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While article bundles are very helpful in generating traffic and building a loyal audience, many marketers need more content that is versatile for list building and sales. 

I've created a Top Quality Upgrade Bundle that consists of a full suite of content for your needs. 

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Details of the Upgrade:

This bundle can be used in a variety of ways by you. For example, the eBook can be published as a list builder or a product you sell - or, you can break it up into articles for your blog, emails or social media accounts. 

There are 70 pages in this bundle

It includes the following:

30 Page eBook: 10 Ways to Improve Your Odds of Achieving Your Fitness Goals

Chapter 1: Become Committed and Consistent
Chapter 2: Don’t Let Finances Get in the Way of Your Fitness
Chapter 3: Learn Proper Form to Prevent Injury and Delayed Fitness
Chapter 4: Use a Combination of Both Diet and Exercise to Reach Your Fitness Goals
Chapter 5: Lean on Others to Help You Cross the Fitness Finish Line
Chapter 6: Shake Things Up to Prevent Boredom and Stagnation with Your Fitness
Chapter 7: Set Reasonable Short and Long-Term Measurable Goals You Can Track
Chapter 8: Use Wearable Fitness Technology to Hold Your Feet to the Fire
Chapter 9: Push Yourself - Don’t Be Afraid of What Your Body Can Achieve
Chapter 10: Make Fun an Integral Part of Your Fitness Plan

5 Page Sales Copy


- Headlines
- Storyline
- Bulletpoints
- Call to Action
- PostScripts

Lead Magnet: 5 Nutrition Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Fitness Goals

- Failing to Use Carbs Strategically
- Eliminating Fat from your Diet
- Not Managing Calories Properly
- Overdoing It with Workout Products
- Ignoring Meal Plans to Put Most of Your Focus on Exercising

5-Part Email Series: 5 Ways Fitness Makes Your Life Better

Email #1: Improves Your Longevity
Email #2: Boosts Your Happiness
Email #3: Gives You More Energy
Email #4: Makes You Look and Feel Better
Email #5: Helps You Sleep at Night

15 Articles

1. How Often Should You Strength Train?
2. Ideas for Indoor Exercises You Can Do at Home
3. Outdoor Fitness Ideas to Give You a Change of Scenery
4. Should You Hire a Personal Trainer to Achieve Your Fitness Goals?
5. Pair a Health and Wellness Coach with Your Fitness Training
6. Why a Gym Membership May Serve You Better
7. Cycling Is a Great Fitness Tool for Many Individuals
8. What Should Go on Your Fitness Pump Up Playlist?
9. Adhering to a Fitness Schedule When You’re Sidelined with an Injury
10. A Short Workout Is Better Than No Workout at All
11. What to Do When You Burn Out on Fitness
12. Should You Eat Before or After You Exercise?
13. Is It Possible to Spot Train an Area of Your Body?
14. Don’t Let Lack of Time Be an Excuse for Not Working Out
15. Is Sugar Addiction Sabotaging Your Overall Fitness?

10 Product Reviews

1. Fitness Planner
2. Ab Trainer
3. Kettlebells
4. Mini Stepper
5. Waist Trimmer
6. Medicine Ball
7. Weight Vest
8. Pull Up Bar
9. Home Gym
10. Heart Rate Monitor

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Note: Unfortunately, I can't offer refunds on my PLR. But if you can't buy because of that, I won't hold it against you. I promise - we'll still be friends!

I only have 2 rules for my PLR:

#1 - Don't use my name on it.

#2 - Don't pass along the rights to others.

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