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Saving Money (Value $57)

5-Page Report - Surviving an Economic Crunch

At 2,195 words, this 5 and a half page report discusses the current state of the economy from an American and world view. The sections included in this report are:

1.) The Economy Will Improve
2.) Gas Prices Climb
3.) Food Crisis Looms
4.) High Food Prices Drain Budgets
5.) Discretionary Income Remains Flat
6.) Credit Card Debt Not the Answer
7.) Help from Rebate Checks?
8.) Families Making Difficult Choices
9.) Vacations Getting More Expensive
10.) Sales Tax Collection Is Down
11.) Fewer Dollars for Entertainment
12.) Addicted to Debt
13.) It’s Not the End of the World

5-Pack of Articles on Saving Money on Gas

1.) Can You Save With These 3 Alternative Fuels? – 446 Words
2.) Learn How to Drive to Burn Less Gas – 512 Words
3.) Trade in Your Gas Guzzler for a Hybrid – 455 Words
4.) Follow These 5 Hypermiler Tips – 477 Words
5.) Change Your Habits and Lower Your Gas Expenses – 473 Words

5-Pack of Articles on Food Savings

6.) Saving Money While Dining Out – 514 Words
7.) How to Cut Costs at the Grocery Store – 486 Words
8.) Getting Groceries at the Dollar Store – 537 Words
9.) Nix the Midday Lunch Breaks with Co-Workers – 499 Words
10.) Coupon Strategies for Families on a Food Budget – 537 Words

5-Pack of Articles on Saving Money on Utilities

11.) Is Your Electric Bill Almost as Much as Your Mortgage? – 524 Words
12.) Save Money on Household Gas Bills – 476 Words
13.) Slash Your Telephone Bills and Save! – 551 Words
14.) The Biggest Electric-Guzzling Appliances in Your Home – 511 Words
15.) What to Do When Your Water & Sewer Bill Soars – 537 Words

5-Pack of Articles on Travel Savings

16.) How to Save Money on Airfare as Prices Keep Rising – 517 Words
17.) Don’t Scratch Your Family Vacation Just Yet! – 518 Words
18.) Cruise Travel Still Doling Out Hefty Discounts – 525 Words
19.) 7 Ways You Can Save on Your Travel Expenses – 505 Words
20.) Untraditional Ways to Save on Your Travel Costs – 550 Words

5-Pack of Articles on Save Money on Your Mortgage

21.) How Paying More on Your Mortgage Can Save You Money – 513 Words
22.) Make Mortgage Lenders Compete for Your Money – 522 Words
23.) Is Refinancing Going to Help You Save on Your Mortgage? – 490 Words
24.) Two Ways to Save When You Buy a Home – 507 Words
25.) Plug in Points to See How Your Financing Will Pay Off – 494 Words

5-Pack of Articles on Saving Money for College

26.) Does Your Child Have Enough Money for College? – 541 Words
27.) How to Get Free Money for College – 486 Words
28.) Student Loan Management Tips – 495 Words
29.) How to Raise Money for College Tuition – 547 Words
30.) Help Your Child Cut Costs at College – 513 Words

5-Pack of Articles on Save Money on Gifts

31.) Save Money on Christmas Gifts - 565 Words
32) Find Free Shipping for Gift Purchases – 556 Words
33.) Ways to Save Money on Wedding Gifts – 499 Words
34.) Give a Homemade Gift Basket to Save Costs on Presents! – 498 Words
35.) Unique Gift Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank! – 467 Words

5-Pack of Articles on Family Entertainment Savings

36.) Movie Fun Savings for Families – 503 Words
37.) What Your Kids Want Most Is Time, Not Money – 515 Words
38.) Around Town Savings for Family Fun – 487 Words
39.) 7 Frugal Family Fun Nights – 496 Words
40.) Educate Your Kids, Have Fun, and Save Money, Too! – 492 Words

5-Pack of Articles on Saving Money on Dates

41.) Being Frugal Doesn’t Mean You Have to Be Cheap! – 525 Words
42.) Some of the Most Romantic Dates Are Free! (or Almost) – 507 Words
43.) Is She Open to Going Dutch on Your Date? – 573 Words
44.) Plan to Go Out By Staying In! – 539 Words
45.) Date During the Day to Cut Costs – 537 Words

7-Pack of Articles on Ways to Earn Extra Money

46.) Getting a Second Job for the Short-Term – 562 Words
47.) Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer – 456 Words
48.) Start Your Own Home-Based Business – 529 Words
49.) Get a Better Job - Turn Your Hobby Into a Money Machine – 532 Words
50.) Sell Some Stuff on eBay! – 622 Words
51.) Pay Off High Interest Debt and Then Invest Wisely – 535 Words
52.) Have a Garage Sale Where Everything Must Go – 564 Words

Debt and Credit Damage Control OTO (Value $31)

Ordering and Understanding Your Credit Report

This 5+ page, 2,143-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Ordering Your Credit Report
- The Credit Reporting Agencies
- How the Reports are Different

Disputing Your Credit Report

This 5+ page, 2,183-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Making Corrections to Your Credit Report
- Removing Inquiries
- Proper Correspondence When Disputing Errors
- How Long Does It Take for Things to Drop Off Your Report?

Protecting and Salvaging Your Credit During Marriage and Divorce

This 5+ page, 2,418-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

- What to Do When Your Fiancé Has Bad Credit
- What Happens to Your Credit During Marriage?
- What to Do When You Split Up
- Salvaging Your Credit After Your Spouse Ruined It

When Identity Theft Ruins Your Credit

This 5+ page, 2,234-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Who’s a Target of Identity Theft?
- Preventing Identity Theft
- Identifying Identity Theft
- Steps to Take to Fix the Problem

How to Recover from Disastrous Credit

This 6-page, 2,516-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

- Goals You Need to Have
- Credit Repair Agencies
- Hiring an Attorney to Repair Your Credit
- Filing Bankruptcy

Shopping as a Credit Savvy Consumer

This 5+ page, 2,401-word report starts with an introduction and then covers:

- When to Use Credit Versus Cash
- Picking the Right Credit Card
- What to Know About Cash Advances
- When to Apply for Loans

Money Stress (Value $25)

1. New Economy Piling on Money Stress – 426 Words
2. Stress Management for Money Concerns – 440 Words
3. Earn Money for Instant Stress Relief – 439 Words
4. Manage Stress Without Being Sucked Into a Fast Money Scheme – 413 Words
5. Money Stress Can Hamper Your Good Health – 410 Words
6. 10 Stress Relief Tips for the Financially Strapped – 533 Words
7. Baby Boomers and Money Stress – 409 Words
8. How Often Do You Stress About Money? – 421 Words
9. Keep Your Money Safe and Avoid Stress – 457 Words
10. Don’t Let Money Stress Affect Your Marriage – 426 Words
11. Women Suffer From Higher Money Stress Rates Than Men – 400 Words
12. Money Is One of the Top Stress Factors That Hinder Your Health – 414 Words
13. When Money Stress Makes You Sick and Tired – 412 Words
14. Will the Economic Stimulus Provide Any Stress Relief? – 414 Words
15. The Current Economy Creates Chronic Stress Symptoms – 407 Words
16. How to Relieve Stress and Deal with Today’s Economy – 412 Words
17. Economy News Can Cause an Adverse Stress Reaction – 402 Words
18. Economic Collapse Sends Consumers Searching for Stress Tips – 416 Words
19. Will the Future Economy Reduce Stress? – 413 Words
20. Stress Coping When Money Concerns Begin to Grow – 403 Words
21. Stress Therapy in an Unstable Global Economy – 407 Words
22. Ways to Make Money and Avoid Job Stress – 404 Words
23. Beware of Spending Money as a Stress Reliever – 417 Words
24. Manage Your Money AND Your Stress Levels – 420 Words
25. Unemployment Results in Significant Money Stress – 423 Words

Debt and Credit Damage Control PLR (Value $20)

Consolidating Your Debts - 497 words
Steps to Getting Out of Debt Forever - 448 words
Pros and Cons of Using a Debt Consolidation Service - 437 words
Good Debt and Bad Debt – Know the Difference - 454 words
Those Nagging Student Loans – What are Your Options? - 476 words
DEBT – A Four Letter Word That Could Ruin Your Life - 475 words
Have a ‘Get Out of Debt’ Emergency Plan - 439 words
Avoid Get Out of Debt Scams - 446 words
When to File Bankruptcy - 455 words
Life After Debt - 448 words
Credit Counseling Agencies – Do They Really Help? - 463 words
Borrowing from Friends or Family - 513 words
Are You In a Debt Spiral? - 472 words
Using a Home Equity Loan or Refinance Option to Get Out of Debt - 446 words
The Difference Between Consumer and Non-Consumer Debts - 447 words
Negotiating for Tax Relief - 520 words
Protecting Your Funds from Debt Garnishment - 467 words
First Step for Getting Out of Debt – Develop a Budget - 507 words
How to Deal with Debt Collectors - 473 words
Steps to Financial Freedom - 432 words

Credit Cards (Value $17)

How to Choose the Best Consumer Credit Card – 416 Words
Picking the Perfect Student Credit Card – 481 Words
Which Is the Better Credit Card for Your Business? – 517 Words
Is Applying for a Consumer Credit Card Online Safe? – 422 Words
Students Applying for Credit Online in Droves – 531 Words
With Time in Short Supply, Businesses Go Online for Credit – 436 Words
What Can a Credit Card Do for Consumers? – 472 Words
Credit Cards Contribute to a Student’s New Start in Life – 514 Words
Business Owners Charging Essentials on Credit Cards – 391 Words
Understanding Your Consumer Credit Card Statement – 546 Words
Credit Cards 101 for Students – 456 Words
Business Credit Card FAQ - 521 Words
Don’t Fall Into These Consumer Credit Card Traps – 524 Words
Students Beware - Don’t Fail With Credit Cards – 533 Words
Managing Your Business Credit Card Debt – 477 Words

Working Toward Financial Freedom (Value $13.50)

This 13 and a half-page, 5,064-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following sections:

- The Shame of Being a Financial Cautionary Tale
- What Does Wealth Mean?
- Take a Hard Look at Where Your Finances Stand Today
- Spending Less Is Your First Step Toward Freedom
- Create a Plan to Pay Off Your Debt
- Learn to Save Instead of Spend
- Make Progress Toward Earning More Money
- Rewarding Yourself with Wise Spending Decisions

This isn’t a “make money online” course – I mention that once in here as one of three options for wealth building. But it’s more about making a strategy to get your finances under control. It’s uncomfortable but it’s also VERY freeing.

Manage Your Money Using Mint (Value $12)

This is a 12-page, 4,959-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following about the Mint free online service:

- Why You Need to Be in Control of Your Finances
- The Old Way of Managing Money
- Why You Need an Online Tracking Tool
- Why Choose Mint as Your Online Financial Management Tool
- How to Get Started with Mint
- Creating a Budget on Mint
- You Can Improve Your Credit Score with Mint

Couponing Guide PLR (Value $10)

This is a short report (10 and a half pages – 4,710 words) written with subtitles so that if you prefer to break it up and put it on your blog or use as email autoresponders or articles, you can do that easily! Here is the table of contents – it starts with an introduction and then includes these sections:

1. What Can Be Saved Through Using Coupons?
2. Looking at the Grocery Store With New Eyes
3. Create Your Shopping Plan
4. Show Me the Coupons!
5. If You Don’t Organize, Your Coupons Will Take Over
6. Behavior Rules for Using Coupons

How to Create a Household Budget PLR Report (Value $10)

This report is 10 pages long and 3,957 words.

Here’s what it includes for the sections:

Why Make a Budget?
The Debt Danger
Common Budgeting Pitfalls
Money Is Emotional
Getting on the Same Page with Your Spouse
Step 1: Know Where You Are
Step 2: A Critical Look at Your Finances
Step 3: Trim the Fat or Increase Income
Step 4: Realize What You Should be Spending
Step 5: Make a Plan to Pay Your Debt
Step 6: Continue to Track Spending
Step 7: Plan for Your Future
Including Kids in Your Budget Planning

5 Ways to Make Money Online in a Bleak Economy (Value $6)

This 6-page, 2,592-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Ghostwriting and Graphic Design
- Selling Your Own Info Products
- Affiliate Marketing
- Working for Others Who Work at Home
- Writing Fiction for Kindle

College Scholarships (Value $5)

1.) College Scholarships Are Easy to Find – 226 words
2.) Scholarships for Students Are More Abundant These Days – 239 words
3.) What’s Needed on a Scholarship Application? – 250 words
4.) Is There a Difference Between Scholarships and Grants? – 212 words
5.) With Scholarships, Women Climbing the Ranks of Education Totem Pole – 222 words
6.) How Does a Free Scholarship Program Work? – 226 words
7.) Are Graduate Scholarships Easy to Come By? – 228 words
8.) University Scholarships Help High School Graduates Gain an Edge in the Workplace – 202 words
9.) Applying for a Minority Scholarship – 212 words
10.) How to Conduct a Scholarship Search Online – 210 words

Cash Gifting (Value $5)

- Avoid a Cash Gifting Scam – 493 words
- Cash Gifting - a Financial Reward – 498 words
- Cash Gifting Programs – Which One Is Right for You? – 500 words
- The Legal Side of Cash Gifting – 519 words
- The Cash Gifting System – 518 words

Accounting and Bookkeeping (Value $5)

How to Choose an Accounting Bookkeeping Program for Your Small Business – 487 Words
The Easiest Way to Save Money on Accounting and Bookkeeping Costs for Your Business – 553 Words
Outsourcing Bookkeeping and Accounting for Your Business - What You Need to Know – 498 Words
Open Up More Career Opportunities by Taking an Online Bookkeeping and Accounting Course – 535 Words
Starting Your Own Bookkeeping and Accounting Business – 540 Words

Economic and Political Chaos (Value $5)

A 5+page, 2,450-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Chaos Is Inevitable When a Country’s Been Run the Wrong Way
- Preparing Yourself for the Chaos
- Protect Your Money and Learn Alternative Survival Means
- How to Protect Your Business
- Protecting Your Home and Personal Possessions

Improving Your Credit (Value $5)

This 5+-page, 1,964-word report starts with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

- Take a Look at Where You Stand Now
- Correct Any Errors on Your Credit Report
- Repairing Damage That’s Been Done
- Maintaining a Quality Credit History
- Is a Credit Counselor or Debt Consolidation a Good Option?

Auto Loans (Value $5)

1.) What Are the Top Auto Loan Credit Requirements? – 235 words
2.) How to Find a Bad Credit Auto Loan – 248 words
3.) Refinance Auto Loan Options – 218 words
4.) Used Car Auto Loan Tips – 249 words
5.) Reduce Your Auto Loan Payment – 200 words
6.) Getting an Online Auto Loan Quote – 201 words
7.) Auto Loan Refinancing: How Easy Is It? – 223 words
8.) Where to Find Reliable Auto Loan Quotes – 215 words
9.) FAQ About Bankruptcy Auto Loans – 232 words
10.) What Are the Best Auto Loan Opportunities? – 252 words

Identity Theft (Value $5)

1.) Credit Identity Theft: Is Someone Posing as You for a Loan or Credit Card? – 579 Words
2.) Identity Theft Insurance – 519 Words
3.) Identity Theft Is a Growing Concern for Consumers – 499 Words
4.) Identity Theft Protection Measures You Can Take – 510 Words
5.) Report Identity Theft as Soon as It Occurs – 546 Words

Home Loans (Value $5)

Are You Ready for a Home Loan? – 562 words
What Is the VA Home Loan Guaranty? – 500 Words
Have You Considered Getting an FHA Home Loan? – 501 Words
Shopping for a Home Loan the Easy Way – 499 Words
You Can Get an Equity Home Loan, Even With Bad Credit – 526 Words

Credit Repair (Value $5)

How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams – 493 Words
Why Credit Scores Differ With All Three Agencies – 495 Words
Your Annual Right to All Three Credit Scores – 473 Words
Instant Credit Repair Tips – 533 Words
Repairing Your Credit in Time for a Home Loan - 499 Words

Save on Gas (Value $5)

1.) What Is Hypermiling? – 463 Words
2.) 5 Ways to Save at the Pump – 504 Words
3.) Why Are Gas Prices So High? – 510 Words
4.) How Can a Gas Mileage Device Help Me Save Money? – 453 Words
5.) Save Money on Gas with a Hybrid – If You Can Find One! – 478 Words

Paying Off Your Debt (Value $5)

This 5-page, 1,679-word report starts with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

- Figure Out Everything You Owe
- Decide How You Want to Pay Things Off
- Create a Family Budget and Stick to It
- Figure Out How You Can Earn More and Spend Less
- Once You Get Out of Debt, Stay There!

Debt Relief (Value $3)

1.) Debt: Stop Treading Water - 388 words
2.) 5 Tips for Handling Debt - 389 words
3.) Debt Elimination - 377 words

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