Words
12. Medicating Your Sleep Woes – 445 Words
13. Will a Sleep Diary Give You Answers? – 479 Words
14. Still Can’t Sleep? - 438 Words

Smoking Cessation (Value $17)

Gearing Up to Quit Smoking is the name of the 15-page report and it's a preparatory report to help their mindset about why they need to quit and how:

1. For Once…It’s Good to Be a Quitter!
2. What You Can Expect During Withdrawal
3. Gum, Patches, Prescriptions and More
4. Alternative Approaches to Smoking Cessation
5. Herbal Remedies to Kill the Crave
6. How Hard Is It to Go Cold Turkey?
7. Get Endorphins From Another Source
8. Forming New Habits to Replace the Old
9. Rewarding Your Smoking Cessation Success
10. Try, Try Again

Headaches (Value $15)

1. Dealing With Headache Pain So You Can Live Your Life – 414 Words
2. Handling Headache Neck Pain – 405 Words
3. Headache Relief – 407 Words
4. Preventing and Treating Sinus Headache – 403 Words
5. Understanding Migraine Headaches – 409 Words
6. Getting to the Bottom of Severe Headache Pain – 408 Words
7. With Added Pressure Headache Happens – 410 Words
8. Understanding Headache Causes Can Bring Peace of Mind – 407 Words
9. Getting Headache Treatment That’s Right for You – 404 Words
10. Headache Nausea Can Be a Key to Treatment – 413 Words
11. Headache Symptoms – 404 Words
12. Tackling Tension Headache to Live Without Pain – 434 Words
13. Finding a Headache Cure and Setting Yourself Free – 412 Words
14. What Headache Dizziness Could Mean – 405 Words
15. Understanding Cluster Headaches and Seeking Treatment – 406 Words

Addictions (Value $10)

Gambling With Your Future – 430 Words
Thrill Seeking – What’s Wrong With It? – 435 Words
Food Addictions – What Are You Really Hungry for? - 445 Words
Banishing Your Smoking Addiction for Good! – 481 Words
Breaking Free from Your Alcohol Addiction – 524 Words
Illegal Drugs Invade Every Demographic – 530 Words
Prescription Drugs – Are You Addicted to Your Medicine Cabinet? – 553 Words
Sexual Addiction – Put Aside Your Shame and Find a Solution – 523 Words
Addicted to Dangerous Relationships – 406 Words
Exercise – You Really Can Get Too Much of a Good Thing! – 433 Words

Energy Booster PLR (Value $10)

1. Energy Boosters for Women Who Feel Lethargic – 456 words
2. How to Have More Energy In a Short Amount of Time – 435 words
3. Increase Energy Naturally – 450 words
4. Natural Energy Boosters – 459 words
5. Should You Take Energy Pills for Working Out? – 453 words
6. Supplements for Energy – Do They Really Work? – 443 words
7. Symptoms and Signs of Low Energy Levels – 504 words
8. The Side Effects of Energy Boosting Drinks – 433 words
9. Top 10 Energy Boosting Foods You Can Eat – 487 words
10. Which Vitamins Give You Energy? – 444 words

Women’s Health Resell PLR (Value $10)

1. What Women Need to Know About Heart Health – 496 words
2. 5 Things Women Can Do to Lower Their Blood Pressure – 495 words
3. Avoiding and Managing Urinary Tract Infections – 438 words
4. Birth Control Options for Women – 482 words
5. How to Manage Menopause Symptoms – 417 words
6. Men Aren't the Only Victims of Colon Cancer – 498 words
7. Signs and Symptoms That Say You're Pregnant – 420 words
8. Signs of an Abnormal Menstruation – 452 words
9. Tips on Ensuring the Best Breast Health – 421 words
10. Tips on Improving Your Mental Well Being as a Woman – 544 words

Bacterial Vaginosis Autoresponders (Value $7)

Email Subject 1: How to Cure Bacterial Vaginosis at Home
Email Subject 2: A Quick Remedy for Bacterial Vaginosis
Email Subject 3: Yes There Are Simple Cures for Bacterial Vaginosis
Email Subject 4: You Are What You Eat – How Food Cultivates Bacterial Vaginosis
Email Subject 5: Foods That Build a Strong Immunity to BV
Email Subject 6: Conquering Bacterial Vaginosis By Coping With Stress
Email Subject 7: Managing Your New Life Free From Bacterial Vaginosis

7 Ways to Fight Menopause PLR Report (Value $6.50)

This is a 6 and a half page report that is all about natural methods. It is 2,562 words in length and you can break it up or add it to another creation you’re making.

Here are the 7 topics it covers after a short introduction:

1. Exercise
2. Herbs
3. Yoga
4. Acupuncture
5. Mediterranean Diet
6. Soy
7. Deep Breathing

A Monthly 4-Part Focus on Your Health (Value $6)

This 6-page, 2,519-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Week One (Exercise)
- Week Two (Stress Relief)
- Week Three (Nutrition)
- Week Four (Genetic Health Tweaks)

Cochlear Implant Resell PLR (Value $6)

This is six page and 2,375 word report and it has a short introduction before covering several topics:

Who Is It Good For?
How It Compares to Other Hearing Aid Devices
Different Types of Cochlear Implants
What’s the Cost of a Cochlear Implant?
What Risks Are Associated With the Cochlear Implant?
What Is the Procedure Like?
The Cochlear Implant Activation Process

Natural Relief From Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Value $5.50)

You get a 5 ½ page report that is 1,812 words. It starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- What Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome?
- Eat Your Way to Better Health
- Fatigue Fighting Supplements
- Move Your Body Carefully
- Getting a Good Night’s Sleep
- Relief Through Acupuncture
- Reducing Stress

The 5 Most Popular Alternative Health Practices (Value $5.50)

This 5 and a half page, 2,291-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Reiki
- Neti Pots
- Acupuncture
- Yoga
- Chiropractic Medicine

Top 5 Sleep Aids to Treat Insomnia (Value $5.50)

This 5 and a half page, 2,234-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- How a White Noise Machine Can Help
- Melatonin Treats Insomnia
- Use Aromatherapy to Treat Insomnia
- A Temperature Control Pillow Helps Treat Insomnia
- Anti-Stress Comfort Wraps Can Break the Cycle of Insomnia

Stop Sleeping Too Much (Value $5.50)

This 5 and a half page, 2,215-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers:

- Sleeping Too Much Affects Your Health
- Your Sleep Schedule Matters
- The Boomerang Effect of Sleeping Too Much
- The Cure for Sleeping Too Much
- Get the Right Amount of Sleep to Prevent Oversleeping

Health Benefits of Tea and Honey PLR (Value $5)

This is a 5-page report that’s 2,113 words in length.

It covers the following sections:

Health Benefits of Tulsi Tea
What Makes Tulsi So Beneficial?
Health Benefits of Green Tea
Types of Green Tea
Health Benefits of Honey
Combine Honey and Tea for Extra Health Benefits

Male Menopause (Value $5)

This is a 5-page report that's 2,010 words long. It covers the following topics:

It’s All About Hormones
Symptoms of Male Menopause
Diagnosing Male Menopause
Treatment for Male Menopause
Raising Testosterone Levels Naturally
Supplements to Raise Testosterone

Relief for Back Pain (Value $5)

This is a 5-page, 1,896 word report.

It covers:

Strengthen Your Core
Move Your Body
Focus on Flexibility
Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Practice Meditation and Relaxation
Pay Attention to Posture
Add Heat
Seek Treatment

Guide to Pain Management (Value $5)

Sometimes there isn’t a cure and someone suffering from pain is left to deal with the fact that he or she has to develop a pain management strategy. This 5-page, 1,924-word report starts with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

- What Kind of Pain Should You Be Managing?
- Find a Pain Management Option That Fits Your Level of Pain
- Medical Pain Management Sources
- Natural Pain Management Options

Thyroid Disorders PLR (Value $5)

This 5-page, 1,672-word report starts with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

- Signs You Might Have Hyperthyroidism
- Signs You Might Have Hypothyroidism
- Getting Tested for a Thyroid Disorder
- Ways to Treat Your Thyroid Disorder
- Are There Natural Ways to Improve Your Thyroid Function?

Herbal Heart Health (Value $5)

This 5+ page, 2,281-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- What Are Herbals?
- Why Use Herbals Specifically for Heart Health
- How to Use Them
- Which Herbals to Take

How Saunas Help Your Heart (Value $5)

This 5+ page, 2,434-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- The Way Saunas Work
- Specific Heart Benefits Saunas Can Give You
- The Healing Heat of a Sauna
- Should You Install a Sauna in Your Home?

Therapeutic Massage (Value $5)

This 5+ page, 2,167-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- What Is a Therapeutic Massage?
- What Are the Benefits of a Therapeutic Massage?
- Who Should Get a Therapeutic Massage?
- How to Find the Right Massage Therapist

Important Tests Your Doctor Can Run to Determine Your State of Health (Value $5)

A 5+ page, 2,409-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Checking Blood Pressure
- Why Your Doctor Needs to Check Your Eyes and Ears
- The CBC and Other Blood Tests
- Important Medical Tests for Women
- Important Medical Tests for Men
- BMI Test
- Testing Your Skin

Acid Reflux (Value $5)

Is It Heartburn or Gastroesophageal Disease? – 414 words
Pharmaceutical Treatment for Acid Reflux Disease – 380 Words
Lifestyle Changes to Help Prevent Heartburn – 431 words
Food Choices to Lessen GERD Symptoms - 376 Words
The Connection Between Stress and GERD – 424 Words

Snoring (Value $5)

Can Diet and Exercise Eliminate Snoring? - 503 Words
Kids’ Snoring Is on the Rise – 510 Words
Surgical Options for Snoring – 507 Words
The First Steps to Stopping Snoring – 521 Words
Snoring—Could It Be Serious? – 475 Words

Health Benefits of Tea (Value $5)

Using Tea to Shed Pounds – 449 Words
If Bad Breath Plagues You, Try Tea! – 435 Words
The Special Health Benefits of Green Tea – 449 Words
The Cancer Fighting Polyphenols Found in Tea Leaves – 409 Words
Historical Health Benefits of Tea – 483 Words

Detox (Value $5)

Full Body Detox – 451 Words
One-Day Detox for Busy People – 494 Words
How Do I Know If I Need to Detox? - 369 Words
Colon Cleanse Detox – 465 Words
Natural Remedies for Constipation – 507 Words

Women's Health (Value $5)

Hormone Imbalance and Headaches – 369 Words
When a Woman Suffers from a Reduced Sex Drive – 807 Words
Dealing with a Heavy Period – 484 Words
Stress Reduction Techniques for Women – 602 Words
Fighting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 434 Words

Chronic Pain (Value $5)

Aching Back – 559 Words
Gout Never Went Out of Style – 450 Words
Herbal Remedies for Arthritis and Joint Pain – 534 Words
Pain Disorder – the Hurt That’s Hard to Explain – 377 Words
Rheumatoid Arthritis – 392 Words

Allergies (Value $5)

Allergy Relief That Works Fast – 523 Words
Have You Had Allergy Testing Done by Your Doctor? – 504 Words
Keep an Eye Out for Common Allergy Symptoms – 461 Words
Seasonal Allergies Can Be Debilitating – 487 Words
Specific Allergies That Can Cause Harm – 497 Words

Allergies 2 (Value $5)

Article #1: Recognizing allergy symptoms when they hit - 446 words
Article #2: How to know if you have a food allergy - 507 words
Article #3: Allergy and asthma go hand in hand - 464 words
Article #4: Different types of allergy medicine on the market - 424 words
Article #5: What’s involved in allergy testing? - 562 words

Cold Sores (Value $5)

Cold Sore Remedies That Really Work – 496 words
When You Need a Cold Sore Treatment ASAP – 485 words
Which Cold Sore Medication Works Best? – 557 words
What Are Some Effective Ways for Treating Cold Sores? – 499 words
Ways to Get Rid of Cold Sores – 551 words

Infertility (Value $5)

1.) An Overview of Female Infertility – 481 words
2.) Bringing Awareness to Infertility Causes – 489 words
3.) Dealing with Male Infertility – 499 words
4.) Treating Infertility with Acupuncture – 471 words
5.) Understanding Infertility – 501 words

Hemorrhoids (Value $5)

1.) Hemorrhoid Surgery as a Last Resort – 433 words
2.) How to Care for Bleeding Hemorrhoids – 417 words
3.) Finding a Long-Term Hemorrhoids Cure – 470 words
4.) What Are Some Good Hemorrhoid Treatments? – 402 words
5.) What Is the Difference Between External Hemorrhoids & Internal Hemorrhoids? – 397 words

Arthritis (Value $5)

An Arthritis Diet Could Greatly Reduce Your Pain – 484 words
Arthritis Can Cripple Your Quality of Life – 477 words
Arthritis Pain Can Affect Your Whole Body – 455 words
Arthritis Pain Relief Tips – 558 words
Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms and Treatment – 453 words

Migraines (Value $5)

1.) How to Know If You Have a Migraine Headache - 418 words
2.) Migraine Causes Every Suffer Should Know - 406 words
3.) What Migraine Symptoms Should You Watch Out For? - 414 words
4.) Migraines Should Be Taken Seriously - 416 words
5.) What to Do When You Need Instant Migraine Relief - 439 words

Colon Cleanse (Value $5)

1. Acai Colon Cleanse – 209 words
2. The Benefits of an Herbal Colon Cleanse – 206 words
3. What Is a Super Colon Cleanse? – 218 words
4. Sizing Up Colon Cleansing Products – 220 words
5. Colon Cleanse Diet FAQ – 205 words
6. How to Colon Cleanse Your Body – 247 words
7. How Does a Weight Loss Colon Cleanse Work? – 253 words
8. Is a Home Colon Cleanse Safe? – 233 words
9. What Are the Top Colon Cleanse Benefits? – 238 words
10. Watch Out for This Colon Cleanse Scam! – 246 words

Cholesterol PLR (Value $5)

1. How to Lower LDL Cholesterol Naturally – 533 words
2. What Are Normal Cholesterol Levels? – 484 words
3. What Causes Cholesterol Symptoms? – 456 words
4. What Is a Low Cholesterol Diet? – 479 words
5. What Is Cholesterol? – 523 words

Foot Care PLR (Value $5)

Understanding the Importance of Nail and Foot Care – 537 words
What You Need to Be Aware of with Diabetic Foot Care – 513 words
Facts About Foot Care Treatment – 538 words
The Best Foot Care Products to Care for Your Feet – 502 words
Tips for Dealing with Athletes Foot – 493 words

Insomnia PLR (Value $5)

What Are the Symptoms of Insomnia? – 473 words
What Is Insomnia? – 455 words
Finding a Cure for Insomnia – 476 words
The Cause of Insomnia – 490 words
Using Natural Remedies for Insomnia – 491 words

Inflammatory Diseases PLR (Value $5)

Inflammatory Diseases – 409 words
What Causes Inflammation in the Body – 430 words
Foods to Lower Inflammation – 436 words
How to Decrease Inflammation – 394 words
Test for Inflammation in the Body – 418 words

Irritable Bowel Syndrome PLR (Value $5)

Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – 413 words
What Is Irritable Bowel Syndrome – 420 words
Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome – 416 words
Diet for Irritable Bowel Syndrome – 438 words
Symptoms for Irritable Bowel Syndrome – 411 words

Yeast Infection PLR (Value $5)

1. How to Cure a Yeast Infection – 424 words
2. Symptoms of a Yeast Infection – 416 words
3. What Is a Yeast Infection – 414 words
4. How Do You Get a Yeast Infection – 408 words
5. How Common Is Yeast Infection in Men – 414 words

Tinnitus PLR (Value $5)

1. What Is Tinnitus? – 431 words
2. Are There Cures for Tinnitus? – 442 words
3. Stress and Tinnitus – 438 words
4. Tinnitus Natural Remedies – 431 words
5. What Causes Tinnitus? – 440 words

Nail Fungus PLR (Value $5)

What Is Fungus in the Nail? – 432 words
What’s the Cure for Nail Fungus? – 425 words
How Do You Get Nail Fungus? – 433 words
How to Cure Nail Fungus Fast – 423 words
Proper Treatment of Nail Fungus – 430 words

Anemia PLR (Value $5)

What Is Anemia? – 445 words
The Anemia and Iron Connection – 437 words
The Different Kinds of Anemia – 412 words
What Are the Symptoms of Anemia – 409 words
What Causes Anemia – 477 words

Incontinence PLR (Value $5)

Do Incontinence Pads Work – 410 words
Significant Incontinence Treatment Advancements – 444 words
Which Products for Incontinence Really Work? – 429 words
Causes of Incontinence – 408 words
What Is Incontinence? – 414 words

Fatigue PLR (Value $5)

1. Symptoms of Fatigue – 448 words
2. Treatment of Fatigue – 442 words
3. What Is Fatigue? – 450 words
4. Cause of Fatigue – 458 words
5. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – 453 words

GERD PLR Articles (Value $5)

What Is Gastric Reflux Disease? – 405 words
Reflux Disease Symptoms – 403 words
Reflux Disease Diet – 462 words
What Causes Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease? – 443 words
Treatment for GERD – 426 words

Allergy PLR (Value $5)

How Do You Know If It’s Allergies or a Cold? – 424 words
Symptoms That Show Signs of Allergies – 435 words
Top 3 Most Common Allergies – 451 words
What Are the Various Allergy Treatment Options? – 450 words
What Is Allergic Conjunctivitis? – 432 words

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Paul Ramon

Tiffany's PLR content is always first rate.  I've used her content for several years.  The quality of her products are consistently superior to many other people's PLR.  After about a year of using her content, I chose to be one of her lifetime members and I have never regretted that decision.  If you have the opportunity to purchase and use any of Tiffany's products, you should jump on the chance.  You'll see for yourself that I'm steering you in the right direction.

Diana Fuller

What Can You Do With This Content?

  • You can edit it or leave it as is, and put your name on it as the author.
  • You can use it on your blog. Posting fresh, top quality content helps you attract readers and get engagement and this content will definitely serve that purpose.
  • You can use it in email autoresponders. If you want to cater to your list of subscribers, there's no better way to do it than by sending them a series of well thought out articles.
  • You can compile it into a report. Do you need a gift for your subscribers to read, or a bonus report for something else you're selling or promoting? Turn these articles into a PDF for your audience to read.
  • You can turn it into an info product. If you prefer to sell the content, you can turn it into a PDF and make it an info product as part of your line of eBooks.
  • You can engage readers on social media with it. Cut it up or use it in full on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more so you can begin interacting with a like-minded audience.
  • Turn it into multi media. Use the content as a transcript to turn it into a podcast series or a YouTube series, depending on whether you want to use audio or video.
  • ...And so much more!

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As a heads up, there are no upgrades to this offer. This is simply a mega bundle discount you can grab. Instead of spending $1087.50 in bits and pieces for tons of great content, just download a huge file of top quality writing that will be available for you whenever you need it!

I only have 2 rules for my PLR:

#1 - Don't use my name on it.

#2 - Don't pass along the rights to others.

Note: I'm sorry, but I don't offer any refunds on my PLR. I've taken extreme care to ensure I've detailed everything you're going to receive and I've also shared an excerpt with you so you can judge for yourself. But don't worry, if you choose to pass up this amazing offer, we'll still be friends - I promise! 

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Tiff 😉

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Still on the Fence? Here's Why You'll Love My PLR Content:

I'm a hardcore believer in being an ethical seller. While some marketers scrape the Internet and slap up PLR bundles, I take time to thoroughly research my topic and write from scratch. 

I learned many marketing secrets from the top gurus I used to ghostwrite for awhile ago so I have experience with what sells and satisfies readers best.  

I specialize in mostly text-based content, which gives you more words per page rather than free images that you can grab yourself on Pixabay.