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While article bundles are very helpful in generating traffic and building a loyal audience, many marketers need more content that is versatile for list building and sales. 

I've created a High Quality Upgrade Bundle that consists of a full suite of content for your needs. 

A Full eBook, Sales Letter, Lead Magnet, Email Series, Product Reviews & eCovers!

Details of the Upgrade:

This bundle can be used in a variety of ways by you. For example, the eBook can be published as a list builder or a product you sell - or, you can break it up into articles for your blog, emails or social media accounts. 

There are 60+ pages in this bundle (plus eCovers)! 

It includes the following:

Lead Magnet Report: Blogging: A Life Hack for Mental Health

This 5-page, 2,279-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

  • Enrich Your Life By Blogging for an Audience
  • Share Your Struggles and How You Overcame Them
  • Public Blogging Gives You a New Perspective on Life
  • Altruistic Blogging Benefits Your Emotional Well Being
  • Therapeutic Blog Journals Help You Navigate Life’s Rough Patches

10-Part Pre-Sale and Post-Sale Email Series

  • Presell Email #1: Who Is a Good Candidate for Blog Journaling? – 236 words
  • Presell Email #2: What Constitutes an Effective Form of Digital Therapy? – 231 words
  • Presell Email #3: Where Can You Create a Blog to Cater to Your Emotional Well Being? – 239 words
  • Presell Email #4: Why More Men and Women of All Ages Are Blogging for Therapy – 238 words
  • Presell Email #5: How to Let Go of Stress and Embrace Your Voice of Empowerment – 234 words
  • Post-Sale Email #1: It’s Time to Develop Confidence in Your Blog Voice – 221 words
  • Post-Sale Email #2: Tools of the Trade That Can Help Your Blog Thrive – 243 words
  • Post-Sale Email #3: Personal Growth Strategy for Blogging the Right Way – 236 words
  • Post-Sale Email #4: Tips You Can Use to Expand Your Blog Audience – 254 words
  • Post-Sale Email #5: 3 Ways You Can Develop Your Blog’s Branding – 282 words

Full eBook: Empower Yourself By Blogging

This 30+ page, 12,757-word book starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

  • Chapter 1: The Healing Power of Blog Journals
  • Chapter 2: Blogs Provide You with Public Support
  • Chapter 3: Your Blog Is Your Platform for Igniting Change
  • Chapter 4: Setting Up Your Blog for Public Viewing
  • Chapter 5: Generating Ideas for Blog Journal Topics
  • Chapter 6: Attracting an Audience for Engagement on Your Blog
  • Chapter 7: Adding Multi Media to Your Blog
  • Chapter 8: Generating Profits from Your Blog Journal

Sales Copy

The text of the complete 5-page, 1,458-word sales letter you can use to promote sales of the eBook on a platform of your choice, complete with:

  • Headlines
  • Sub-headlines
  • Storyline
  • Bulletpoints
  • Call to Action
  • PostScripts

10 Product Reviews

These are reviews of a mix of journaling, influence and blog books as follows:

  • Effortless Journaling – 484 words
  • Start with Why – 475 words
  • Do. Lead. Share Your Vision – 489 words
  • The Science of Influence – 467 words
  • Blogging for Dummies – 504 words
  • How to Blog – 482 words
  • Everybody Writes – 475 words
  • Lifestyle Blogging Basics – 505 words
  • Communicate to Influence – 527 words
  • Story Smart – 467 words

eCover Graphics

  • eBook eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files (3D and flat)
  • Lead Magnet Report eCover with .png, .jpg and .psd files (3D and flat)

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