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Full eBook: 10 Signs You're Struggling with Work-Life Balance

This 22-page, 9,813-word eBook starts with an introduction and then covers the following:

Chapter 1: Your Attitude About Everything Is Irritable
Chapter 2: You've Lost Your Passion for Your Career
Chapter 3: Your Body Begins Showing Signs of the Pressure
Chapter 4: You Can't Tell a Difference Between Work and Your Down Time
Chapter 5: You Can't Remember the Last Time You Enjoyed Your Time Off
Chapter 6: You Feel Exhausted 24/7
Chapter 7: You Live in a World of Clutter and Disorganization
Chapter 8: You're Addicted to Your Gadgets
Chapter 9: You're in a Constant State of Brain Fog
Chapter 10: You've Normalized Your State of Anxiety

Sales Letter:

This 5-page, 1,617-word sales letter includes all of the elements of strong copy, such as headlines, storyline, bulletpoints, product details, a call to action and postscripts.


1. Positive Work-Life Balance Means You Know Your Priorities - 522 words
2. Is Your Home Life Constantly Invading Your Work Life? - 577 words
3. Embracing Systems Can Help You Free Up More Down Time - 452 words
4. Awareness of a Work-Life Imbalance Is the Hardest Part - 442 words
5. Have You Taken on So Much That Work-Life Balance Is Impossible? - 460 words
6. Complaints About Your Performance and Deliverables Are a Sign of Work-Life Imbalance - 523 words
7. Get Real About What Would Bring You the Most Happiness - 484 words
8. Put Your Idle Time to Good Use for Work-Life Balance Improvements - 434 words
9. Some People Give Up Increased Pay to Enjoy More Work-Life Balance - 567 words
10. Saying No is a Great Way to Achieve Work-Life Balance - 407 words
11. Work-Life Balance Is Not an Excuse to Avoid Putting in Effort - 419 words
12. Don't Wait Until a Catastrophe Forces You to Evaluate Your Work-Life Balance - 456 words
13. Choose a Career or Business Model That Ensures More Work-Life Balance - 403 words
14. Crafting a Hybrid Work Schedule that Caters to Work-Life Balance - 416 words
15. There Is No Perfect Formula for Work-Life Balance - 446 words
16. Adopt a Mindset Shift to Allow You the Freedom to Put Your Needs First - 457 words
17. Once Burnout Has Ensued, Take Action to Restore Your Work-Life Balance - 426 words
18. Don't Get Sucked into a Life of Toxic Productivity - 406 words
19. Work Life Balance Makes You Feel More in Control - 422 words
20. How Long Has It Been Since You Took a Work-Free Vacation? - 414 words

Product Reviews:

1. The Balance Point - 440 words
2. Redefining Work-Life Balance - 466 words
3. Off Balance - 468 words
4. Take Back Your Time - 482 words
5. The 12 Week Year - 474 words
6. One Thing - 462 words
7. Make Time - 468 words
8. The 80/20 Principle - 494 words
9. Do Nothing - 510 words
10. Work-Life Balance For Dummies - 462 words

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