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I created a special PLR bundle called 52 Weeks of Internet Marketing Insight

This is a package of content that helps people gain some much-needed knowledge and clarity on common Internet marketing topics such as niche selection, blogging, productivity, mindset, monetization, social networking and much more!

You can put your name on this PLR, brand it as your own (without passing along the private label rights for your readers to use) and serve your audience just minutes from now! The article are bundled in categories to help you stay organized and you can use them as email autoresponder newsletters, as blog posts, bundle it together for a lead magnet or info product, etc. 

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Introducing a Brand New Bundle of Content with Lots of Profit & List Building Potential

Details of the PLR:

52 Weeks of Internet Marketing Insight PLR

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My new PLR is called 52 Weeks of Internet Marketing Insight and this is a bundle of content that helps people gain some much-needed knowledge and clarity on common Internet marketing topics such as niche selection, blogging, productivity, mindset, monetization, social networking and much more!

The content covers the following:

Niche Selection

1. Choosing a Niche That Excites You - 433 words
2. Conducting Keyword Research for Niche Viability - 406 words
3. Uncovering Niche Opportunities By Analyzing the Competition - 454 words
4. Determining Profitability Before Committing to a Niche - 432 words
5. Picking a Niche That Has Trends, But Also Long-Term Potential - 469 words


6. Creating Engaging Content That Appeals to Readers - 415 words
7. Search Engine Optimization Best Practices for Bloggers - 400 words
8. Effective Blog Promotion Strategies - 456 words
9. 6 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog - 434 words
10. Using Analytics to Improve the Performance of Your Blog - 455 words


11. Time Management Tips for Overwhelmed, Busy Marketers - 408 words
12. Tips for Setting the Right Goals as a Marketer - 476 words
13. Marketing Automation Techniques to Ease Your Workload - 423 words
14. Leveraging Collaboration for Internet Marketing Success - 449 words
15. Effective Shortcuts That Save You Time and Money as a Marketer - 484 words


16. Growth Mindset Principles to Adopt as a Marketer - 443 words
17. The Power of Positive Thinking for Internet Marketing Success - 417 words
18. Cultivating a Creative Mindset to Help Drive Your Success - 412 words
19. The Right Kind of Risk-Taking Mindset for Entrepreneurs - 450 words
20. Adaptability and Flexibility Are Important Mindsets for Marketers - 408 words

Affiliate Marketing

21. Finding Digital Products to Promote to Maximize Your Profits - 471 words
22. Finding High-Quality Tangible Products to Promote as an Affiliate - 436 words
23. What to Look for in a Good Affiliate Program - 453 words
24. Writing High Converting Affiliate Product Reviews - 440 words
25. The Importance of Compliance, Tracking and Analytics as an Affiliate - 433 words

Info Product Creation

26. Research Tips for Info Product Creators - 466 words
27. Building Strategic Funnels for Profitable Product Launches - 400 words
28. Creating Valuable Content for Your Info Product Customers - 414 words
29. Writing Persuasive Sales Copy for Better Launch Conversions - 468 words
30. Important Elements to Include in Your Product Launch Process - 433 words


31. Partnering with Other Marketers for Product Launches - 416 words
32. Creating Meaningful Collaborating for Cross Promotions - 404 words
33. Expanding Your Knowledge with Targeted Networking - 432 words
34. Overcoming Obstacles Through Strategic Networking - 431 words
35. Mentoring Others and Finding a Mentor for Yourself - 445 words

Social Media Mastery

36. Using Social Media to Increase Branding and Traffic - 477 words
37. Multi Media Content Creation for Your Social Profiles - 401 words
38. Repurposing Social Content to Get More Mileage from Your Work - 433 words
39. Using Social Platforms for Advertising and Promotion - 409 words
40. Tap Into the Analytics and Performance Data of Your Social Media - 419 words

List Building

41. The Advantage of Having a Targeted List of Subscribers - 474 words
42. Creating Irresistible Lead Magnets - 441 words
43. Optimizing Your Landing Page for Better Conversions - 428 words
44. Split Testing Opt-In Offers - 415 words
45. List Building Through Product Launches - 455 words
46. List Building Through Giveaway Events - 459 words

Email Marketing

47. Email Marketing Intentions to Help You Connect with Your Subscribers - 439 words
48. Selecting the Right Email Autoresponder System for Your Needs - 427 words
49. Slants You Can Use in Your Email Marketing Campaigns - 430 words
50. Adding Personalization and Storytelling in Your Emails - 419 words
51. The Power of Email A/B Split Testing - 419 words
52. Email Performance Tracking Can Improve Your Income - 442 words

** The content comes in both Word and TXT formats

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How Can You Use This Content?

  • Put your name on it and use it as a lead magnet to build a list...
  • Break it up into individual blog posts...
  • Use it as a series of autoresponder emails to educate and inform your audience...
  • Add your affiliate links to it to earn commissions on digital and tangible products...
  • Expand on it and turn it into an info product of your own...
  • Use it as a transcript for a podcast...
  • Use it as a transcript for a video or series...
  • Put it into a PowerPoint presentation and record a class or webinar about it...
  • and more!

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Important Note About Rights: In the Warrior Plus system, we are only allowed to choose from 2 options: Personal Use and Extended Use Rights. Neither of these fits with a normal PLR license, because it's not personal use only (you have the right to use it as your content) AND it's not their version of extended, because that gives resell rights. So you will see it say Personal Use rights but I have included a note in the "Additional Terms" AND a license inside of the download file that tells you my PLR license for your product, which is: 1.) Don't use my name on it and 2.) Don't pass along the rights to others. It IS PLR, just so you know.

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