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So I decided to package everything together and give you a massive discount on it. There are over 992 total pages and you're going to enjoy a hefty discount of over 95%.

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12 Month Diet OTO (Value $72)

1. Mindful Eating Diets

a. 4 Week Planner
b. Intuitive Eating – 460 words
c. Mindful Eating – 444 words
d. Mindful Eating: A Guide to Rediscovering a Healthy and Joyful Relationship with Food – 508 words
e. Eating the Moment – 470 words
f. Meal Measure Portion Control Plate – 511 words

2. Calorie Control Diets

a. 4 Week Planner
b. The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat and Carbohydrate Counter – 459 words
c. Good Calories, Bad Calories – 500 words
d. The Negative Calorie Diet – 445 words
e. The Skinnytaste Cookbook – 453 words
f. Digital Food Scale – 484 words

3. Low Carb Diets

a. 4 Week Planner
b. The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners – 528 words
c. Fat for Fuel – 464 words
d. South Beach Diet – 472 words
e. The Complete Low Carb Cookbook – 480 words
f. Food Spiralizer – 451 words

4. Meal Replacement Diets

a. 4 Week Planner
b. Superfood Smoothies – 502 words
c. The Healthy Smoothie Bible – 488 words
d. Juicing for Beginners – 506 words
e. 10-Day Green Smoothie Cleanse – 513 words
f. Protein Powder – 457 words

5. Fasting Diets

a. 4 Week Planner
b. The Obesity Code – 473 words
c. The Complete Guide to Fasting – 462 words
d. Fasting and Eating for Health – 503 words
e. The FastDiet – 491 words
f. Burn Fat with the Metabolic Blowtorch Diet – 467 words

6. Sugar Detox Diets

a. 4 Week Planner
b. The 21-Day Sugar Detox – 560 words
c. Zero Sugar Diet – 494 words
d. Sugar Detox – 502 words
e. Sugar Crush – 489 words
f. Sugar Buster’s Shopping Guide – 468 words

7. Meatless Dieting

a. 4 Week Planner
b. Love Real Food – 519 words
c. Thug Kitchen – 466 words
d. Forks Over Knives – 462 words
e. The Kind Diet – 443 words
f. The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook – 456 words

8. Paleo Diet

a. 4 Week Planner
b. Paleo for Beginners – 489 words
c. The Paleo Diet – 524 words
d. The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook – 457 words
e. Quick and Easy Ketogenic Cooking – 468 words
f. Paleo in 28 – 491 words

9. 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet

a. 4 Week Planner
b. Fast Metabolism Food RX – 489 words
c. The Fast Metabolism Diet – 453 words
d. Master your Metabolism – 464 words
e. The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook – 483 words
f. The Metabolic Makeover – 478 words

10. Blood Sugar Diet

a. 4 Week Planner
b. 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet – 478 words
c. The Blood Sugar Solution – 468 words
d. The Blood Sugar Solution Cookbook – 474 words
e. The Pre-Diabetes Diet Plan – 497 words
f. The Sugar Blockers Diet – 512 words

11. Mediterranean Diet

a. 4 Week Planner
b. Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Dummies – 488 words
c. Mediterranean Diet Plan – 472 words
d. Mediterranean Diet for Beginners – 470 words
e. The Complete Mediterranean Diet – 480 words
f. The Complete Mediterranean Cookbook – 518 words

12. Low Fat Diet

a. 4 Week Planner
b. Low Fat Low Cholesterol Cookbook – 494 words
c. Diet Recipe Cookbook – 462 words
d. How to Cook Healthy in a Hurry – 455 words
e. Delicious Low Fat Recipes in 30 Minutes – 450 words
f. The Diet Cookbook – 462 words

Diet Niche Starter Pack Outlines (Value $66)

For each topic, you get a funnel of content and the following in the pack outlined for you:

- Outline for a Complete eBook You Can Create to Sell Online!
- Outline for a Bonus Report That You Can Give Away When Someone Buys Your Main eBook!
- Outline for an Opt-In Report You Can Use to Build Your List!
- Ideas for a 7-Part Email Autoresponder Series So You Can Keep Catering to the Needs of Your List!
- Ideas for 5 Articles You Can Use Anywhere on the Web - Including Your Blog!
- Ideas for 5 Product Reviews You Can Use Anywhere to Convert Prospects Into Buyers!

Here are the topics covered in this 11-pack bundle:

1. Reasons to Lose Weight Now - 6+ pages, 2,501 words
2. Breaking the Cycle of Yo Yo Dieting - 6 pages, 2,305 words
3. Choosing the Diet That's Best for You - 6 pages, 2,119 words
4. Which Fitness Program Is Right for You? - 6+ pages, 2,937
5. Cardio and Strength Training for a Fit Body - 6+ pages, 2,732 words
6. Managing Carbs for Increased Weight Loss - 6 pages, 2,472 words
7. Dieting for Diabetics - 6 pages, 2,477
8. Diet and Fitness Goal Setting Mastery - 6+ pages, 2,918 words
9. Breaking the Chains of Emotional Eating - 6 pages, 2,479 words
10. Mediterranean Diet for Weight Loss and Overall Health - 6+ pages, 2,896 words
11. Bad Habits That Prevent a Fit Body - 6 pages, 2,608 words

Fight Disease with Food Content Funnel (Value $65)

Due to the size of this file you will receive a link to download the fiel in its entirety separately.

The bundle includes:

Main eBook: Fight Disease with Food

This is a 25-page, 7,702-word eBook that covers the following:

- The Problem with Today’s Health Management
- Natural Methods to Boost Your Health to Optimal Levels
- Foundation for Nutritional Health Before Disease Sets In
- Nutrition Management for Diabetics
- Nutrition to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease
- Nutrition That Fights Inflammation
- Nutrition to Boost Your Memory Function
- Nutrition to Control and Cure Cancer*Product delivered in Word, Txt and PDF formats

Bonus Report: Ayurvedic Medicine: Dietary Tweaks to Heal Your Health

This is a report that you might want to use as a bonus for those who buy the main eBook. Of course, you can use it any way you want - this is just a suggestion.

This report is 6 pages and 2,347 words in length. It starts off with a short introduction to Ayurvedic medicine and then covers the following topics:

- Understanding the Three Doshas
- The 6 Tastes of Ayurvedic Nutrition
- Pancha Karma: Cleansing & Healing Your Body with Nutrition
- Ayurvedic Nutrition Tips to Aid Digestion

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Opt In or Viral Report : 29 Herbs and Spices to Boost Your Health

Again, use this report as you see fit - maybe you want to use it as a second bonus report - or rip it apart and use it as blog posts or email autoresponders. That's up to you!

This report is 5 pages and 1,475 words. It covers a wide variety of herbs and spices you can use to increase your health - and it's a perfect accompaniment for the main eBook, which teaches the best food sources for health!

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Sales Copy: Sales Letter to Convert Visitors Into Buying "Fight Disease with Food"

Every time I created an eBook for a guru, I created a sales letter, too. It's best created by the person who actually wrote the eBook, so I know what trigger points to focus on and how to convert tire kickers into determined buyers.

The sales letter is 4 pages long and includes headlines, sub-headlines, storyline, bulletpoints, and a call to action. It does *not* include phony testimonials because I don't believe in that. There are no graphics for the sales copy (except the ones listed below).

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Graphics Pack: eCovers and Banner in JPG, PNG and PSD Formats

While I created the content, I hired someone to create the graphics using royalty-free images that reflected this niche perfectly! You get

- Three different styles of eCovers for the main eBook (split test, anyone?)
- An eCover for the bonus report
- An eCover for the opt in / viral report
- A 468x60 banner ad promoting the main eBook

I ensured all of the graphics were good quality and that you do get the PSD files so you can edit them to your heart's desire.

*Product delivered in JPG, PNG and PSD formats

Email Autoresponders: 7-Part Series

When you start building your list, you need something to say that drives them back to the main sales letter. I created a 7-part series titled, "Cook Your Way to Good Health."

This series is the perfect accompaniment to the main eBook Fight Disease with Food - because it's not only the foods you choose that help or hurt your health, but the way in which you prepare them that matters.

Here are the titles for this series:

1. Healthful Ways to Add Meat to Your Diet
2. How to Get a Rainbow of Produce Into Each Day
3. Smart Substitutions You Can Make for Enhanced Flavor
4. Mediterranean Cooking Tips That Make You Healthy
5. Stop Overcooking Your Foods
6. Go Organic
7. Include the Best Meal Fillers

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Articles or Blog Posts: Set of 5 - Total Wellness Slant

You don't just want everything behind the scenes in downloadable form or email form - you want some public postings on your blog or in article directories, too.

I've taken a variety of slants with these articles to ensure your reader gets a total wellness education with an emphasis on nutrition. Here are the titles for this set:

1. Is Your Sleep Being Ruined By Poor Food Choices?
2. Nutritional Choices That Stop Stress in Its Tracks
3. Fight Fatigue with These Energy-Boosting Foods
4. Are Your Meals Preventing or Causing Disease in Your Body?
5. Protect the Health of Your Family Through Food

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Product Reviews: Amazon Tangible Reviews

With the nutritional health niche, you're in luck - because you get to promote a wide variety of both digital and tangible products. I've chosen to review five tangible products that sell well on Amazon and earn you a fantastic commission! Each one contributes to better nutritional health, too! Each article is over 500 words.

Here are the items that are reviewed in this set:

1. Miracle Gro Aero Garden 7 Pod Indoor Garden Herb Kit
2. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale
3. Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor
4. Instant Pot IP-LUX60 6-in-1 Programmable 6 Quart, Pressure Cooker
5. Oster 5712 Electronic 2-Tier 6-Quart Food Steamer

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Social Networking Posts: Facebook or Google +

I know the power of both Facebook (for traffic) and G+ (for SERP rankings). You can't afford to miss out on either of these as a good source of exposure for your offer.

I created a set of 5 posts that you can put on FB or G+ - and each one contains a conversational engagement question (to get comments rolling) and an image (usually a quote or other text) that helps your post get shared!

*Product delivered in Txt format for written portion and JPG only for image - no PSD included, but you can easily add your URL to them.

12 Month Diet Rotation PLR (Value $60)

This is a bundle of 12 short reports, each explaining a different type of diet plan that readers can try out on a monthly rotation schedule or just to find one to stick with that works best for them.

Starts with a 1-2 paragraph introduction about finding the right kind of diet or weight loss plan and then introduces one solution they might want to consider...

Each report has the following sections:

- Basic Principles of the Diet
- Who the Diet Works Best For
- How to Get Prepared for this Diet
- Sample Meal Plan for the Diet
- Tips to Increase Success on this Diet

The twelve diet plans are:

1. Mindful Eating Diets – 5 and a half pages, 2,577 words
2. Calorie Control Diets – 5 and a half page, 2,474 words
3. Low Carb Diets – 5 and a half page, 2,533 words
4. Meal Replacement Diets - 5 and a half page, 2,318 words
5. Fasting Diets - 5 and a half page, 2,441 words
6. Sugar Detox Diets – 5+ page, 2,215 words
7. Meatless Dieting - 5+ page, 2,186 words
8. Paleo Diet – 5-page, 2,152 words
9. 3-Hour Metabolism Boosting Diet - 5+ page, 2,332 words
10. Blood Sugar Diet - 5+ page, 2,274 words
11. Mediterranean Diet – 5+ page, 2,238 words
12. Low Fat Diet - 5+ page, 2,245 words

2019 Weight Loss Tips PLR OTO (Value $59)

6-Page Report: Bet on Yourself to Win at Weight Loss

This 6-page, 2,644-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. HealthyWage
2. DietBet
3. StickK
4. How Can You bet Against Yourself without Using a Site?

6-Page Report: Eating Healthy When Your Cash and Time Is Limited

This 6-page, 2,645-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. Saving Money, Time and Your Health
2. You Don’t Have to Break Your Budget to Eat Healthy
3. Fresh Doesn’t Have to Be Expensive
4. Turning Your Savings Into Meals
5. Tips for Saving Time and Money So You Can Eat Healthy

6-Page Report: FIT: Visualize Your Way to Weight Loss Through Multi Sensory Imagery

This 6-page, 2,446-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. What Is This New Way to Lose Weight?
2. Why FIT Works for Everyone
3. How to Get Started Using FIT
4. Making FIT Part of Your Lifestyle
5. FIT Teaches Failure Prevention

5-Page Report: Avoid Extreme Dieting in 2019

This 5-page, 2,134-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. Slow Dieting Works Best in the Long Run
2. Good Food Versus Bad Food Causes Cravings
3. Nutritional Sabotage Isn’t Healthy
4. Quality of Life Deteriorates in Extreme Dieting Conditions
5. You Put Your Life at Risk

5+ Page Report: More Reasons to Take Charge of Your Weight in 2019

This 5+ page, 2,219-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. Obesity Fuels Cancer
2. Being Overweight Develops Into Diabetes
3. Too Much Weight Hurts Your Heart
4. You Can Lose Your Mobility from Too Much Weight
5. Obesity Even Affects Your Mental Health

5-Page Report: How to Go on a Keto Diet as a Vegetarian

This 5-page, 2,212-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

1. Most Keto Diets Rely Heavily on Meat as a Food Source
2. What Foods Can a Ketotarian Enjoy While Losing Weight?
3. Avoid These Foods to Help You Lose Weight and Feel Great
4. Watch Your Body for Signs of Success
5. How to Re-Introduce Carbs to Your Diet as a Ketotarian

Email Series:

1. Three Nutritional Rules to Help You Lose Weight Consistently - 478 words
2. Try to Lose Weight Without Dieting in 2019 - 518 words
3. This Will Be the Year of Gut Health for Good Health and Weight Loss - 490 words
4. To Shed Pounds without Quitting, Shake Up Your Routine Periodically - 489 words
5. What We’re Still Learning About Weight Loss in 2019 - 483 words

Product Reviews:

1. The Plant Paradox - 469 words
2. The Obesity Code - 485 words
3. The Dubrow Diet - 465 words
4. How to Fight FatFlammation - 469 words
5. The Fast Metabolism Diet - 450 words
6. Bright Line Eating - 462 words
7. Radical Metabolism - 463 words
8. The Code Red Revolution - 484 words
9. 10-Day Belly Slimdown - 480 words
10. The F Factor Diet - 466 words
11. Trim Healthy Mama Plan - 490 words
12. Dr. Berg’s New Body Type Guide - 436 words
13. Delay, Don’t Deny - 471 words
14. The Oxygen Advantage - 463 words
15. Always Hungry? - 465 words

Social Engagement Posts

This is a set of full length articles, but geared to solicit a response on social networking sites - such as within a Facebook group. They can also be used as email posts, blog posts or elsewhere.

1. What’s Your Favorite Drink When Dieting? - 510 words
2. How Many of You Have Heard of or Done Piloxing? - 486 words
3. Are You Scared of Weight Loss Hypnosis or Do You Think It’s a Hoax? - 486 words
4. Should You Switch from Dieting to an Interval Weight Loss Strategy? - 487 words
5. Could Freezing Nerves Help You Lose Weight? - 503 words

Diet APAP Mega Pack (Value $57)

Opt in report title: Taking Your Diet to the Next Level
Weekly Email Titles (average approximately 430 words each):
Email #1: 6 Common Dieting Myths Revealed
Email #2: Popular Dieting Plans
Email #3: Healthier Ways to Satisfying Your Hunger
Email #4: How to Bounce Back When a Diet Fails
Email #5: How to Avoid Gaining Weight When You Quit Smoking
Email #6: Relationship Woes and Eating Don’t Mix
Email #7: Avoiding Midnight Snacks
Email #8: Tips to Avoid Television Eating Habits
Email #9: Facts About Fast Food
Email #10: A Guide to Eating Healthy at a Restaurant
Email #11: Tips for Healthy Children’s Menus
Email #12: Keep Your Willpower Intact When Ordering Takeout
Email #13: Healthier Ingredients for Your Favorite Dishes
Email #14: Your Guide to Low-Carb Cooking
Email #15: Healthier Choices for Salad Dressings
Email #16: Healthier Snack Ideas
Email #17: How to Determine Your Child’s Ideal Weight
Email #18: How to Make Exercising Fun for Your Child
Email #19: Healthier After School Snacks
Email #20: Healthier Beverages to Stock in Your Household for Children
Email #21: How to Get Motivated to Exercise
Email #22: Inspirational Techniques to Use to Stay on Your Diet
Email #23: How to Keep Your Weight Loss New Year’s Resolution
Email #24: Tips on Getting Family and Friends Involved in Your Diet Plan
Email #25: When You Should Not Exercise
Email #26: Why Stretching Is Important Before and After Exercising
Email #27: Proper Clothing to Wear When Walking or Jogging
Email #28: Safety Tips to Keep in Mind When Using Exercise Equipment
Email #29: Are Diet Sodas Healthy?
Email #30: How Alcoholic Beverages Can Be Bad For Your Diet
Email #31: How Water Can Help You Lose Weight
Email #32: What Beverages Can You Drink When On a Diet?
Email #33: How to Shop for Food When You’re on a Diet
Email #34: Planning Your Meals Ahead of Time
Email #35: Stock Up on Energy Boosting Foods
Email #36: Healthier Snack Alternatives
Email #37: Avoiding Temptations in the Workplace
Email #38: Dieting Issues for Men
Email #39: Dieting Issues for Women
Email #40: The Dos and Don’ts of Dieting
Email #41: Can You Avoid Feeling Like a Stuffed Turkey?
Email #42: Cookies, Candies and Cakes - Oh My!
Email #43: Healthier Foods to Serve at Your Holiday Party
Email #44: What to Do When You Cheat on Your Diet During the Holidays
Email #45: Exercise Tips for Beginners
Email #46: When to Consult a Doctor Before Starting an Exercise Regimen
Email #47: Sit Down Exercises That Work
Email #48: Why Exercising Is Important for Your Body
Email #49: When Dieting Gets Out of Control
Email #50: A Guide to a Sensible Weight Loss Plan
Email #51: Are Dieting Pills Safe?
Email #52: Weight Loss Pills: Do They Really Work?

hCG Diet Mega PLR Pack (Value $57)

1. A Review of the hCG Diet Plan – 440 words
2. Do hCG Diets Really Work? – 445 words
3. hCG Drops - Magic or Miracle? – 473 words
4. hCG for Weight Loss Is Quick and Effective – 476 words
5. How to Raise Your hCG Level – 453 words
6. hCG Diet Dangers – Truth or Fiction? – 479 words
7. hCG Injections Risks and Rewards – 517 words
8. Tasty hCG Recipes Can Enhance the hCG Diet Plan – 516 words
9. What You Should Know About hCG Phases – 487 words
10. What You Should Know About hCG Side Effects – 522 words
11. How hCG Hormones Help You Lose Weight – 494 words
12. The Best Places to Buy hCG – 457 words
13. The Difference Between Homeopathic hCG and hCG Injections – 497 words
14. The hCG Plan Includes Hormones and Diet – 512 words
15. Where You Can Find the Best hCG Diet Recipes – 503 words
16. Following the hCG Protocol – 503 words
17. hCG Reviews – the Good and the Bad – 481 words
18. How Do hCG Diet Plans Differ from Others? – 511 words
19. Low Calories Make Up Allowed hCG Foods – 499 words
20. What Is hCG – And Can It Help Me Lose Weight? – 490 words
21. An hCG Chart Can Help You Plot Your Weight Loss Progress – 485 words
22. Confused About hCG Diet Phases? – 559 words
23. Get Free hCG Information Online – 472 words
24. hCG Phase 3 Sets Up Your Metabolic System – 441 words
25. How Can an hCG Shot Help Me Lose Weight? – 503 words
26. How to Know If You’re Getting the Correct hCG Dosage for Weight Loss – 469 words
27. Learn All About the Weight Loss Plan on An hCG Forum – 504 words
28. The Phenomenon of hCG Diet Drops – 500 words
29. Weight Loss Using hCG, Dr. Simeons Protocol – 421 words
30. When It Comes to hCG, Phoenix, AZ Leads the Way – 491 words
31. Choose an hCG Clinic – Or DIY – 509 words
32. hCG Shots for Weight Loss – Safe or Dangerous – 475 words
33. hCG Diet Reviews Reveal Pros and Cons – 473 words
34. Planning Your hCG Menu – 452 words
35. Read Online Reviews of hCG Diet to Get the Facts – 509 words
36. About the Creator Of the hCG Diet, Simeons – 442 words
37. Finding An hCG Calculator for Weight Loss – 443 words
38. Sublingual hCG – A Fast and Powerful Weight Loss Solution – 478 words
39. What You Should Know About Side Effects Of the hCG Diet – 496 words
40. You Can Find Information About hCG Online – 469 words
41. Confused About hCG Phase 1? – 452 words
42. hCG Food – Allowed and Forbidden – 476 words
43. hCG Phase 2 – The Difference in Dr. Simeons’ and Trudeau’s Diet Plan – 517 words
44. How to Make hCG Diet Menus More Interesting – 549 words
45. The hCG Diet – What to Eat? – 469 words
46. Does hCG Diet Work? – 517 words
47. How hCG Diet Cheats Can Help You Succeed – 518 words
48. What Do I Eat On the hCG Diet? – 502 words
49. The Skinny on How to hCG Diet – 528 words
50. Planning Your hCG Diet Schedule – 513 words
51. How to Survive On the 500 Calorie hCG Diet – 490 words
52. hCG Phase 4 – The First Day Of the Rest of Your Life – 520 words

A 5-page hCG opt in or viral report:

The opt in report is 5 pages and includes subtitles. It's a good prequel for an eBook. You can use it to build a list of buyers for the full version or use it as a viral report with your links in it - to promote your own or even another hCG diet plan if you prefer!

2014 New Year Diet Success PLR Bundle (Value $52)

2014 New Year Diet Success PLR eBook

This eBook has a title page and hyperlinked Table of Contents for your convenience. It is 30+ pages - and it contains 11,324 words.

Here is the table of contents so you can get an idea of what’s discussed:

Chapter 1: The Problem With Diets of the Past
Chapter 2: A Better Way to Succeed With Dieting
Chapter 3: Analyze Your Current Diet Mindset
Chapter 4: Evaluate Your Existing Nutritional Intake
Chapter 5: What Kind of Movement Is Your Body Getting?
Chapter 6: What Other Health Needs Should Your Diet Assist?
Chapter 7: Do You Want to Officially Diet or Get Healthy?
Chapter 8: Natural Ways to Burn More Calories Throughout Your Day
Chapter 9: Check-In Milestones Throughout the Year
Chapter 10: Supplementing Your Diet Success

2014 New Year Diet Success PLR Report

This report is 7+ pages and 2,947 words in length. It’s titled, “2014 New Year Diet Trends” It starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Popular and Safe Diet Plans for 2014
- Dangerous Fad Diets to Avoid This Year
- New Findings in the World of Dieting
- Exercise Trends for Increased Fitness

2014 New Year Diet Success PLR Articles

Each of these articles includes a call to action for the reader to check out the 2014 New Year Diet Success course.

1. How Fast Can You Lose Weight Safely? – 484 words
2. Does Spot Training to Lose Weight in One Area Work? – 463 words
3. Which Diet Plans Are Best for 2014? – 602 words
4. Tips on Starting a New Year’s Diet Plan for Success – 528 words
5. Are Diet Pills the Key to Your Weight Loss Success? – 464 words
6. Should You Have Weight Loss Surgery? – 456 words
7. Breaking Through a Weight Loss Plateau – 439 words
8. Lose Weight and Keep It Off for Good – 381 words

2014 New Year Diet Success PLR Email Autoresponders

I decided to do a 7-day series called “Weight Gain Can Be a Side Effect of Something Else” for this set.

1. Could Weight Gain Be a Symptom of Something Else?
2. How Mental Health Woes Result in Obesity
3. Is Your Thyroid Causing Weight Gain?
4. Prescriptions That Cause You to Pack on Pounds
5. Low Energy Can Torpedo Your Weight Loss Efforts
6. An Unhealthy Gut Can Prevent You From Losing Weight
7. Is Age a Good Excuse to Give Up on Weight Loss?

hCG Diet PLR eBook (Value $50)

- It’s 50 pages total, including a title page and table of contents.
- It has no pictures – it’s 100% content
- It includes the following:

Chapter 1: What Is the hCG Diet?
Chapter 2: The hCG Diet Step by Step
Chapter 3: Weighing the Options
Chapter 4: Does the HCG Diet Have Side Effects?
Chapter 5: Exercise and the hCG Diet
Chapter 6: Journal Your Way to Success
Chapter 7: How Much Is Enough Weight to Lose?
Chapter 8: Get Ready, Get Set, Go!
- hCG Diet Preparation Checklist
- Weekly Menu Worksheet
- hCG Diet Daily Journal
Chapter 9: Avoiding Common Pitfalls
Chapter 10: Desserts for Desperate Moments
Chapter 11: Maintaining Your Momentum
Chapter 12: Beyond the Scale

Each of those chapters has subtitles as well.

This comes in both Word format and TXT doc format.

You can either turn this into a PDF and sell it as your eBook or break it up and use it to sell OTHER hCG products on the market but once you read it, I think you’re going to see it’s a fantastic guide – better than most sub-par eBooks on the topic out there!

50 Diet Tips for 2012 (Value $50)

It's called 50 Tips for 2012 and each tip is its own chapter (you
could even add two more and have one tip per week of 2012 if you
want to). It has a title page, hyperlinked table of contents, and
then the chapters.

I want to add something, too - this is definitely a diet plan that
you can feel GOOD promoting. It's not stuff that contains harmful
advice - it's solid and easy to digest information. It's the
practical stuff we should all be doing.

It's 17,620 words and technically it's 69 pages, but some of those
are just overflow from the previous page, so I'm just charging for
the 50 main tip pages.

2010 Diet Plan PLR (Value $38)

Title: 2010 Weight Loss Plans That Best Suit Your Diet Personality

Subtitle: Whether You’re a Binger Eater, a Late Night Snacker, or Someone Who Just Over-Indulges on a Regular Basis, We Have a Diet Plan That Will Suit Your Needs for 2010!

Page Count: 37 (plus a little onto the 38th page – and it includes a title page and a hyperlinked Table of Contents, too)

Word Count: 14,139 words

Table of Contents (each plan has its own introduction text and then three sections to it – How to Eat, Exercise Tips, and Mindset Motivation):

Introduction: There’s No One Size Fits All Diet Plan!
Chapter 1: The Plan for Those Who Don’t Want to Give Up Their Favorite Foods
Chapter 2: The Plan for Those Who Like to Eat at Fast Food Restaurants
Chapter 3: The Plan for Those Who Have Ample Time to Prepare Healthy Meals at Home
Chapter 4: The Plan for Those Who Know They’ll Have a Hard Time Limiting Their Food Intake
Chapter 5: The Plan for Those Who Raid the Fridge at Night
Chapter 6: The Plan for Those Who Need to Lose a Small Amount of Weight in a Short Time Period

Protein for Weight Loss Bundle (Value $38)

Main eBook: Protein for Weight Loss

This 27-page, 11,155-word eBook starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- The Power of Protein
- Dietary Changes to Maximize the Use of Protein
- The Best Meat Proteins for Your Body
- Top Plant-Based Proteins for Your Diet
- Best Dairy Proteins You Can Buy


- Consumers Using Insects as Primary Protein Source – 422 words
- Study Shows How Protein Helps Eliminate Obesity – 439 words
- Be Careful About Which Protein You Choose Post Workout – 477 words
- Why Whey Protein May Be Your Top Choice for Lean Muscle Mass – 450 words
- Making Meals Richer in Protein – 458 words

Report: Lose Weight on a Low Carb High Protein Diet

This is a 6-page, 2,507 word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- The Protein-Carb Myth Busted
- How Protein Works
- What a Carb Really Is
- Reasons Why Your Diet Didn’t Work Before Now

Meal Prep OTO 1 (Value $33)

A Guide to Blue Apron Meal Delivery

This is a 6-page, 2,407-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- How Blue Apron Meal Delivery Works
- What It Costs to Use Blue Apron Meal Delivery
- What Signing Up with Blue Apron Can Do for You
- Who the Blue Apron Service Is Best For
- What You Can Get at Blue Apron
A Guide to Magic Kitchen Meal Delivery

This is a 5+ page, 2,274-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Getting Started with Magic Kitchen Is Easy
- What Is the Magic Kitchen Meal Delivery Going to Cost Me?
- What Can Magic Kitchen Deliver to You?
- Magic Kitchen Is Perfect for People Who Need Special Diets
- What Do the Magic Kitchen Label Codes Mean?
A Guide to Hello Fresh Meal Delivery

This is a 5+ page, 2,327word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- How Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service Works
- Hello Fresh Versus Grocery Store Prices
- Recipe Box Options from Hello Fresh
- Who Is Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service Best For?

A Guide to Personal Trainer Food Meal Delivery

This is a 5 and a half page, 2,359-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Why Personal Trainer Food Meal Delivery Works
- How Do I Get Started with the Personal Trainer Service?
- What Happens Once I Order?
- What Is This Going to Cost Me?
- What Else Does Personal Trainer Food Do for Me?

A Guide to Home Chef Meal Delivery

This is a 5+ page, 2,198-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- How to Get Started with Home Chef Meal Delivery
- What Will I Pay for This Delivery Service?
- What Are My Choices?
- What You Receive in the Box
- Who Is This Service Best Suited For?

A Guide to Freshology Meal Delivery

This is a 5 and a half page, 2,230-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- What the Service Is About
- The Cost of Freshology Helping with Your Life Goals
- The Program Choices
- How the Program Choices Work

Snake Diet (Value $31)

25 Articles

1. Snake Diet Juice Recipe and Usage - 443 words
2. Can You Drink Alcohol While on the Snake Diet? - 476 words
3. Snake Diet and Exercise - 501 words
4. Is Coffee Off Limits on the Snake Diet? - 465 words
5. Solving Constipation Issues on the Snake Diet - 467 words
6. Setting Up Your Snake Diet Schedule on a Calendar - 507 words
7. Making Sure You Get Electrolytes on the Snake Diet - 478 words
8. What Should Your Snake Diet Window Be? - 525 words
9. Prepping Your Snake Diet Food List - 433 words
10. Snake Diet for Beginners - 408 words
11. Will the Snake Diet Cause Gallbladder Problems? - 450 words
12. Dealing with Hunger on the Snake Diet - 501 words
13. Using the Snake Diet to Lower High Blood Pressure - 527 words
14. Will the Snake Diet Help Reduce Inflammation? - 463 words
15. Is the Snake Diet Safe? - 461 words
16. Snake Diet Refeed Explained - 491 words
17. Can You Lift Weights While on the Snake Diet? - 467 words
18. Is the Snake Diet a Form of Intermittent Fasting? - 453 words
19. Can Vegans and Vegetarians Use the Snake Diet? - 492 words
20. Snake Diet Tips for Type 2 Diabetes - 507 words
21. Will the Snake Diet Help or Hurt Your Metabolism? - 454 words
22. Snake Diet Maintenance Plan Tips - 502 words
23. What to Do If You're Not Losing Weight on the Snake Diet - 518 words
24. Do You Suffer from Insomnia on the Snake Diet? - 490 words
25. Breaking a Plateau on the Snake Diet - 471 words

Lead Magnet Report: Getting Started with the Snake Diet

This 6-page, 2,636-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

- Benefits of Being on the Snake Diet
- Summing Up the Basics of the Snake Diet
- Adding Exercise to Your Snake Diet
- Tips for Maximizing Your Success on the Snake Diet
- Common Concerns and Myths About the Snake Diet

2019 Weight Loss Tips PLR (Value $25)

Distract Yourself from Mindless Eating - 441 words
Use Lavender to Prevent Emotional Eating - 420 words
Gut Health Is Emerging as a Predictor to Obesity - 407 words
Three Different Doctors Can Help with Your Weight Loss Plan - 428 words
Why Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Might Help You Succeed with Weight Loss - 411 words
Is Keto Giving Carbs a Bad Name? - 431 words
How Your Brain Might Be Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts - 407 words
Hypnosis Offers Hope to Those Trying to Shed Pounds in 2019 - 415 words
Change Your Fitness Routine This Year to Lose More Weight - 462 words
Give Yourself an 8-Week Weight Loss Jumpstart - 414 words
Dirty Keto Becoming More Popular in 2019 - 461 words
Will 2019 Be the Year of the Pioppi Diet? - 415 words
To Optimize Weight Loss Hone in on Your Sleep Quality - 428 words
How Beets Are Helping People Lose Weight - 412 words
Health Apps That Help You Lose Weight - 413 words
2019 Ushers in the Most Obese Population Ever - 414 words
How Many Different Methods of Intermittent Fasting Can You Try in 2019? - 429 words
Aqua Aerobics Can Help Dieters Lose Weight with Less Pain - 415 words
Your Frequency of Strength Training When Dieting Matters - 409 words
Eat This Cheese Before Bed to Lose Weight - 406 words
How Sesame Seeds Can Help You Shed Pounds - 450 words
Be Competitive to Lose Weight and Get Fit - 537 words
Scientists Are Studying the Effect of Cold in Helping with Weight Loss - 462 words
What You Can Learn from Weight Watcher’s New Branding - 455 words
How Will Life Change for You Once You Lose Weight? - 468 words

Meal Prep FE (Value $20)

1. Preparing Meals for the Week Ahead – 455 words
2. What Are the Best Meals to Prep Ahead? – 433 words
3. Favorite Storage Containers for Meals Prepared Ahead of Time – 445 words
4. Should Meal Prep Be DIY or Delivered? – 425 words
5. Meal Prep Breakfast Ideas – 411 words
6. Meal Prep Lunchbox Ideas – 411 words
7. Meal Prep Dinner Ideas – 437 words
8. How to Measure for Proper Meal Prep – 438 words
9. Mapping Out a Meal Prep Calendar – 484 words
10. 5 Meal Prep Essentials Every Kitchen Needs – 453 words
11. Meal Prep for a Week Versus a Month – 508 words
12. Meal Prep for Fitness and Health – 441 words
13. Meal Prep Grocery Shopping – 454 words
14. 3 Meal Prep Hacks to Help Make It Easy on You – 478 words
15. Meal Prep Ideas for Bulking – 484 words
16. Meal Prep for Juicing – 424 words
17. Meal Prep for Low Carb Dieters – 496 words
18. Meal Prep on a Budget – 436 words
19. Meal Prep Organization – 419 words
20. Meal Prep Calorie Counting – 438 words

Stick to Your Diet (Value $20)

Sections include:

(A basic introduction)
Be Mindful of Your Budget
Understand Your Motivation
Get Prepared
Get Support
Avoid Saboteurs
Keep a Journal
Set Realistic Goals
Chart Your Progress
Add Exercise
Celebrate Success
Don’t Quit When You Go Off Track
Change Your Relationship With Food
Look to the Past
Get Your Whole Family Involved
Plan Ahead for Eating Out
Dealing With the Office
Be Flexible
Look at Your Diet as a Lifestyle Change
You Can Stick to Your Diet

This Is Why You're Fat (Value $20)

1. Food Has Become Your Closest Friend

This 5+ page, 2,256-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- What Is Emotional Eating?
- Warning Signs That You’re an Emotional Eater
- How Does Food Become a Friend?
- What Voids Does Food Fill?
- Why You Shouldn’t Let Food Be Your Closest Friend

2. Eating Allows You to Avoid Other Things

This 5 and a half page, 2,285-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- How Eating Becomes Avoidance Coping
- Using Food Allows You to Avoid Decisions
- Eating Lets You Avoid Dealing with Work
- Eating So You Don’t Have to Exercise or Clean
- Eating to Avoid Dealing with Relationships

3. Dieting Has Become Part of Who You Are

This 5 and a half page, 2,272-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Chronic Dieting
- Recognizing How Your Dieting Is Affecting You
- Societal Pressure Is Running Your Life
- The Diet Identity Crisis
- What Happens When Dieting Becomes Part of Who You Are

4. You've Given Up and Given in to Hopelessness

This 5 and a half page, 2,204-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- This Is Who I Am
- Guess I’ll Be Fat Forever
- It’s My Genes
- I’m Tired of Dieting
- I’m Happy Being Fat

Keto Diet Success (Value $20)

1. Five Reasons Why Keto Is a Top Diet Choice – 429 words
2. Plan Ahead for Success on Your Keto Diet – 440 words
3. What’s the Difference Between Keto and Low Carb? – 452 words
4. How Many Carbs Can You Have on a Keto Diet? – 418 words
5. What Should Your Macros Be on a Keto Diet? – 441 words
6. How to Avoid Falling Off the Keto Diet Wagon – 404 words
7. Testing Options for Ketosis Confirmation – 447 words
8. How to Plan Meals on a Keto Diet Plan – 428 words
9. Tips on Eating Out on a Keto Diet – 401 words
10. One Big Myth About the Keto Diet – 423 words
11. Watch for Hidden Carbs on Your Keto Diet – 433 words
12. What Is the Keto Flu and How Do You Avoid It? – 422 words
13. Where’s the Best Place to Shop for Low Carb and Keto Foods? – 463 words
14. Why Tracking Is So Important on a Keto Diet – 426 words
15. What Is Bulletproof Coffee for Keto Dieters? – 425 words
16. Sugar Alternatives for Keto Dieters – 464 words
17. Is Keto Unhealthy for Your Heart? – 469 words
18. Top Keto Snacks to Help You Avoid Carbs – 498 words
19. How to Get More Electrolytes When You’re on a Keto Diet – 454 words
20. Can You Eat Fruit on a Keto Diet Plan? – 456 words

2018 Best Diets (Value $20)

1. DASH Diet - 547 words
2. Mediterranean Diet - 492 words
3. The Flexitarian Diet - 517 words
4. Weight Watchers Diet - 525 words
5. Volumetrics Diet - 550 words
6. Jenny Craig Diet - 566 words
7. Flat Belly Diet Program - 464 words
8. HMR Program - 538 words
9. Biggest Loser Diet - 512 words
10. Ornish Diet - 577 words
11. MIND Diet - 517 words
12. TLC Diet - 546 words
13. Mayo Clinic Diet - 506 words
14. Vegan Diet - 478 words
15. Engine 2 Diet - 483 words
16. Raw Food Diet - 472 words
17. SlimFast Diet - 480 words
18. Vegetarian Diet - 502 words
19. Nutritarian Diet - 547 words
20. Low Carb Diet - 529 words

Belly Fat (Value $15)

Understanding How to Lose Belly Fat – 408 Words
Follow the Belly Fat Diet to Trim Your Waist for Good – 408 Words
Burn Belly Fat – 402 Words
Get Rid of Belly Fat for Good – 401 Words
Getting Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat – 404 Words
Are You Ready to Lose Belly Fat? – 423 Words
The Benefits of Belly Fat Loss – 415 Words
Belly Fat Exercises That Will Change Your Body – 408 Words
Shrink Your Stress and Shrink Belly Fat – 408 Words
Customize Your Diet to Lose Belly Fat – 418 Words
Battling the Bulge of Belly Fat – 410 Words
Reduce Belly Fat and Improve Your Health – 404 Words
The Best Way to Lose Belly Fat – 407 Words
Melt Belly Fat Away – 406 Words
The Dangers of Excess Belly Fat – 409 Words

15 Sensible Diet Tips for Maximum Weight Loss (Value $11)

This report is 5,007 words and 11 pages of prime content that can be used in one report or broken up - however you prefer. It contains information that's compatible with any sensible weight loss plan - but would probably not be compatible with extreme fad diets.

Most Searched Diets of 2019 (Value $10)

1. Intermittent Fasting Diet - 562 words
2. Dr. Sebi Diet - 502 words
3. Noom Diet - 525 words
4. 1,200 Calorie Diet - 485 words
5. Keto Ultra Diet - 506 words
6. Golo Diet - 481 words
7. Dubrow Diet - 446 words
8. Sirtfood Diet - 479 words -
9. No Carbs No Sugar Diet - 500 words
10. Endomorph Diet - 493 words

hCG Diet Sales Copy (Value $10)

The sales copy for the eBook is 5 pages and you get it in Word and TXT format. It includes the headlines, storyline, and bullets, and you'll need to replace the $XX.XX with your price point. You can add testimonials and your order form. This is the written content only.

hCG Diet Email Autoresponders (Value $7)

1. How Can You Buy hCG and a Good hCG Diet Program – 446 words
2. The Best Way to Keep Up Your hCG Diet Plan Success – 439 words
3. What Is the Basic Premise of the hCG Diet – 420 words
4. When Can You Expect to Lose Weight on the hCG Diet – 414 words
5. Where Does the hCG Go in Your Body – 438 words
6. Who Is the hCG Diet For – 427 words
7. Why Are People Concerned About the Danger of hCG Diet Plans - 420 words

Getting Started with the Paleo Diet (Value $5.50)

After a short introduction, it covers:

- Benefits of the Paleo Diet
- Paleo Basics
- An Easy to Follow Plan
- Paleo Challenges
- Preparing Your Pantry
- Make a Plan
- Cook Once, Eat for a Week (or More)
- Make a List of Go-To Convenience Foods
- Track Your Results
- Seek Support and Keep Going

Creating Your Own Dietary Guidelines (Value $5.50)

This 5 and a half page, 2,372-word report starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Scientific Research About Dietary Guidelines Are Wrong
- Using Common Sense to Create Dietary Guidelines
- Listen to Your Biological Instincts
- Making Choices with Your Own Dietary Guidelines
- Denial Shouldn’t Be Part of Your Dietary Guidelines

hCG Diet Blog Posts (Value $5)

1. Check Out the Latest hCG Reviews – 204 words
2. Are There Any hCG Side Effects I Should Worry About? – 211 words
3. Have You Tried the hCG Diet? – 212 words
4. What Are hCG Drops? – 212 words
5. Many People Are Turning to hCG for Weight Loss – 216 words
6. The Facts About hCG Injections – 217 words
7. What Are the hCG Diet Dangers? – 202 words
8. Where Do hCG Recipes Come From – 214 words
9. What Are the hCG Phases I Need to Know? – 210 words
10. Where Can I Buy hCG? – 203 words

Belly Fat 2 (Value $5)

Article #1: lose belly fat before you put on a swimsuit - 488 words
Article #2: which belly fat diet works best - 490 words
Article #3: how to tone up loose belly fat - 457 words
Article #4: belly fat exercises to help you slim down - 525 words
Article #5: why fat in belly areas is dangerous - not just unsightly - 495 words

Hoodia (Value $5)

What Our Ancestors Knew About Hoodia – 403 Words
Hoodia Passes the Test Under Intense Media Scrutiny – 404 Words
Is Hoodia the Only Dietary Ingredient That Doesn’t Have Ill Side Effects? – 381 Words
Is It Safe to Take Hoodia If I Have Other Medical Conditions? – 350 Words
What’s the Most Effective Form of Hoodia? – 377 Words

Cellular Weight Loss (Value $5)

It’s a report that starts with a short introduction and then has the following sections:

- What Is Inflammation?
- Effects of Inflammation
- Inflammatory Foods to Avoid
- Foods That Reduce Inflammation
- Living an Anti-Inflammatory Lifestyle

Dieting (Value $5)

To Lose Weight, Cheat on Your Diet! – 409 Words
It's Healthy to Daydream While Dieting – 387 Words
There's No Such Thing as a Lack of Willpower – 385 Words
Visualize Your Way to a Healthy Weight – 410 Words
How to Choose a Diet You Won't Give Up On – 443 Words

Replace These Diet Fads with Better Weight Loss Tips PLR Report (Value $5)

After a short introduction, here’s what it covers:

- Bad Fad: Feast for Five Days, Famine for Two
- Bad Fad: The Cotton Ball Diet
- Bad Fad: The Tongue Patch Diet
- Bad Fad: The Boredom Diet
- Good Tip: Introducing Healthy Bacteria
- Good Tip: Gluten Free Diet
- Good Tip: The Nordic Diet
- Good Tip: Vegetarian Diet
- How to Spot a Fad Diet vs. a Good Diet

Healthy Eating (Value $5)

Whole Grain Additions to Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner – 334 Words
Eating Tips to Boost Your Metabolism – 463 Words
The Smart Way to Add Dairy to Your Diet – 373 Words
Eat Eggs to Sharpen Your Senses – 399 Words
Substitute Flavor for Salt at Every Meal – 430 Words

Weight Loss for Women Autoresponders (Value $5)

1. Fighting the Top 5 Diet Saboteurs – 457 words
2. How Women Should Choose Their Diet Plan – 370 words
3. Should You Detox Before You Begin a New Diet? – 324 words
4. Top 10 Diet Success Tips for Women – 608 words
5. Why More Experts Are Steering Clear of Fad Diets – 374 words

Eating Foods That Burn Fat (Value $5)

This is a 5 page, 2,198 word short report about a negative calorie diet way of eating. It includes the following subsections:

-Understanding the Basics of Weight Loss
-Your Body’s Silent Workout
-Negative Calorie Foods - Your Body’s Secret Weapon
-Let’s Do the Math
-Stealing From the Store
-But Are These Negative Calorie Foods Good For You?

Diet Weekly 11-05-11 (Value $5)

1. African Americans Now Have Power to Prevent Diabetes Better – 428 words
2. Diet News for IBS Victims – 431 words
3. Diet Ranking Is Poor Advice for Those Who Need to Shed Pounds – 442 words
4. Doctors Aren’t as Helpful as Diet Companies – 458 words
5. Important Changes to the hCG Diet – 424 words

Say No to Fast Food and Yes to a Healthy Diet (Value $5)

I have written a 5-page (2,055-word) report called “Say No to Fast Food and Yes to a Healthy Diet.” It includes a short introduction and then the following sections:

Why We Take the Fast Lane for Food
Why You Should Say No to Fast Food
Making Good Nutrition a Part of Your Lifestyle
When You’re Caught Unprepared
Change Takes Time
The Benefits of Saying Yes to a Healthy Diet

5 Ways to Overcome Dieting Depression (Value $5)

This 5-page, 1,953-word report starts with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

- The Importance of Keeping Momentum
- Get Rid of Extremist Thoughts
- Take It One Day at a Time
- Don’t Let Friends Influence Your Thoughts
- Set and Celebrate Realistic Success Goals

Giving Up the Quitter Mindset When Dieting (Value $5)

This 5-page, 1,941-word report starts with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

- Allow Yourself Freedom to Enjoy Food
- Lose “Fail” From Your Vocabulary
- Set Small Goals to Prevent Overwhelm
- Enlist the Help of Professionals

DASH Diet Versus TLC Diet PLR (Value $5)

This 5+-page, 2,243-word report starts with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

- What Is the DASH Diet?
- How Does the Dash Diet Work?
- Why Is the DASH Diet Successful?
- What Is the TLC Diet?
- How Does the TLC Diet Work?
- Why Is the TLC Diet Successful?
- Is the DASH Diet or the TLC Diet the Better Diet?

Shed Fat with a Focus on Fiber (Value $5)

Saw a news story that said people who ONLY add a focus on fiber to their diets lost almost as much weight as dieters did! This 5+ page, 2,213-word report starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Do You Get Enough Fiber?
- Why You Need More Fiber
- How to Sneak More Fiber into Your Eating Plan
- Fiber Is a Natural Appetite Suppressant
- Fiber Helps Fight Belly Fat

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