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There's a big need for work at home and success content. I've hand picked 37 packs of PLR that will provide you content to help your readers implement a proactive plan that helps them succeed with a work at home lifestyle.

What's Included in the Massive Discount Bundle?

You'll find a wide variety of relevant content and it's easily editable where you can insert mentions of a variety of topics related to working from home and optimizing their success.

It includes the following:

Systemized Habits of High Achievers OTO 1 (Value $70)

30-Page eBook: Systematically Achieve the Success You Want in Work and Life

This 14,421-word, 30+ page eBook covers the following:

Chapter 1: Set Expectations for Your Future
Chapter 2: Develop a Success-Driven Daily Routine
Chapter 3: Find a Mentor You Can Look Up to
Chapter 4: Create a Mindset That’s Unstoppable
Chapter 5: Use Your Competition to Catapult You Forward
Chapter 6: Discover What Motivates You the Most
Chapter 7: Learn How to Delegate Less Important Matters to Others
Chapter 8: Carve Out Mental or Spiritual Time to Focus
Chapter 9: Dissecting a Failure and Using it to Fuel Your Future
Chapter 10: Become Disciplined Enough to Achieve Success

5-Page Sales Letter

1,601 Words Including:

Call to Action
Post Scripts

Lead Magnet: 10 Ways to Achieve Success with Measurable Goals

This 10+ page, 4,808-word report starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Find a Sweet Spot for Success
Set Time Aside for Analysis
Learn How to Be Very Specific
Find a Trusted Person to Take a Fresh Look at Your Efforts
Utilize a Visualization Tool to Map Out Your Success
Track Different Types of Growth
Measure Your Work-Life Balance Satisfaction
Start with the Hardest Things and Move to Easier
Track Your Change in Confidence and Follow Through
Pass Down Your Knowledge to Cement It in Your Life

5-Part Email Series:

Email #1: Change Is Hard – Are You Ready? - 413 words
Email #2: The Payoff Is Worth It If You’re Willing to Commit - 456 words
Email #3: Don’t Allow Others to Dictate Your Course of Action - 512 words
Email #4: Reflect on Your Future Before You Set Things in Motion - 513 words
Email #5: Set Aside Self Doubt as You Work Toward Success - 429 words


Become More Successful Through Conscious Reflection - 490 words
True Performers Track and Celebrate Small Achievements - 521 words
What Emotions Are Attached to Your Habits? - 502 words
Successful People Track Other People’s Progress, Too - 446 words
If You Want to Experience Success, Make Sure It’s Not All About Money - 495 words
Don’t Always Have an Agenda for Personal Growth - 510 words
Know Your Intentions and Track How Well You Do - 498 words
Track Your Education and Level Up on a Continual Basis - 451 words
Measure Your Accountability Versus Blame - 459 words
Track Your Time Zappers - 504 words

Product Reviews:

Measures of Success: React Less, Lead Better, Improve More - 428 words
Every Single Day: A Simple Prescription for Transformation - 481 words
Measuring Success: Your Path To Significance, Satisfaction, & Leading Yourself To The Next Level - 441 words
13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do - 544 words
Success Habits For Dummies - 475 words
Million Dollar Habits - 451 words
Success Habits - 466 words
Habits for Success: Inspired Ideas to Help You Soar - 475 words
Rich Habits - The Daily Success Habits of Wealthy Individuals - 481 words
Millionaire Success Habits: The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity - 488 words

Niche Funnel Riches (Value $65)

Main eBook: Creating a Niche Profit Funnel

This is a 25-page, 8,302-word eBook that covers the following:

- Setting Up a Slippery Contact Slope
- Opt In Offers Your Readers Can't Refuse
- Blog Content to Lure an Audience
- Pre-Sell Email Series to Warm Up Your Audience
- Sales Copy to Convert in Big Numbers
- Main Course to Cement Your Stellar Reputation
- Bonuses to Increase Customer Satisfaction
- Adding More Money to the Launch
- Follow Up Email Series for Increased Future Sales

*Product delivered in Word, Txt and PDF formats

Bonus Report: How to Pick a Good Money Niche

This is a report that you might want to use as a bonus for those who buy the main eBook. Of course, you can use it any way you want - this is just a suggestion. 

This report is 5 pages and 1,822 words in length. It starts off with a short introduction and then covers the following topics:

- Personal Versus Anonymous Niche Profits
- Evergreen Versus Trend Niches
- Digital and Tangible Niche Analysis
- Know Your Niche Audience
- Preliminary Niche Content Research 

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Opt In or Viral Report : Top 5 Niche Research Tools for Marketers

Again, use this report as you see fit - maybe you want to use it as a second bonus report - or rip it apart and use it as blog posts or email autoresponders. That's up to you!

This report is 5 pages and 1,658 words. It covers:

- Keyword Tools
- Direct Competitor Spying
- Google Trends
- Ask Your Audience
- Marketplaces

It's a perfect accompaniment for the main eBook, which teaches the best way to set up a complete profit funnel system!

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Sales Copy: Sales Letter to Convert Visitors Into Buying "Creating a Niche Profit Funnel"

The sales letter is 4 pages long and includes headlines, sub-headlines, storyline, bulletpoints, and a call to action. It does *not* include phony testimonials because I don't believe in that. There are no graphics for the sales copy (except the ones listed below).

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Graphics Pack: eCovers, Banner, and Minisite

While I created the content, I hired someone to create the graphics using royalty-free images that reflected this niche perfectly! You get

- An eCover for the main eBook with PSD, JPG, and PNG files
- An eCover for the bonus report with PSD, JPG, and PNG files
- An eCover for the opt in / viral report (in 2 color schemes) with PSD, JPG, and PNG files
- A 468x60 banner ad promoting the main eBook with JPG and PSD files
- An HTML index file with header, footer and background in place - JPG and PSD files included so you can edit graphics, too

I ensured all of the graphics were good quality and that you do get the PSD files so you can edit them to your heart's desire. 

*Product delivered in JPG and/or PNG and PSD formats

Email Autoresponders: 7-Part Series

When you start building your list, you need something to say that drives them back to the main sales letter. I created a 7-part series titled, "Secrets of Writing Good Sales Copy."

This series is the perfect accompaniment to the main eBook Creating a Niche Profit Funnel - because the ultimate goal with your funnel is to convert visitors into sales.  

Here are the titles for this series:

1. Does Your Sales Page Have a Professional Layout and Look?
2. Crafting Headlines and Subheadlines That Funnel Readers Forward
3. Creating a Storyline That’s Balanced and Effective
4. Wording Your Bulletpoints Strategically
5. A Systematic Approach to Testimonials 
6. Understanding Your Call to Action and Pricing Strategy
7. Never Forget the Double Postscript Element

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Articles or Blog Posts: Set of 5

You don't just want everything behind the scenes in downloadable form or email form - you want some public postings on your blog or in article directories, too. 

I've taken a variety of slants with these articles to ensure your reader gets a total IM education with an emphasis on profits.
Here are the titles for this set:

1. Do You Keep Failing with Internet Marketing?
2. Ensuring Proper Blog Profits Setup
3. Planning Your Cash Generating Niche Content
4. Gain Repeat Profits Through Blog List Building
5. Free Traffic Options for Your Niche Blog Business

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Product Reviews: IM Product Reviews

With the Internet marketing niche, there are many things you can promote. I've chosen five tools your readers will love - so that you have the potential to add on to your own sales!

Here are the items that are reviewed in this set:

1. Use Wishlist for Your Next Niche Membership Site
2. Aweber Is a Top Choice for Email Marketing
3. Hostgator Provides Niche Marketers an Easy to Use System
4. Let Market Samurai Give You an Edge Over Your Competition
5. Is Socrates the Most Popular WordPress Theme?

*Product delivered in Word and Txt formats

Social Networking Posts: Facebook or Google +

I know the power of both Facebook (for traffic) and G+ (for SERP rankings). You can't afford to miss out on either of these as a good source of exposure for your offer. 

I created a set of 5 posts that you can put on FB or G+ - and each one contains a conversational engagement question (in a text file to get comments rolling) and an image (usually a quote or other text) that helps your post get shared!

*Product delivered in Txt format for written portion and JPG only for image - no PSD included, but you can easily add your URL to them.

Work at Home PLR Mega Pack (Value $59)

Work at Home Viral or Opt in Report

This report is 7 pages long and 3,295 words. It comes in both Word and TXT formats for your convenience.

Title: Is It Time to Start a New Career – Working for Yourself?


Defining the Work at Home Job
Before You Put on Your Boss Hat
Perks and Problems of Working for Yourself
Believe You Have what It Takes to Succeed
Are All Work at Home Jobs Scams?
What Types of Work at Home Business Opportunities Appeal to You?
What If I Don’t Have Any Money to Start My Own Business?
How to Organize the Home Office
How to Talk to Your Family About Working from Home


1. Who Is Starting Their Own Online Businesses – 452 words
2. What Kind of Online Businesses Can You Launch – 576 words
3. When Will You Find Time to Work an Online Business – 503 words
4. Where Will You Stake Claim to Your Piece of Online Real Estate – 453 words
5. Why Being An Entrepreneur Is Much Better Than a J-O-B – 480 words
6. How to Say Goodbye to the Grind and Be Your Own Boss From Now On – 466 words
7. Picking a Niche that Suits Your Passions – 417 words
8. Choosing a Niche That Has Plenty of Profit Potential – 449 words
9. Should You Worry About Competition on the Internet – 464 words
10. After Nailing Down a Niche You Need to Tackle Keywords – 436 words
11. Making Bank With Both Broad and Long Tail Keywords – 434 words
12. Stake Claim to Your Domain – 470 words
13. Hosting Solutions and Specifications to Look For – 439 words
14. Setting Up a Blog Using WordPress – 462 words
15. Give Your Readers the Chance to Opt In to Your List – 490 words
16.) Graphics You'll Need for Your Online Sales - 473 words
17.) Get Familiar With ClickBank and PayDotCom - 388 words
18.) Recruiting Affiliates for Your Info Product Sales - 324 words
19.) Protecting Your Hard Work with DownloadGuard - 475 words
20.) The Importance of Article Marketing in Your Promotions - 469 words
21.) How Hub Pages Helps You Get High Ranking in Google - 394 words
22.) Video Marketing Helps Your Promotions Go Viral - 561 words
23.) Don't Feel Pressured to Try Pay Per Click Marketing Without Guidance - 439 words
24.) Do You need a Marketing Mentor or Can You Go It Alone? - 448 words
25.) Marketing with CPA Offers - 457 words
26.) Beware of Buying Into BlueFart Marketing Methods - 447 words
27.) Every Good Campaign Needs a Backlinking Strategy - 438 words
28.) Affiliate Sales - Tangibles Versus Digital Product Promotions – 485 words
29.) Article Marketing Directories That Help You Gain Backlinks and Authority – 452 words
30.) Branding Yourself as an Expert in Your Niche – 460 words
31.) Creating Your Own Product Means Profits Soar – 414 words
32.) Google Knol Lets You Showcase Your Expertise – 417 words
33.) How Long Does an eBook Need to Be? – 409 words
34.) How to Be a Super Affiliate Marketer – 469 words
35.) Loading Your Autoresponder Up With Tantalizing Emails – 462 words
36.) Making Money Before You Even Have a Product – 414 words
37.) Multi Media Info Products Increase Profits – 411 words
38.) Setting Up a Squeeze Page and a Blog Opt In Box - 509 words
39.) What Works Better - Banner Ads or Text Links? - 413 words
40.) Turning Your Profits Into Monthly Payments - 491 words
41.) What's an Article Spinner and Should You Be Using One? - 495 words
42.) Use Squidoo to Cash in on Your Keywords - 422 words
43.) Try to Twitter and Watch Traffic and Sales Increase - 474 words
44.) Set Up a Facebook Fan Page for Your Customers and Prospects to Gather - 497 words
45.) Outsourcing Tasks That Prove Troublesome to You - 497 words
46.) Breaking the Copywriting Code to Improve Sales - 531 words
47.) Host Your Own Webinar for Customers and Prospects - 477 words
48.) Securing a Joint Venture With an Influential Niche Marketer - 499 words
49.) Sustaining the Mindset of a Successful Internet Marketer - 441 words
50.) How to Make Mobile Marketing Work for You - 423 words
51.) Shiny New Object Syndrome Versus Being Too Stubborn - 432 words
52.) How Long Will It Take You to Succeed with Internet Marketing? - 420 words

Affiliate Marketing MEGA Pack (Value $57)

5-Page Report:

The report is titled, “Is Affiliate Marketing Right for Me?” and it’s a 5-page, 1,758-word report that you get in both Word and TXT formats. It starts out with an introduction and then covers the following subtopics:

1. There is a zero to low start up cost involved.
2. There’s no website needed.
3. There’s no hassle of product creation for you to worry about.
4. It allows you to go into many niches to test for profitability.
5. It’s easy for newbies to master quickly.
6. Your Customer Service Is Non Existent

Plus you get 52 articles that are all no less than 400 words.:

1. What’s the Definition of Affiliate Marketing? – 435 words
2. Is Affiliate Marketing Good for Beginners? – 422 words
3. The Best Way for Affiliate Marketers to Choose a Niche – 407 words
4. Do You Need a Website to Be an Affiliate Marketer? – 442 words
5. Five Free Platforms You Can Promote on as an Affiliate – 518 words
6. Setting Up Your Own Affiliate Marketing Blog – 519 words
7. Digital Versus Tangible Promotions for Affiliate Marketers – 430 words
8. Basic Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketers – 517 words
9. Making Sure You Adhere to Affiliate TOS – 435 words
10. Picking Products to Promote as a Tangible Affiliate – 478 words
11. What to Do If Amazon Doesn’t Allow Associates in Your State – 469 words
12. Getting Whitelisted By Digital Product Creators for Promotions – 423 words
13. The Best Way to Ruin an Affiliate Product Review – 418 words
14. How Much Money Can You Make as an Affiliate Marketer? – 405 words
15. Affiliates Should Be Abiding By the Law – 419 words
16. 7 Affiliate Marketing Companies You Should Know – 457 words
17. Do Affiliate Marketers Need to Build a List? – 402 words
18. Reviewing Tangible Products as an Affiliate Marketer – 417 words
19. The Best Way to Review Info Products Online – 430 words
20. Why Multi Media Is Important With Affiliate Marketing – 414 words
21. How Affiliates Can Create and Use Infographics – 416 words
22. Video Marketing Tips for Tangible Affiliates – 414 words
23. Adding Video to Your Affiliate Marketing Info Product Reviews – 449 words
24. What to Look for in an Affiliate Marketing Course – 429 words
25. Ongoing Affiliate Marketing Training – 410 words
26. Affiliate Marketing Tools – 438 words
27. Are Affiliate Marketing Articles Still Effective? – 426 words
28. Is Affiliate Marketing Automation a Good Idea? – 416 words
29. 4 Types of Affiliate Marketing Books That Will Help Build Your Business – 420 words
30. Social Marketing Tips for Affiliate Marketers – 468 words
31. Evaluating Info Products for Possible Promotions – 413 words
32. How and When Do You Get Paid as an Affiliate Marketer? – 404 words
33. Basic Search Engine Optimization for Affiliate Blogs – 434 words
34. Are Affiliate Marketing Banners a Good Idea? – 421 words
35. Avoiding Affiliate Marketing Blackhat Practices – 409 words
36. Are You Considering an Affiliate Marketing Coach? – 409 words
37. Affiliate Marketing Growth – 440 words
38. The 3 Types of Affiliate Marketing Landing Pages – 405 words
39. Affiliate Marketing Mobile Perk – 407 words
40. What Are the Top Affiliate Marketing Niches? – 493 words
41. Affiliate Marketing on Facebook – 434 words
42. Affiliate Marketing on Pinterest – 441 words
43. Affiliate Marketing on Twitter – 490 words
44. Affiliate Marketing on Google Plus – 418 words
45. Is PPC a Good Affiliate Marketing Strategy? – 400 words
46. Quick Affiliate Marketing Research Tips – 488 words
47. Creating a Viral Affiliate Marketing PDF – 407 words
48. Using PLR to Help Boost Your Productivity as an Affiliate – 416 words
49. How to Use Kindle for Affiliate Marketing Purposes – 446 words
50. Branding Yourself as a Go to Authority Figure When You’re an Affiliate – 402 words
51. Should Affiliate Marketers Go With a Broad or Narrow Niche? – 427 words
52. An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide to Squidoo – 437 words

Wealth Abundance OTO 1 (Value $55)

1. 5 Lucrative Non IM Niches – 566 words
2. 6 Niches That Are Hot on Social Networks – 417 words
3. Combining Niches to Maximize Profit Potential – 451 words
4. Narrow Niche Domination – 418 words
5. High Ticket Versus Volume Niche Selection – 433 words
6. Sneaky Way to Find Top Performing JV Partners – 479 words
7. 7 Things to Send JVs to Get Them Onboard – 497 words
8. Why More Marketers Are Offering 100% Commissions – 443 words
9. Minimize Your Risk of Refunds with These 5 Tips – 414 words
10. Don’t Make JV Promises You Can’t Keep – 453 words
11. Using Your Download Page for Additional Profits – 430 words
12. Backend Sales Strategy Tips – 406 words
13. How to Make Money Off a $7 Product – 440 words
14. Brainstorming a Successful Sales Funnel – 461 words
15. Perfecting the Launch Process for Increased Profits – 428 words
16. What to Put in a Profit-Pulling Email Series – 403 words
17. How Often Should You Email Promo Material? – 428 words
18. The Hands-Off Profit Potential of Software and Plugins – 408 words
19. Could Coaching Bring in More Money Than Products? – 409 words
20. Individual Coaching Versus Group Coaching Profits – 407 words
21. How to Host a Challenge and Maximize Profits – 414 words
22. Should You Be in the Internet Marketing Niche? – 422 words
23. Making Money Off eBooks and Reports – 403 words
24. Do Customers Prefer Video or Text Courses? – 414 words
25. Building a Reputation as a Powerful Affiliate – 459 words
26. Bonus Creation That Catapults You to Leaderboard Domination – 407 words
27. The Best Way to Pick Products as an Affiliate – 414 words
28. Never Put All Your Eggs in One Basket – 435 words
29. Tips on Creating Customer Loyalty for Future Sales – 427 words
30. Should You Hire a JV Manager for Your Launch? – 404 words
31. What Does a JV Manager Do for You? – 420 words
32. Best Practices for Profitable List Building – 429 words
33. Creating a Welcome Email That Makes Money – 400 words
34. Pinterest Profit Niches – 437 words
35. Facebook Networking Versus Paid Advertising – 412 words
36. Unboxing Affiliate Profits – 425 words
37. Selling PLR Rights to Your Products – 411 words
38. Are PLR Stores a Viable Way to Make Money? – 422 words
39. Scheduling Profits on Autopilot – 458 words
40. Nobody Expects a Perfect Expert – 417 words
41. Figuring Out the Perfect Launch Date and Time – 419 words
42. Push Through Shiny New Object Syndrome to Profits – 436 words
43. Fighting the Stigma of Failure – 412 words
44. Putting Profit Tasks First During Time Management – 418 words
45. Using Kindle for Niche Branding and Profits – 418 words
46. Making Wise Investments in Tools to Further Your Business – 440 words
47. Should You Be Running Solo Ads for Your Business? – 436 words
48. How to Know If a Membership Site Is Right for You – 405 words
49. Recurring Income Options – 438 words
50. Ridding Your Work Time of Distractions – 402 words
51. How Self Doubt Sabotages Your Financial Success – 440 words
52. The Importance of Images in Organic Traffic Generation – 415 words
53. Repurpose Your Content to Save and Make Money – 412 words
54. How to Know When to Cut a Business or Niche Loose – 429 words
55. A Better Way to Use Webinars for Profits – 422 words

Your Work at Home Business Planner PLR eBook (Value $50)

50-page guide that includes this table of contents:

Plan Your Knowledge
Plan Your Mindset
Prepare Your Family
Plan Your Branding
Plan Your List Building
Plan to Be of Service First
Plan Your Own Info Product Creation
Plan to Tap Into Affiliate Marketing Earnings
Plan to Include Ad Revenue in Your Business
Plan Your Traffic

Extra Holiday Cash PLR Bundle (Value $50)

Extra Holiday Cash eBook

This eBook has a title page and hyperlinked Table of Contents for your convenience. It is a total of 30 and a half pages and 9,905 words. Here is the table of contents so you can get an idea of what’s discussed:

Chapter 1: Are You Living Paycheck to Paycheck?
Chapter 2: Solve Successful Marketers’ Most Pressing Needs
Chapter 3: Start Your Affiliate Marketing Early
Chapter 4: Launch a PLR Store
Chapter 5: Consider Becoming an Amazon and eBay Seller
Chapter 6: Nailing Down a High Paying Holiday Niche

Extra Holiday Cash Report

Want to build a list or release a viral report? This is what you can use for that! It gets your audience geared up for the stress relief and excitement of earning more for the holidays.

The report is titled, “Need Extra Holiday Cash?” and it’s 5 pages and 2,041 words in length. You can use this to pre-sell the eBook or generate interest in other courses you want to promote!

Here are the sections for this report:

- Make a Budget for What You Really Need
- Say No to Holiday Cash Loans
- Don’t Rely on Cash Back Incentives
- You Don’t Have to Make Your Gifts
- Earn Some Fast Holiday Cash Fast
- Be Honest With Your Loved Ones

Extra Holiday Cash Articles

Each of these articles includes a call to action for the reader to check out the Extra Holiday Cash course.

1. Have You Set Yourself Up for Increased Holiday Stress? – 485 words
2. Will a Bad Economy Hurt the Seasonal Job Outlook? – 396 words
3. Top 4 Holiday Job Ideas – 402 words
4. Earn more, Shop Smart – 356 words
5. Earn and Extra $1,000 for the Holidays – 382 words
6. Holiday Work at Home Tips – 420 words
7. A Good Alternative to Seasonal Retail Jobs – 414 words
8. Who Is Hiring Seasonal Help? – 326 words

Extra Holiday Cash Email Autoresponders

I decided to do a 7-day series called “7 Day Holiday Fast Cash Course” for this set. It starts with an introduction and motivating spiel, then covers 5 specific ways they can cash in quick online, and ends with inspiration for them to get out there and make it happen!

1. Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur
2. Creating Profitable Gigs on Fiverr
3. Helping Holiday Shoppers on eBay and Amazon
4. Winning Service Projects on Elance
5. Making Money Off Your Crafty Talents
6. Serving Other Entrepreneurs on Warrior Forum
7. Consider Making This a Permanent Position

11 Internet Marketing Funnel Outlines (Value $49)

For each topic, you get the following in the pack outlined for you:

- Outline for a Complete eBook You Can Create to Sell Online!
- Outline for a Bonus Report That You Can Give Away When Someone Buys Your Main eBook!
- Outline for an Opt-In Report You Can Use to Build Your List!
- Outline for a 7-Part Email Autoresponder Series So You Can Keep Catering to the Needs of Your List!
- Outline for 5 Articles You Can Use Anywhere on the Web - Including Your Blog! 
- Outline for 5 Product Reviews You Can Use Anywhere to Convert Prospects Into Buyers!

Here are the topics covered in this bundle:

1. Entrepreneurial Success Mindset
2. Email Marketing
3. Social Networking
4. Video Marketing
5. Online Coaching
6. Providing Services
7. Info Product Creation
8. List Building
9. Blogging
10. Affiliate Marketing
11. Niche Domination


No Two End Products Will Be the Same!

If there's one thing you want online, it's to stand apart from the crowd. What's fantastic about these outlines is that no two buyers will have identical end products.

You can tweak and rename anything and create an entire niche funnel that stands apart from the others in this niche!

As you'll see, I make notes when I outline - I like to jot down ideas of what goes into the product. 

How to Build a List PLR eBook (Value $48)

Main table of contents for this 48-page eBook is:

1. Gold Versus Good
2. List Size Isn’t Just a Numbers Game
3. List Set-Up Steps
4. Why Should a Visitor Opt In to Your List?
5. Follow Up Versus Broadcast
6. Install the Form on Your Blog Sidebar
7. Install on Squeeze page
8. Traffic and List Building
9. Dealing With People You DON’T Want on Your List
10. Don’t Lose All That Hard Work!
11. Start Your List Building Journey Now!

Gathering and Structuring Ideas (Value $45)

This is a 45-page guide including a title and table of contents that comes in both Word and TXT formats for your convenience. The word count is 12,435. The only rules for this are that you can’t use my name on it and you can’t pass along PLR rights for it.

This report shows four methods I use to research, gather and structure ideas for

1.) Keyword Articles

2.) Blog Posts

3.) eBooks and Reports

4.) Email Autoresponders – all with specific instructions and examples shown.

Work Life Balance Without Excuses (Value $44)

A report approximately 44 pages and 16,435 words in length. Specifically for work at home men and women.

A Note to the Readers
Time to Get Tough (& Gentle) With Yourself
Have Something Powerful Driving You to Balance Out Your Monetary Needs
Balance Your Blame of Others with Taking Responsibility
Try New Things, But Always Follow Through
No More Excuses for Why You Fail
Balance Advice Seeking with Decision Making
Every Success Story Has Had Their Fair Share of Failures
Balance Your Talents and Shortcomings
Serve Others While Creating for Yourself
Balance New and Recycled Information
Be Humble, But Confident
Balancing More Than One Business Model
Balance Your Socialization Skills
Have Balance with Your Email Marketing
Balance Your Blogging
Balance Your Participation in Forums
Frankensteining 101
Do You Suffer from a Lack of Support?
Crafting Your To Do List
In Between Your To Do List
Dealing with Distractions
How to Run Your Business When You’re Sick

Wealth Building Newbie Internet Marketing Plans (Value $43)

Plan #1 – Picking a Profitable Niche Market

This report is 9 pages and 2,761 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers a four-step niche picking process, giving examples so that they can see it in action. It covers:

#1 - Start with a Simple Brain Dump
#2 - Research Thriving Niche Markets
#3 - Weed Out the Wrong Niches
#4 - Compare What’s Left Over

Plan #2 – Build and Monetize a Blog as Your Platform

This report is 9 pages and 3,291 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

- Install the Right Theme
- Make Sure Your Settings Are Good
- Profitable and Helpful Plugins
- What to Put in Your Widgets
- Create Your Pages
- Get Ready to Start Posting
- Monetization on Your Blog

Plan #3 – Create High Converting Content That Serves Your Audience

This report is 10 pages and 3,706 words in length. After a short introduction, it covers:

- What Length Should a Profit-Pulling Blog Post Be?
- Research What Your Readers Want
- Slants That Increase Reader Enjoyment
- Outline Your Blog Post
- Take a Stance
- Personalization Is the Key to Bigger Profits
- Know How to Sell without Selling
- Managing Your Blog Time
- Does an Editorial Calendar Help?
- Guest Blogging, Ghostwriting and PLR Options

Plan #4 – Ramp Up Your Affiliate Earnings With a 3-Step Plan

This is a 3-page, 1,151-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Using a Comprehensive Review Strategy
- Using Your Blog for Private, Exclusive Reviews
- Creating Content That Complements

Plan #5 – Socialize Your Site for Financial Success

This is a 7-page, 2,549-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Complete Your Profiles Thoroughly
- Don’t Be a Spammer
- Seek Out, Follow and Interact with Your Audience
- Use Images and Video Along with Text
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Google Plus
- YouTube
- Pinterest

Plan #6 – Level Up Your Income with Product Creation

This is a 5-page, 1,854-word report that starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Forget About Expertise and Competition
- Start Small
- Creating an eBook
- Consider a Membership
- Video Courses
- How Services Fit Into Your Sales
- Sales Funnels and Copywriting

New Year Success for Entrepreneurs (Value $40)

1. Analyze Your Previous Efforts as an Entrepreneur

This 5 and a half-page, 2,404-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Fear of Failure
- Frustration with Technical Tasks
- Complacency Issues
- Envy of the Competition
- Overloaded with Excitement Over Options

2. Mastering Your Mindset for 2016

This 6-page, 2,452-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Have a Clear Focus in Mind for Your Goals
- Isolate Yourself from Negativity
- Learn How to Motivate Yourself with Mantras
- Spend Time Reading the Best Success Mindset Books

3. Pruning vs. Growing Your Business in the Coming Year

This 6-page, 2,409-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Do You Feel Like You’re Always Working Yet Going Nowhere?
- Are You Stuck in One Online Business That’s Holding You Back?
- Learn the Art of Following Through
- How to Have Multiple Business Branches the Right Way
- Set Up a Business That You Have Time For

4. Skills to Learn for 2016 Success

This 6 and a half-page, 2,695-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Are Your Writing Skills Adequate for Content Creation?
- Does Your Social Networking Need Improving?
- Bring Your Advertising Efforts Into a New Day
- Get Brave and Start Video Marketing and Live Streaming
- Convert Better By Improving Your Sales Copy

5. Zeroing in on Trendy Topics for Next Year

This 5-page, 2,212-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Watch Magazine Covers for Top Tips
- Listening in on Niche Forum Chatter
- Set Up Google Alerts for Breaking News You Can Capitalize On
- Going Against the Grain

6. Use Outsourcing as a Way to Expand Your 2016 Income

This 6-plus page, 2,483-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Aspects of Your WAH Business You Can Outsource
- Where to Find the Best Freelancers
- How to Post a Project for a Freelance Ghostwriter
- Hiring a Freelance Graphic Designer
- Find the Right Virtual Assistant for the Job

7. Customer Engagement Tips for 2016

This 6-page, 2,329-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Where to Engage Your Audience
- How Often Should You Post and Interact?
- What to Post for Increased Engagement
- Reward Your Audience for Engaging
- Use Data to Make Your Engagement Soar

Living Your Best Life eBook (Value $40)

There are so many niches where we need a balanced approach in life. Even in the make money online niche, we end up discovering that we can’t launch a thriving career if our relationships or our health are off-kilter.

So I created a 44-page, 14,305-word eBook called Living Your Best Life, which helps people create a solid life of wellness, wealth and personal satisfaction. The book is divided into seven topic chapters after a primary introduction chapter, and they are listed below with the subtitles in each one (and each chapter begins with its own introduction):

(1) Health – Nutrition and Exercise, Boost Your Immune System, See the Doctor, Dental Health, Eye Health, Internal Medicine, New in Health

(2) Stress – Stress Triggers, Stress Relievers, Yoga, Meditation, Aromatherapy, EFT

(3) Beauty – Body Shape, Anti Aging, Skin Care, Hair Care, Nails, Make-Up, Fashion

(4) Career – Analyze Your Career, Switching Jobs, Job Counseling

(5) Finances – Take Stock of Your Situation, Pay Off Debt, Improve Your Credit, Build Wealth

(6) Relationships - Parents and Siblings, Spouse or Partner, Children, Friends, Coworkers, Boss and Clients

(7) Entertainment – Travel, Hobbies, Everyday Fun, Short-Term Adventures, Stimulate Your Mind, Volunteer

It comes with a title page and hyperlinked table of contents page.

Systemized Habits of High Achievers (Value $35)

Why Successful People Rely on Milestones to Help Them Achieve Their Goals - 417 words
Successful Individuals Don’t Keep Things in Their Head - 414 words
High Achievers Learn and Log Ideas from Others - 412 words
Successful Men and Women Track and Analyze Their Results - 412 words
Go Getters Know the Right Way to Prioritize Their Day - 405 words
Successful Men and Women Journal to Crystalize Their Plans - 457 words
High Achievers Track and Tweak Their Mental and Physical Progress - 416 words
Successful People Remind Themselves to Be Grateful - 424 words
Go Getters Are Savvy About Financial Matters - 428 words
Ambitious People Have a Habit of Giving Back - 452 words
High Achievers Have Plans So They Can Act without Hesitation - 423 words
Successful People Have a System for Communication - 415 words
Leaders Know How to Start Their Day Off on the Right Foot - 411 words
Go Getters Stay in Charge of Their Schedule and Don’t Let It Take Charge of Them - 434 words
High Achievers Have a Systematic Approach to Networking - 441 words
Successful People Say Goodbye to Pride, Ego and Fear - 438 words
Top Performers Eliminate Distractions and Set the Tone for Success - 434 words
High Achievers Are Detail-Oriented - 430 words
Leaders Achieve Success By Being Flexible to Changes - 424 words
Go Getters Enjoy Their Daily Routines - 450 words
Top Performers Like to Focus on Their Flaws for Improvement - 416 words
High Achievers Put Themselves in Other People’s Shoes - 417 words
Successful People Have a Plan in Place for Completion - 411 words
Leaders Have a Process to Eliminate Mental Clutter - 410 words
Go Getters Rely on Their Ethics and Character to Build on Their Success - 409 words
High Achievers Love to Encounter Problems - 435 words
Top Performers Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination - 424 words
The Best Leaders Know How to Listen for the Best Results - 406 words
High Achievers Aren’t Afraid to Ask Questions - 428 words
Go Getters Use Their Strengths and Delegate Their Weaknesses - 429 words
Top Leaders Excel at the Unimportant - 433 words
Successful People Don’t Overthink Things - 404 words
High Achievers Spend Time Visualizing Their Success - 417 words
Go Getters See No Benefit in Complaining - 426 words
Top Performers Aren’t Afraid to Be Trend Setters - 429 words

Affiliate Marketing Simple System (Value $31)

31-page (8,020 word) eBook

The 4 Layers of an Affiliate Marketing Simple System
Setting Up Your Affiliate Marketing Simple System
Seeing the Affiliate Marketing Simple System in Action
Putting Your System on Autopilot
Taking Your Affiliate Marketing Simple System to the Next Level
Don’t Make These Three Critical Mistakes

Rule Breaker's Guide to Entrepreneurial Success (Value $30)

The bundle is broken up into articles on the 6 pillars of entrepreneurial success, which are:







I did this because this is the order in which we achieve success in this business. We have to get our heads on straight first, educate ourselves about the business, make a plan for profits, network with others, follow things through to completion and position ourselves as THE go to leader in our niches.

There are five articles under each category as follows:


1. Love Hard Work or Be Prepared to Quit - 589 words
2. Start Looking Forward to Failures - 527 words
3. Quit Seeking a Support System - 545 words
4. Know the Difference Between Gut Instinct and Fear - 498 words
5. Don’t Accept Your Own Excuses - 541 words


6. Motivation Is Not One Size Fits All - 597 words
7. Admit That You Waste Time and Then Get Hard on Yourself - 604 words
8. You Can’t Sell Based on What People Say They Want - 451 words
9. Don’t You Dare Allow Yourself to Become Outdated - 504 words
10. Study the Technical Skills You Need to Succeed - 547 words


11. Don’t Pick a Niche Because Someone Told You To - 587 words
12. Choose a Niche That Lets You Cash in Across the Board - 529 words
13. Shelve Your Overwhelm at the Volume of Content Creation Required - 539 words
14. Plan for Monetary Success Milestones - 508 words
15. Don’t Be Stingy with Promo Planning - 567 words


16. You’re Thinking About Competition All Wrong - 471 words
17. Find Marketers Whose Products Complement Your Own - 454 words
18. Spy on Affiliates in Your Niche and See What Makes Them Tick - 435 words
19. Don’t Be Above Your Customers - 430 words
20. Field Some Experts to Boost Your Authority - 507 words


21. Forget You Ever Heard the Phrase “Shiny New Object Syndrome” - 688 words
22. Put Yourself on the Spot with a Firm Launch Date - 419 words
23. Stop Quitting on Small Milestones - 440 words
24. Learn Which Shortcuts to Take and Which to Avoid - 513 words
25. Cutting Corners Could Cost You Your Reputation - 554 words


26. Find Faults with the Competition and Exploit Them - 466 words
27. Don’t Be Afraid to Call Yourself the Best - 479 words
28. Find Your Target Audience and Dominate the Conversation - 532 words
29. Be the One Continuously Serving Your Audience - 635 words
30. Brand Yourself as a Trendsetter - 508 words

Every article is based on ethical, proven advice that helps readers become more self sufficient and less frustrating in achieving their success.

Top 10 Niches on Pinterest PLR (Value $30)

31 page ebook called Top 10 Niches on Pinterest and How to Tap Into Them. Comes in Word and TXT format. Has screenshots included. 6,757 words total.

Wealth Abundance FE (Value $30)

Report #1: Being Afraid to Ask for Money

This 5-page, 2,181-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Understanding the Value of Information
– There Will Always Be Freebie Seekers
– Know Where to Direct Tire Kickers
– The Problem Is Similar to Asking for a Raise
– Start Out Small and Level Up

Report #2: Do You Feel Worthy of Being Paid for Advice?

This 5-page, 2,155-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– You Don’t Have to Be an Expert to Earn Money
– Don’t Overestimate What You Can Do for Others
– Has Your Past Impeded Your Feelings of Worth?
– Put Your Focus on Helping Others
– Success Doesn’t Require You to Suffer

Report #3: Do You Feel Guilty About Success?

This 5+ page, 2,184-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Feeling Guilty Doesn’t Serve Your Customers’ Best Interests
– Everybody Has Hardships
– Beware of Chronic Freebie Seekers
– To Alleviate Guilt, Serve Your Audience Well
– Were You Raised with an Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Report #4: Cultivating an Abundant Money Mindset

This 5-page, 2,151-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Recognize Negative Mindset Traits You May Foster
– Consider What Wealth Mentality You’re Lacking
– Leveling Up Your Money Mindset
– Backup Plans Are for Those Planning to Fail
– Where Is Your Mental Energy Best Spent to Attract Wealth?

Report #5: Setting Career and Personal Financial Goals

This 5+ page, 2,148-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– The Two Reasons You Pursue Success
– Minimum Personal Financial Goals
– Ultimate Personal Financial Goals
– Setting Personal Goals and Achieving Them
– Setting Career Financial Goals and Achieving Them

Report #6: Adopting a Low Risk Wealth Mindset

This 5+ page, 2,158-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

– Don’t Spend More Than You Should
– Analyze Purchases to Avoid Financial Mistakes
– Use Everything You Buy or Don’t Buy at All
– Create Products That Will Convert
– Diversify Your Earnings to Keep Risk at Bay

Internet Marketing for Seniors OTO1 (Value $30)

25-page eBook called A Senior's Guide to Making Money Online

Chapter 1: Picking a Niche That’s Right for YouChapter 2: Getting Your Website Up and Running
Chapter 3: Building a List of Loyal Subscribers
Chapter 4: Blogging to Bring Visitors to Your Site
Chapter 5: Reviewing Products as an Affiliate
Chapter 6: Developing an Info Product to Sell
Chapter 7: Recruiting Affiliates and Joint Venture Partners
Chapter 8: Coaching Others in Exchange for Pay
Chapter 9: Supplementing Senior Income as a Service Provider
Chapter 10: Ways to Increase Traffic and Sales


You ALSO get a readymade 4+ page sales letter that includes headlines, copy, bulletpoints and a call to action. 

Motivational Marketing Messages (Value $30)

Motivational Marketing Messages - Articles or Transcripts of the Video

These articles are the transcripts for the video audio file. You can edit them, put your name on them, use them as blog posts, compile them into a report, etc. The content is based on some of the top feelings entrepreneurs experience - which I've bolded below for you.

1. Envying the Competition Should Fuel Your Fire - 482 words
2. Excessive Worry Drains Your Success - 487 words
3. Feeling Frustrated Means You’re About to Have a Breakthrough - 524 words
4. It’s Okay to Be Confused If You Learn How to Seek the Right Answers - 470 words
5. Never Again Refer to Yourself as a Stupid Marketer - 516 words
6. On Days That You’re Unfocused, Prioritize Effectively - 546 words
7. There’s No Such Thing as Uncompetitive Marketers - 448 words
8. Understand That Fear Is a Normal Part of Being a Successful Entrepreneur - 509 words
9. When You Feel Overwhelmed STOP and Take Back Control - 454 words
10. You Can Be Shy and Still Lead Your Niche Audience - 553 words

Motivational Marketing Messages - Video Titles and Times

Each video is recorded in MP4 and can easily be edited using a video editing tool like Camtasia. You can separate the audio from the video and re-record your own voice using the transcripts included, or leave it as is.

1. Envying the Competition Should Fuel Your Fire - 2:37
2. Excessive Worry Drains Your Success - 2:41
3. Feeling Frustrated Means You’re About to Have a Breakthrough - 2:57
4. It’s Okay to Be Confused If You Learn How to Seek the Right Answers - 2:33
5. Never Again Refer to Yourself as a Stupid Marketer - 2:42
6. On Days That You’re Unfocused, Prioritize Effectively - 2:54
7. There’s No Such Thing as Uncompetitive Marketers - 2:14
8. Understand That Fear Is a Normal Part of Being a Successful Entrepreneur - 2:47
9. When You Feel Overwhelmed STOP and Take Back Control - 2:25
10. You Can Be Shy and Still Lead Your Niche Audience - 2:55

Motivational Marketing Messages - 60 Total PowerPoint Slides

The matching 10 topics for the PowerPoint slides each contain a total of six slides - a title slide with the title of the article plus an image from Pixabay, plus five additional text-only slides. The text-only slides are not a verbatim transcript of the article, but rather a brief summary of the main points so that the speaker may convey the concept in full. Feel free to edit these as you wish, brand them with your name and use them in your business.

Overcoming Self Doubt for Online Success OTO1 (Value $30)

1. Video Marketing in Spite of Self Doubt

This 5-page, 2,078-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Has Self Doubt Prevented You from Embracing Video?
- What About Video Scares You the Most?
- Take It Slow to Eliminate Self Doubt
- Put Your Best Foot Forward
- Learn How to Level Up and Build Confidence

2. Cleaning Up the Negativity in Your Life

This 5-page, 2,075-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Eliminating Inner Negative Self Talk
- Dealing with Negative Family Members
- Handling Negative Friendships
- Weeding Out Your Negative Network
- Make Positivity Your New Mantra

3. Being Productive When Self Doubt Sneaks Up on You

This 5-page, 2,108-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Becoming Aware of Your Self Doubt
- Look for Truth in the Message
- Prove Yourself Wrong
- Implement Productivity Habits
- Spend More Time Working Than on Self Help

4. Don’t Let Self Doubt Stop You from Recruiting JVs and Affiliates

This 5-page, 2,039-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- How Self Doubt Keeps You from Making the Right Connections
- What Affiliates and JV Partners Really Want
- Learn the Right Way to Toot Your Own Horn
- Prepping Your Product Confidently for an Attractive Affiliate Offer
- Approaching the JVs and Affiliates to Get a Yes

5. Self Doubt Can Sabotage Your Product Creation

This 5-page, 2,105-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Some Comparison to Others Is Healthy
- Don’t Worry About the Volume of Competition
- Ever Consider Partnering Up?
- Elements of a Product Creation That Oozes Success
- Timing Your Product Launch to Minimize Competition

6. Self Doubt Insecurities About Picking the Right Business Model

This 5-page, 2,082-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Sometimes Self Doubt Is Really Just Fear
- Pick a Business Model That Plays to Your Strengths
- Choose a Business Model You Feel You’d Get Satisfaction Out Of
- Consider Growing More Than One Business Model at a Time
- Taking the Stress Off of Your Business Decisions

Article Marketing PLR (Value $26)

5 Page Report: How to Write Better and Increase Your Article Marketing Success

This report is 2,020 words and 5 pages in length. It talks about the three main problems people have with article marketing – speed, readability, and conversions and then offers multiple solutions for each problem. It comes in both Word doc and Txt formats.

21 One-Page Articles – again, in both Word and Txt formats:

1.) What Is Article Marketing? – 409 words
2.) Internet Article Marketing Is the Preferred Free Traffic Tactic of Choice – 459 words
3.) What’s the Best Article Marketing Strategy? – 453 words
4.) 7 Article Marketing Tips to Help Increase Views and Conversions – 476 words
5.) Article Marketing Automation With a Free Directory and Blog – 412 words
6.) What Makes an Article Marketing Article Convert Into Sales? – 378 words
7.) Online Article Marketing Works Best With High Volume – 396 words
8.) How to Conduct Article Marketing Research for Your Niche – 556 words
9.) What’s a Good Free Article Marketing Starter Guide? – 348 words
10.) Which Article Marketing Software Should You Use? – 417 words
11.) What Article Marketing Services Can Do for You – 367 words
12.) With Article Marketing, You Save Money and Can Build a List – 462 words
13.) Does Article Marketing Have Any Drawbacks? – 427 words
14.) Improve Your Business Article Marketing Efforts in 3 Steps – 516 words
15.) What Article Marketing Website Allows Affiliate Links? – 440 words
16.) Article Marketing Is Not for Everyone…Or Is It? – 496 words
17.) Article Marketing for Promoting Your Own Info Products – 455 words
18.) Ask This Before You Hire an Article Marketing Service – 484 words
19.) Launch Your Own Article Marketing Blog – 434 words
20.) Article Marketing Strategies in the World of Web 2.0 – 474 words
21.) Great Article Marketing Advice from Super Affiliates – 535 words

6 Easy Ways to Cash in Online (Value $25)

20-page, 8,716-word eBook

It covers:

- Tangible Affiliate Marketing
- Digital Affiliate Marketing
- Digital Product Creation
- Kindle Publishing
- Freelance Services
- Coaching Services

Comes with banner ads and HTML website with PSD files

Internet Marketing for Seniors FE (Value $20)

15 New Articles:

Forced Retirement Doesn't Mean the End of Your Career – 432 words
Saving Money Versus Supplementing Your Income – 437 words
Seniors Facing Financial Insecurity Turn to the 'Net for Stability – 434 words
Baby Boomers Love the Freedom That Comes with Being an Online Entrepreneur – 401 words
Part Time Work for Full Time Pay Helps Seniors Make Ends Meet – 408 words
What Seniors Need to Know About Working on a Computer from Home – 468 words
Embracing a Can Do Mindset as a Senior Entrepreneur – 433 words
How to Avoid Getting Scammed as You Learn – 418 words
Internet Marketing Helps Seniors Socialize on a Global Scale – 452 words
Common Obstacles for Senior Entrepreneurs – 426 words
Online Marketing Is Perfect for Seniors with Disabilities – 452 words
Looking for Something to Fill Your Time? Try Online Marketing! – 425 words
Finding Your Niche as a Senior Entrepreneur – 426 words
How Internet Marketing Gives You a Career Edge Over Offline Jobs – 440 words
How Senior Couples Can Embark on a Family Business After Retirement – 445 words

Report Called "Second Career for Senior Citizens"

This 5-page, 2,144-word report starts with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Benefits of Coming Out of Retirement as an Entrepreneur
- Why More Seniors Are Launching an Online Business
- What's the Learning Curve for Senior Online Entrepreneurs?
- Starting a Business for Under $12 a Month
- Types of Businesses You Can Launch Online

No Excuse Guide to Streamlined Success for Online Entrepreneurs (Value $20)

In The No Excuse Guide to Streamlined Success for Online Entrepreneurs, which is a 20-page, 8,034-word eBook, you're going to learn about the 6 factors that you have to master to achieve a truly efficient business that earns profits fast.

They are:

Cultivating the Right Mindset

Tired of struggling to motivate yourself into feeling good about your online business efforts? This section of the book helps you retrain your brain to wake up feeling fearless and excited about the productivity you'll be embarking on that day.


Planning for Profits

Money doesn't just come streaming into your PayPal account without some adequate planning. This section helps you fix your money chase mindset, where you're scrambling for little bits of money instead of properly planning for a substantial income that can safely support you and your family.


Furthering Your Education

If you know it all, great! Problem is, none of us does, so continuing our education is what will keep us ahead of competitors and allow us to simplify our business process, rather than get dragged down into outdated systems that no longer work. This section teaches you quick and easy ways to stay ahead of the pack.


Networking with Others

The best way to get ahead is to sidle up to other successful marketers and secure affiliate promotions and joint venture partnerships, among other perks. You'll earn far less money going it alone than you would making connections - and this guide shows you how to do it the right way.

Working Toward Completion

Starting is easy. It's that awful follow through that seems to stump everyone. In this guide, you'll learn how to streamline your productivity so that you see milestones continue to pass in your rearview mirror as you head toward the finish line.

Positioning Yourself in Your Niche

Don't wait for someone to pigeon-hole you. You want to decide how you'll be known in your niche, and this is what positioning is all about. If you start to gain any traction online, you can bet others will leap at the opportunity to label you - and you want all of that control in your hands, not theirs.

Share This: 25 Personalized Social Media Ideas to Connect You and Your Audience (Value $20)

20 page report with over 4,500 words. One of my longtime subscribers asked me if I would consider selling PLR rights to a special, exclusive report I put out a few months ago as a bonus for a course. I went through and removed most of my own images (anything with me in it) and edited out the personal commentary with specifics about my family, and I am releasing access to it.

It’s called Share This: 25 Personalized Social Media Ideas to Connect You to Your Audience. So many people don’t know what to post on things like Facebook. I created 25 specific tasks for you to share that can actually have as much or as little detail and personalization in them as you want.

This is all about bonding with your audience as a person, not a business. It builds trust and loyalty, and in the end, helps you convert higher than others in your niche because your customers are buying from a friend, not just a marketer spamming their inbox.

Overcoming Self Doubt for Online Success FE (Value $20)

1. Self Doubt Is Understandable, But Crippling - 473 words
2. Self Doubt Stems from a Lack of Belief in Your Abilities - 445 words
3. Is Your Self Doubt Due to Previous Failures? - 414 words
4. Trying to Predict Success Sets You Up for Failure - 444 words
5. Comparing Yourself to Other Marketers Helps Self Doubt Thrive - 430 words
6. Finding the Right Balance Between Desensitizing Yourself and Taking It Too Personally - 441 words
7. Learn How to Drown Out Negative Thoughts - 421 words
8. Start Small to Take Away the Power of Self Doubt - 484 words
9. Make Marketing Friends to Boost Your Confidence - 462 words
10. Translate Your Excuses When Self Doubt Rears Its Ugly Head - 417 words
11. Check in With Yourself to Recognize and Weed Out Self Doubt - 423 words
12. Have You Become Your Own Worst Enemy? - 453 words
13. Entrepreneurs Won’t Get Validated By Anyone But Themselves - 405 words
14. Don’t Confuse Self Doubt with Self Esteem - 448 words
15. How Much Time Do You Waste Listening to Your Self Doubt Shout? - 461 words
16. Give Yourself Credit for Your Accomplishments - 419 words
17. Look Around You and Notice How Imperfect Everyone Is - 477 words
18. Let Go of Your Ego That Says a Spotlight Is On You - 438 words
19. Use Every Failure as an Opportunity to Learn and Grow - 423 words
20. Free Yourself from the Exhausting Task of Self Doubt - 418 words

Expand Your Online Business in 2020 (Value $20)

This is a 20-page, 8.717-word eBook that starts with an introduction and then covers:

Chapter 1: Should You Expand or Switch Gears?
Chapter 2: Getting Ready to Take It to the Next Level
Chapter 3: What Business Model Would Pair Well with What You Already Have?
Chapter 4: Researching Each Business Model for Viability and Personal Satisfaction
Chapter 5: Before You Begin, Start Networking with Those Excelling at It
Chapter 6: Discover the Best Courses and Leaders to Guide You to Success
Chapter 7: Find Time to Integrate a New Business Branch Into Your Day
Chapter 8: The Benefit of Slowly Building Momentum
Chapter 9: Know When to Weed Out What’s Not Working
Chapter 10: Planning for More Growth in Your Future

Traffic List Building and Mindset PLR (Value $15)

Free Traffic

1. Finding a Following on Facebook - 438 words
2. Putting Effort Into Pinterest for Free Traffic - 445 words
3. Tapping Into Youtube Search Traffic - 421 words
4. Using Instagram to Attract and Audience - 430 words
5. Leveraging Forums and Blogs for Free Traffic - 435 words

List Building

1. What to Look for in an Email Autoresponder System - 432 words
2. Being Strategic with Your Opt in Box Placement - 407 words
3. Creating an Opt in Offer They Can't Refuse - 413 words
4. Choosing a Voice That Resonates with Your Subscribers - 427 words
5. Recruiting New Subscribers Based on Your Reputation to Serve - 444 words


1. Fear Is the Single Biggest Deterrent to Your Success - 486 words
2. Jealousy Puts Your Focus on the Wrong Place - 420 words
3. Frustration Levels Are High in the Beginning But Lessen with Time - 515 words
4. Regret Is What You'll Suffer from If You Quit on Yourself - 428 words
5. Pessimism Serves as a Boulder Blocking Your Path to Success - 419 words

How to Write Product Reviews for Affiliate Cash (Value $14)

14-page 4,346-word guide. Table of Contents:

What’s the Profit Potential of a Good Review?
“How Am I Supposed to Trust You?”
What Benefit Does the Customer Derive From It?
What Are the Features of the Product?
Is Support Available Once They Buy?
Hit ‘Em With a Call to Action (…or More)
Who Else Thinks This Product Is Worthy?
Stick a Bonus Under Their Noses
Compare This Product to Others
Affiliate Product Review Case Study – 11 Days $6,178.04

Online Business Models Any Newbie Can Succeed In (Value $12)

This is a 12 page, 5,245-word report that starts with an introduction and then covers:

Chapter 1: Affiliate Marketing
Chapter 2: Service Provider
Chapter 3: Content Creator
Chapter 4: Info Product Creator
Chapter 5: FBA or eBay

Auction Your Content for Cash Now (Value $12)

This report is one I wrote for my list, which you can edit for your own - and it's good for ghostwriters, PLR writers, or even marketers who have a ghostwriter they outsource to – because you can profit from that content, too!

If you’re in the marketing niche, you can grab this, promote it to your own list and use your own affiliate links inside.

Here’s the deal with the report:

I’ve been making GOOD money from my content auctions – but there are some people using the same plugin who aren’t seeing the same results. I want to teach you my strategy so that you can maximize your profits!

This report teaches you how to make money using a free OR paid plugin. You could literally install it and start seeing results today and this tactic could help many of you generate some much-needed cash!

After a short introduction, this 12-page, 4,203-word report includes the following sections where I’ve taught my personal strategy:

- Install This Highly Profitable Plugin
- Mapping Out a List of Topics
- Creating Quick Selling Content
- Craft Your 24-Hour Content Auction Listing
- Promoting Your Offer for Maximum Profits
- Handle Your Post Auction Tasks
- Ethical Notes About Auctioning Off Content

If you use this report as PLR, you can alter the text to your own story or (if you want to keep mine), just put something like, “Tiffany Lambert creates her content like this…” and introduce the section like that.

Inside the file, you’ll find the PDF and the Word doc and TXT doc that you can edit and use as your own.

Work at Home Blog Posts (Value $9)

1. Online Work at Home Careers Are Abundant in an Otherwise Down Job Market – 414 words
2. Best Work at Home Jobs for Moms – 437 words
3. 6 Top Work at Home Business Ideas – 503 words
4. Work at Home Income – 406 words
5. Work at Home Scam – 424 words
6. Work at Home Employment – 330 words
7. Top Work at Home Reviews – 257 words
8. Five Work at Home Positions You Can Apply For – 639 words
9. Are Work at Home Data Entry Jobs Still Viable? – 379 words
10. Need Part Time Work at Home Hours? – 343 words

Social Networking Secrets of Super Affiliates (Value $8)

The 8-page, 2,924-word report starts out with a short introduction and then covers the following:

- Tap Into the Best Networks for Your Niche
- Manage Your Socialization Time Wisely
- Increase Engagement with Questions and Teasers
- Boost Likes and Shares with Attention-Grabbing Media
- Leverage the Activity of Your Competition

Bonus: I created an ecover for this – it does NOT include PSD files, but if you can alter the JPG image, feel free to put your name on it. Just something many of you might want to use quickly and easily with the content.

WAH Autoresponders (Value $7)

1. How Amazon and Your Government Affect Work at Home Workers – 426 words
2. Which Comes First – Article Marketing or Blogging? – 457 words
3. The Importance of Having Your Work at Home Ethics Intact – 479 words
4. How to Communicate With Your Audience When You Work From Home – 430 words
5. Don’t Let Gurus Turn You Into a Lazy Entrepreneur – 543 words
6. Is It Better to Have Many Business Sites or a Few? – 411 words
7. Is the Work at Home Career Okay for Any Age? – 484 words

Explode Your Profits With Personalization (Value $6)

This 6-page, 2,322-word report starts with an introduction and then includes the following sections:

- Why Content Is So Important to Your Business
- What You’ve Been Taught About Content in the Past
- What Is Personalized Content?
- Where Is Personalized Content Supposed to Be Used?
- What Scares You Most About Personalization?
- Reworking a Sterile Piece of Content

The best thing about this sale is that you know you're getting top quality content and not those cheap, worthless packages of PLR that don't even make sense when you read them. 

Yes! Give Me the Deal That Saves Me a TON of Money and Puts an Enormous Stock of Content at My Fingertips!

When you grab this deal, you'll be able to instantly begin catering to your readers with a slew of insight on how they can launch and excel with a work at home business.

Note: I'm sorry, but there are no refunds on my PLR. I wish I could do it, but it's a long-standing policy of mine. But if you decide to pass up on the offer, I won't hold it against you - we'll still be friends. I promise!

I only have 2 rules for my PLR:

#1 - Don't use my name on it.

#2 - Don't pass along the rights to others.

Tiff 😉