Billions of Dollars Will Be Spent on Black Friday and Cyber Monday from Online Shoppers in 2019

Dear Niche Marketer:

Each year I try to release a new bundle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday PLR content that affiliate marketers can use to make tons of commissions from hungry online shoppers.

I, myself do my Black Friday shopping online because I abhor crowds and I can get better deals shopping from home than I can trying to be all over town in the first wee morning hours. So this is a topic that appeals to many of us, all over the world.

In this new pack, you'll find 20 keyword-based articles for common phrases searched by consumers looking for information leading up to these big shopping days.

But in order to reap the financial rewards of this holiday, you need content to attract people to your site!

Don't worry - I just did all that hard work for you!

20 Brand New Keyword-Based PLR Articles!

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Why You'll Love My PLR Content!

I'm a hardcore believer in being an ethical seller. While some marketers scrape the Internet and slap up PLR bundles, I take time to thoroughly research my topic and write from scratch. 

I learned many marketing secrets from the top gurus I used to ghostwrite for awhile ago so I have experience with what sells and satisfies readers best.  

I specialize in mostly text-based content, which gives you more words per page rather than free images that you can grab yourself on Pixabay. 

Here's the Timely Content That Will Help You Cater to Hungry Online Shoppers

I've developed a brand new set of keyword-based, 2019 slanted articles for you that helps you generate interest in your site for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday. 

There are 20 articles for $9 during the launch dates, and it bumps up to the full $20 at the end of the sale. 

You can use this content to promote a wide variety of sites and products of your choice and you can link to a general category page or to specific products if you want to feature anything in particular.

This gives you flexibility in what you link to and promote and you'll find an excerpt of one of the articles below.   

It includes the following:

1. Black Friday Ads for 2019 - 513 words
2. Black Friday Apple Deals for 2019 - 470 words
3. Black Friday Best Online Deals for 2019 - 493 words
4. Black Friday Camera Deals for 2019 - 501 words
5. Black Friday Computer and Laptop Deals for 2019 - 466 words
6. Black Friday Christmas Tree Deals for 2019 - 458 words
7. Black Friday Electronic Deals for 2019 - 505 words
8. Black Friday Video Game Deals for 2019 - 449 words
9. Black Friday Kitchen Appliance Deals for 2019 - 501 words
10. Black Friday Makeup Deals for 2019 - 491 words
11. Black Friday TV Deals for 2019 - 471 words
12. Cyber Monday Ads for 2019 - 477 words
13. Cyber Monday Best Deals for 2019 - 459 words
14. Cyber Monday Discounts for 2019 - 460 words
15. Cyber Monday on Amazon 2019 - 458 words
16. Cyber Monday Prices for 2019 - 460 words
17. Cyber Monday Predictions for 2019 - 465 words
18. Cyber Monday Tips for 2019 - 511 words
19. Cyber Monday Websites for 2019 - 478 words
20. Cyber Monday Travel Deals for 2019 - 472 words

This content can work year after year if you simply want to tweak the date for it. 

I've been writing professionally for 20+ years now, so I know how to research, slant and create unique content from scratch. For the average person, this task is such a struggle, but I've done all the hard work for you.

I spent hours pouring over keyword research and expected deals to bring this content pack to fruition for you. And at just $9 for the bundle, it's not just a good deal - it's a steal! There's no way you could get this kind of quality writing on a freelance gig site for this price. 

Here's a Short Excerpt from 1 of the Articles:

What Can You Do With This Content?

  • You can use it on your blog. Posting fresh, top quality content helps you attract readers and get engagement and this content will definitely serve that purpose.
  • You can use it in email autoresponders. If you want to cater to your list of subscribers, there's no better way to do it than by sending them a series of well thought out articles.
  • You can compile it into a report. Do you need a gift for your subscribers to read, or a bonus report for something else you're selling or promoting? Turn these articles into a PDF for your audience to read.
  • You can turn it into an info product. If you prefer to sell the content, you can turn it into a PDF and make it an info product as part of your line of eBooks.
  • You can engage readers on social media with it. Cut it up or use it in full on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more so you can begin interacting with a like-minded audience.
  • Turn it into multi media. Use the content as a transcript to turn it into a podcast series or a YouTube series, depending on whether you want to use audio or video.
  • ...And so much more!

Order Now to Instantly Access Your Content!

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I only have 2 rules for my PLR:

#1 - Don't use my name on it.

#2 - Don't pass along the rights to others.

Note: I'm sorry, but I don't offer any refunds on my PLR. I've taken extreme care to ensure I've detailed everything you're going to receive and I've also shared an excerpt with you so you can judge for yourself. But don't worry, if you choose to pass up this amazing offer, we'll still be friends - I promise! 

Tiff 😉

P.S. Every year people turn to the Internet to shop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday for Christmas gifts that help them save time, money and frustration. You can be the site they go to in 2019! 

P.P.S. You're going to love how well-written this PLR is - in fact, you might hate the thought of changing a single word, and you don't have to!