13 Years Ago I Was Told This Industry Was "Dead" & I've Been Laughing All the Way to the Bank Ever Since.

Now I'm Going to Hold Your Hand & Walk You Through Every Detail So You Can Succeed with It, Too!

28 Day Double Challenge - Price Rises December 1st

Notes: You don't get PLR rights to this challenge itself, but you do have PLR rights to the product you, yourself create during this challenge. Also, don't worry if you can't start yet. Get it on sale now and start ANY time you want - even after the first of the year! I'll be here for you.

Lessons Begin Posting Nov 18th - Go at Your Own Pace!

Hi Everyone!

Every time I poll my list of subscribers about what they need help on, it's an overwhelming response about how to create content and how to do PLR launches. 

So I decided to combine the two topics and do one MEGA challenge for you that covers it ALL!

You're seeing SO many people come onto the PLR scene with success and you want that, too - you just don't know all of the puzzle pieces to make it happen! Plus, you've probably witness some people flop, and you want to avoid those missteps. 

The PLR business, which I've been a major part of since 2006, shows no signs of slowing down - primarily because so many niche marketers need a lot of content on a regular basis.

They need: 

  • Opt in reports (lead magnet offers)
  • Email series
  • Blog post articles
  • eBooks they can sell as info products
  • Social media posts and graphics
  • Videos and audio files to use in their marketing...and more!

And most marketers have no time (or sometimes talent) to create all of these moving pieces. They just need to have someone else do it, but when they're maximizing profits and managing a budget, that means pricey ghostwriting is off-limits.

So instead, they turn to affordable Private Label Rights packages that give them a ton of content to tide their site over for time being. 

What Is a "Challenge" and How Does It Work?

A challenge is my version of a course, but with an interactive coaching slant.

Think about how many times you've purchased an eBook, only to glance through it, get confused, and give up. With my challenge, you'll have ME beside you all the way to ask questions of and bounce ideas off of - and sometimes participants end up networking with one another, too.

With my challenges, I create the course as we go, so if you have questions or need additional insight, I'm able to answer it and weave it into the lessons.

You don't have to worry about pace or keeping up with anyone. The only thing you need to focus on is completing the tasks I give you each day, and reaching out to me when you feel stuck or unsure. That's what I'm here for!

You don't need a store to sell PLR - but you do need a place to create and host a sales page. I use Optimize Press, a plugin on a blog, but you can use any tool like Amazon S3, which is extremely cheap.

As you go through the lessons as they're posted, I'll be here to hold your hand, and all lessons and comments will remain open to you so you can gain more insight and participate along the way.

Here's What You'll Learn in This Challenge:

Day 1: What to Expect of This Business: An Analysis of How PLR Content Launches Are Evolving

Day 2: Selecting a Profitable Content Topic

Day 3: Choosing a Date and Time for Your Launch

Day 4: Deciding Which Kind of Content to Create

Day 5: Outlining and Pricing Your Funnel

Day 6: Building Your JV Launch Page

Day 7: Creating Your Front End Sales Page

Day 8: Creating Your OTO Sales Page

Day 9: Creating Your OTO 2 Sales Page

Day 10: Creating Your Platform Listing

Day 11: Announcing It Early and Finding Affiliates

Day 12: Approving and Denying Affiliates

Day 13: Create a Schedule for Your Content Creation

Day 14: Niche PLR Article Creation

Day 15: Creating Niche PLR eBooks and Reports with Sales Copy or Landing Page Content

Day 16: Creating PLR Product Reviews

Day 17: Creating a Series of PLR Emails

Day 18: Creating a PLR Slideshow

Day 19: Creating Social Media PLR Blurbs

Day 20: What Buyers Want in PLR Graphics

Day 21: PLR Audio Creation

Day 22: Creating Video PLR Components

Day 23: Bundling Up the Files for Listing and Delivery

Day 24: Launch Schedule and Ideas for Contacting Your Affiliates

Day 25: Finalizing Launch for Approval

Day 26: Day of Launch Tasks

Day 27: Follow Up Launch Days

Day 28: Wrapping Up the Launch and Repurposing It for Later

I asked someone who had taken one of my original PLR courses how she liked it and this is what she had to say:

Trish Lindemood

I Purchased PLR ATM back in the day… and obviously took action on it. I worked with a couple of other people to get my site set up and sort out the affiliate side, but that was the start for me in this market. Here I am over six years later with KitchenBloggers.com as my full-time income. Thank you!

Trish Lindemood

Here's How It Works When You Sign Up:

When you sign up for this challenge, you will receive a file of links and a password where the lessons will be posted, one at a time, beginning on November 18th when we start the challenge.

The challenge will be a mix of video tutorials and text-based instructions. 

Once you get the file, you'll then log in, go through the challenge lesson for the day, and get your assignment. You can do this at your own pace, so don't worry if you get behind.

When you complete the task, feel free to email me (I'll have my direct email listed in the file you receive) with any questions or you can post directly on the challenge if you'd like others participating to answer you as well. 

Challenge Begins November 18th & the Price Increases By $20 on December 1st!

Remember: After buying, you'll download your list of links and password. Then, on November 18th, you can log into day 1 and get the first lesson. I will upload lessons daily (weekdays) from that point on.

No Refunds: Sorry, but I don't allow refunds on my challenges. If you have any questions about the course/challenge before you buy, don't hesitate to reach out at the link below. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Tiff 🙂